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Wholesale Sex Toys from Chinese Factories

    Do you want to bring sex toys from China to sell? If you found this article, you probably already know that its meaning is specific.

    Since sex toys are sensitive, they have to follow a few different rules than other things.

    But don’t worry, we made this guide to help you understand:

    Why importing sex toys from China is a good idea and how to find good suppliers
    how to organize shipments, what documents to ask for, and how to add your own logo to them.

    Why is importing wholesale sex toys from China: the right choice?

    When you buy a lot of sex toys, you can do one of two things:

    Brands; buy products that aren’t branded (white label)
    In the first case, you won’t be able to sell products however you want because you’ll be bound by a contract with the Brand. This will put limits on prices, quantities, and the company’s image.

    In the second case, on the other hand, you can buy products from suppliers who make goods without brands and get out of any contract. But where can I get these things?

    Because of this, you can save a lot of money if you go straight to the source and buy from the factory in China.

    The second benefit of buying from a Chinese manufacturer is that you can change the way the product is made. If you already have a store and customers who are loyal to you, you might want to think about making a product brand to boost your profits and keep your customers coming back. In this situation, the wholesaler can’t do much. You can change the products or packaging, but you have to go straight to the factory.

    Problems with sex toy shipments

    So many people try to buy things on AliExpress and have 5–10 of them sent to them so they can sell them. Several things need to be made clear about this:

    if you buy goods from a store at both B2C and non-B2B prices, you might have trouble getting them.
    Even though many marketplace sellers say they can send you a few pieces in a package, be aware that these kinds of items can’t be mailed and can be stopped at customs.

    For wholesale, these products have a minimum weight needed to ship, so if you really want to buy in bulk, you can’t buy 10 pieces, which, in the case of standard vibrators, weigh about 10 kg, but you should place a minimum order of 50kg.

    If you can’t get an order of this size, we don’t think it would be a good idea to buy sex toys in bulk because it wouldn’t be easy.

    How to find the right supplier for your products

    Once you’ve decided to buy goods from China and are sure that wholesale is the right way to go, you’ll need to find a reliable supplier from whom you can get your goods.

    Getting high-quality goods from China
    Buying sex toys in bulk from China can be easy if you take some precautions and find a good business partner.

    If a product costs $5 on average and you were quoted about the same price by three or four different sellers, you should be suspicious of the second seller.

    In general, a reliable supplier will have a company registered in China. It will have a website and a registered office that can be found online, and it will be registered with the Chinese chamber of commerce.

    Be wary of people who only have accounts on AliExpress, Alibaba, or other marketplaces. Many different kinds of companies, like wholesalers, retailers, and agents, are registered on these sites, and it can be hard to tell them apart.

    A reliable supplier will have a sales office that is run by responsible people and can give professional quotes and information about certifications and product features.

    Wholesale sex toys: documents required to import from China

    When you buy something outside of the European Union, you need to make sure that it can be brought into the Union and sold there.

    To put it simply, we need to make sure that the things we buy have all the certifications they need to pass customs checks.

    If you don’t have these papers, it can lead to very bad things. In fact, the European Union says that the person who buys the goods is responsible for them. This means that it is yours. Products that don’t follow the rules can be stopped or even taken away. In this case, you would not only lose the money you paid for the goods, but you could also get fined and have to pay more money for customs warehouse fees.

    So, let’s look at what the basic documents are that you must always ask your supplier for:

    Certificate of Origin: This is a paper that the Chinese Chamber of Commerce gives out.
    Packing List: The delivery note that must include information about the manufacturer, the importer, and everything about the load.
    Commercial Invoice: This is the bill that the supplier sends, on which all the information about the order must be written.
    Bill of Lading: This is the document that shows that the goods have been transferred from one company to another.

    Then, depending on what the item is and how it will be used, customs may need other documents. For example electronic products, liquids or batteries have additional controls.

    Quality control on Sex toys

    When you buy things from China, you not only want to avoid problems with suppliers and customs, but you also want to make sure the products are of good quality.

    Before you place the real order, we suggest that you first check the quality of a sample of the goods.

    Companies that are legit will send you a report with real photos of the product. Then, once the order is placed, the goods should be checked according to the international standards of the AQL before they are sent out.

    You can buy sex toys from Blue Rabbit Chinese manufacturers.

    Create a Sex Toys Brand with Personalized Products

    When you buy directly from the factory, you can make changes to the products, like putting your brand on them and putting them in packages with your brand on them.

    Let’s try to make this more clear. There are two ways to brand a product:

    You can put a logo on something that already exists, or you can ask to change the way it looks or how it works.
    Putting a logo on a product that already exists is easy and cheap because the factory doesn’t have to change how it works.

    Changing the way a product looks, on the other hand, requires making new molds and reprogramming the production chain. So, unless you want to buy thousands of products, don’t ask for complicated changes to articles.

    Putting a logo on a White Label product and making a customized package is easier, cheaper, and still lets you bring a well-known brand to life.

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