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Which Is Better, Modalyst Or Dropified?

    To engage in dropshipping, you’ll require a plugin from which to source inventory and ship customers’ orders. Modalyst and Dropified are two of the many available plugins or apps, and they are major rivals.

    What’s the better option between these two? By the end of this guide, you’ll have all the facts you need to make an informed choice, including how much each option costs and what it offers in return.

    Dropified: What Is It?

    You can improve your online shop’s efficiency by adding the Dropified app. Integrating the app into your Shopify dropshipping website is the next step after setting up your online store.

    Dropified allows you to search for vendors on both AliExpress and eBay. When a customer makes a purchase from your online shop, you can quickly and easily ship their item(s) using the Dropified control panel. Once the supplier is notified, he will send the product directly to your customer.

    Dropified’s primary benefits are as follows:

    • Risk-free for 14 days
    • Quickly incorporated
    • Tens of thousands of items
    • Over 80 Product Catalogs
    • Instantaneous order processing
    • Solver for Captchas
    • Background removal in photographs
    • Tracking of Orders
    • Specification Sheets
    • Connects to popular marketplaces and automation tools

    Dropified’s one-click functionality can spare you countless hours of labor. It has many convenient automated functions, such as instantaneous price changes, one-click product import, and personalization.

    You can also use the tool to modify products in bulk, offer discounts, and run flash sales. And since Dropified can also find products on eBay, you aren’t restricted to just selling Chinese-made goods.

    You can stock your store with goods that are readily available and have shorter shipping times by searching eBay for products sold in your country.

    Dropified allows you to search YouTube for relevant videos about your product. You could, for instance, be promoting the sale of a specific toy. You can add a YouTube video about the toy to your product page if one exists.

    You could also put ads in that video. The ad will be displayed to anyone who is currently viewing the video. If they’re interested in what they see in the video, they’ll click on the ad, which will take them to your website, where they can make a purchase.

    Define Modalyst.

    Modalyst, like Dropified, is an app that connects to your online shop. Modalyst supports both dropshipping and wholesale, giving you the flexibility to choose the best distribution strategy for your business.

    It also works with Shopify integration. After that’s done, you’ll have access to Modalyst’s seller dashboard and can start browsing for products to list. The “Brand” or supplier is notified whenever a purchase is made on your website, but the order will not be fulfilled until you have processed payment.

    The supplier would then ship the product to the customer after the order has been paid for in full, including shipping, in the dashboard.

    Modalyst’s primary capabilities are as follows:

    • Inventory synchronization
    • Change in Value
    • Countless stores
    • One-to-one Funding
    • Handle requests
    • 40+ Product Groups
    • Name-brand goods
    • Over six hundred and fifty independent manufacturers
    • Dropshipping with a private label
    • Completely no cost to set up
    • Free delivery
    • Statistic monitoring

    Using Modalyst, you can have some manufacturers stamp their wares with your company’s name. Having your store’s name on the products will incur additional costs, but it is well worth it.

    Cost Comparison of Modalyst and Dropified

    Let’s look at how much money you can expect to spend on each option. At each tier, the app’s features and functionality expand, and you’ll be made aware of any restrictions that come into play.

    Plans for Modalyst

    There are three tiers of Modalyst subscriptions: Hobby, Startup, and Pro.

    • Hobby – no cost to set up
    • Initial Monthly Fee: $35
    • Advantage – $90/month

    With the Hobby plan, you can list up to 25 items in your online shop straight from the mobile app. You have access to the private label vendors and can process an unlimited number of orders. Every sale you make on the Hobby plan will incur a 5% transaction fee.

    If you pay for a year in advance, the Start-up plan will save you money. The monthly rate drops from $35 to $30 if you opt for annual billing.

    The transaction fee is 5%, which is the same as the Hobby plan. However, the quantity of uploaded products has been increased to 250. Product orders are also not limited in any way. Private label companies can be contacted, but branded products cannot be obtained.

    If you’re willing to spend $804 annually, the Pro plan offers significant savings. The regular monthly fee of $90 is reduced to $67 with this annual plan.

    You will be charged 5% per sale, but you can add as many items as you like to your store. All the perks of the other two plans, plus branded merchandise, are yours to enjoy at this tier.

    Retracted Schemes

    Dropified provides four distinct pricing tiers. The company does not provide a free version, but there is a trial period of 14 days available.

    The strategies are:

    • 7$/month for the builder
    • Premium Membership – $127/mo.
    • Annual Builder Plan: $39/mo (billed annually)
    • Premier Annual: $97 per month charged in advance for 12 months

    The Builder plan appears to be identical to the Builder Annual plan in every way. The Premier plan is the same. The only distinction between the various plans is the associated cost. If you pay for an entire year at once, rather than month-to-month, you’ll save a significant amount of money.

