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How Will Your Customers Get Your Products The Basics of Dropshipping?

    A lot of people who run dropshipping businesses ask us, “How can we use AliExpress shipping?”

    AliExpress is a place where dropshippers can buy products and sell them to different groups of people. AliExpress shipping is done in different ways by these dropshipping businesses, which brings us to this discussion.

    If you are also looking for answers to these kinds of questions, this post looks at the Dropshipping supply chain and the different shipping options and costs on AliExpress. Continue reading this guide to find answers to your questions.

    Supply Chain for Dropshipping

    Before we talk about AliExpress shipping options for a dropshipping business, let’s look at how this chain works.

    In a dropshipping business, the owner (or you) need to market products to your audience. You can buy products from a seller on AliExpress based on the orders that have been placed and have them sent directly to your customer.

    The dropshipping supply chain is made up of three main parts:


    Manufacturers are at the top of the chain of fulfillment. They make things, which they sell to wholesalers. These units are not business-to-consumer (B2C), and they don’t sell directly to the public. When a wholesaler or retailer orders something from a manufacturer, they usually have to place a bulk order (meeting minimum requirements). From there, the item can be sold again or sent out again.


    The next step in the supply chain is the wholesaler. They add a markup to the items they buy and sell them to retailers. They also have a minimum order size, but it’s a lot lower than a manufacturer’s. For example, if a manufacturer wants you to order at least 200 items, a wholesaler might only let you buy 50 or 20.


    Wholesalers may also sell directly to customers, but retailers are the ones who deal directly with the market. They talk to the people who will use the product, and they make the final sale.

    Any part of this chain can be used to start a dropshipping business. If you know people, you can get in touch with wholesalers and manufacturers to get better margins.

    Most dropshipping businesses are set up on AliExpress at the retailer or wholesaler level.

    How will you use AliExpress Shipping to send items to customers?

    Now that you’ve looked at the different people who have a stake in dropshipping at different levels, we need to know how AliExpress shipping works. We’ve talked about the three steps of the process. Continue:

    Order Placement

    You run a dropshipping business and sell your goods on Facebook and other sites. Someone places an order on your Shopify website (or any other store).

    After getting the payment, you’ll send the customer a confirmation.

    When a user makes a payment, the system automatically records it (if you are using a dropshipping tool).

    Confirmation of drop shipping

    Once you’ve been approved for dropshipping, you’ll need to place an order on AliExpress for the product to be shipped.

    At this point, using an AliExpress dropshipping platform helps you run everything smoothly. From what we know, dropship-empire is the best tool for dropshipping in ecommerce.

    Here Are Some Things That dropship-empire Can Do:

    • It is the official tool for drop shipping from AliExpress. With this tool, you can order from AliExpress and pay in bulk.
    • You can look at different AliExpress suppliers for one product with just one click. This helps you get the most out of your business and make it better.
    • In the same way, choose the best AliExpress shipping option based on what your customer wants.
    • AliExpress lets you place hundreds of orders with just a few clicks, saving you time and letting you place orders in seconds instead of minutes.
    • The tool syncs with your AliExpress order tracking, which makes tracking products easier and less of a hassle.

    dropship-empire is made to help dropshipping businesses keep track of and manage their AliExpress orders from one place. It is a tool for managing your dropshipping business that makes it more productive and efficient. The dropship-empire tool has features that help you compare deals and buy the best one, which increases your income.

    The dropship-empire dropshipping tool is easy to connect to Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce, and other channels. You can even use the CSV feature of the tool to add purchases made on other channels or even offline.

    Order Shipped

    If you use a dropshipping tool like dropship-empire, your order is automatically tracked, synchronized, and processed. Now, you can use your dropship-empire dashboard to find out when the order has been shipped

    You can use the AliExpress tracking feature from the dashboard of your dropship-empire tool account. You don’t have to spend time on AliExpress to find out exactly where each order is in the process.

    After that, you just need to get in touch with the user and make sure the product is good. This can be followed by feedback for your dropshipping business, which can help you figure out which AliExpress seller is giving you the best service.

    How long it takes AliExpress to ship and how much it costs

    How long does it take to ship from AliExpress?

    The time it takes to get to you can vary a lot depending on the supplier and shipping method you choose. It could take anywhere from a few days to a month. Find out what the difference is between the shipping times that different shipping companies offer on AliExpress.

    In fact, there are a lot of AliExpress shipping options when you are processing orders. Here’s a quick look at some of our top choices. Knowing how long these AliExpress shipping options take and how much they cost will help you give users the right shipping options based on their needs.

    Shipping as usual

    Standard Shipping is the least expensive way for dropshipping businesses to ship items from AliExpress. People often use it because you can get free shipping at the best prices.

    Standard Shipping, on the other hand, takes a long time to get to you. Your customers may not get their orders for more than 20 days. In general, it takes between 15 and 30 days.


    FedEx is a popular choice for dropshipping businesses because it is a trusted brand name in the market.

    FedEx is a well-known name in AliExpress shipping, so it goes without saying that they offer fast shipping. Customers can get their orders in 7–15 days, but sometimes they can get them in less time. But this feature is very expensive. FedEx rarely offers free shipping, so you’ll need to spend at least $20 on shipping.


    EPacket is another well-known shipping option on AliExpress. It really is a cheap way to ship, with faster delivery times at a lower cost. Depending on the size and weight of your package, ePacket can sometimes deliver it for free. If not, you might have to pay between $1 and $10. This AliExpress shipping method takes between 16 and 28 days, which is about the same as standard shipping.

    Ordinary China Post

    China Post Ordinary is a well-known shipping service on AliExpress that has been working with the site for years. It takes 20–60 days to ship. This means that if you use this method of shipping, it could take up to two months for your customers to get their orders.

    But most of the products can be sent by China Post Ordinary for free or for a small fee. So, you can try China Post Ordinary if you don’t have much money.

    SunYou Economic Air Mail

    The last option on our list is SunYou Economic Air Mail, which is one of the best ways to send something for free but not very quickly.

    Many things sent by SunYou Economic Air Mail take 30–50 days to arrive, but you might only have to wait 10 days. Most of the time, there is either no cost or a small cost.

    How Shipping on AliExpress Works

    Shipping on AliExpress is different from how eBay and Amazon do it. Here, you can find suppliers who dropship products frequently. As a dropshipping business, you must place an order and have the products shipped by the shipping service you want.

    How long does it take for AliExpress to ship?

    Depending on the shipping service you choose, AliExpress can send your order in 10–60 days. If you choose free shipping, your customers might have to wait at least 15 days for the product to arrive.

    How to Track an AliExpress Order

    The best way to track something on AliExpress is to use the dropship-empire tool, which syncs your data automatically. This means that from your dropship-empire dashboard, you can directly track all the orders that have been shipped and make sure they arrive on time.

    How can dropship-empire help with AliExpress dropshipping?

    dropship-empire has a dropshipping tool that can help you run your ecommerce business from start to finish. You can link your dropshipping store to AliExpress shipping with this tool. This means that you can use your dropship-empire dashboard to find suppliers, compare them, place orders, and track shipments.

    Depending on your needs, there are a number of great AliExpress shipping options you can use to get products to your customers quickly and at a reasonable price. We’ve talked about most of these choices. Check it out and come up with a way to charge for shipping that works for your dropshipping business.

    Use the dropship-empire tool to keep track of your AliExpress shipping and orders. It helps you connect all of your business activities so you can see them all in one place. On our site, you can find out more about the tool.

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