    Builder subscribers get to bring in 15,000 products at once. You can add up to five users and process an unlimited number of orders. Those who have access to this permission can act as your employees or virtual assistants and handle tasks like uploading products and processing orders.

    This strategy makes use of cutting-edge automation technology that can be implemented on both AliExpress and eBay. The Dynamic Facebook Feed feature will also be available to you.

    You can add up to 25 employees and 50,000 products to your store with the Premier Plan. This is ideal for large-scale dropshipping businesses that regularly field hundreds of orders.

    The Premiere plan includes many advanced tools that would normally cost an additional $150 if purchased separately, in addition to what is included in the Builder plan.

    Modalyst: The Good and the Bad


    • has a no-cost option
    • All-You-Can-Buy Orders
    • Loaded with functions
    • Obtainable from vendors who provide free shipping
    • Prescribed Costs
    • Matching tracking numbers is possible.
    • incorporates a profit calculator


    • In the free plan, you can only add 25 products.
    • The branded merchandise is restricted to Pro subscribers only.
    • Includes a flat 5% transaction fee in all plans
    • All things considered, Modalyst is a one-stop shop for any dropshipping business. Modalyst provides a unified control panel for all your data. You can control how you interact with the platform’s many vendors from this central hub.

    Downsides and Upsides of Dropified


    • In the starting package, you can add up to 15,000.
    • Free for 14 days, with no limits on purchases
    • No Convenience Fees
    • Administrators can be added.
    • Compatible with both AliBaba and eBay


    • There is not a free option.
    • Minimum monthly fee of $47

    If your online shop is popular and bringing in sales, Dropified could be a good fit. It’s great because it’s tailored toward medium-sized businesses that anticipate a high volume of sales.

    The automated features within the Dropified app save you at least 20 hours of time each week.

    The Web Development Tools Modalyst and Dropified

    Shopify, BigCommerce, and Wix are all supported by Modalyst’s API. This means that you are not tied to using Shopify as your sole e-commerce platform.

    The Big Commerce platform is where you want to be if you run a mid-sized or large business. Wix is a fantastic alternative to Shopify if you are just getting started with your online store.

    Modalyst supports Shopify and Wix with separate apps. BigCommerce stores require the assistance of a computer programmer to connect with other systems.

    In contrast, Dropified can be used in conjunction with various systems. Several of these are:

    Shopify WooCommerce CommerceHQ GrooveKart

    As you can see, Dropified is available on more platforms, giving you more options for setting up shop.

    Which is Better, Modalyst or Dropified?

    Modalyst’s Help Center functions similarly to a search engine in that it returns results in response to a user’s query.

    If you can’t find what you need in the wiki, your only option for getting in touch is via email.

    The Modalyst team is currently unable to be reached via live chat or telephone. The group can be contacted via email. Alternatively, you can get in touch with the company’s top brass.

    There is a FAQ and training section available on the Dropified website. Here are some places to look for clarification on a topic. You can contact Dropified’s support staff via email if you still have questions.

    You can talk to them or use the group’s Facebook page to get answers to your questions. Even on the Premier plan, Dropified doesn’t provide phone support.

    Which Is Better, Modalyst or Dropified?

    While both Modalyst and Dropified facilitate dropshipping, they do not cater to the same clientele. Check out the suggestions we’ve provided.

    When to Use Modalyst

    • You need to keep your dropshipping store’s costs down.
    • You are fine with beginning with just 25 items.
    • You seek relationship with private label manufacturers
    • A 5% processing fee is acceptable to you.
    • You are prepared to spend more money in order to sell name-brand products.

    When to Use Dropified

    • You’re a moderately large company that anticipates brisk business.
    • You are willing to pay a recurring fee because you desire more advanced marketing tools.
    • There will be a lot of products added to your shop.
    • In order to grow, your company requires more users.
    • Dropified is designed for companies that anticipate a profit, or for startups with enough capital to take a chance.

    Modalyst is ideal for first-time dropshippers who do not have a large initial investment to get their business started.


    If you have the funds to open a dropshipping store, Dropified is the way to go. Even if you’re not making any money from your website, the monthly Dropified subscription fee will add up.

    If you’re just getting started and don’t have a ton of money to spare, you can use Modalyst’s free plan. You can make do with the 25 products and save up to upgrade your plan later.

    Dropified has many more features than Modalyst does, but it also has a higher price tag.

    Modalyst is great for newcomers who are unsure of the viability of their stores, while Dropified is ideal for seasoned dropshippers who have learned the ropes.

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