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WooCommerce Marketing Ideas for Store Owners

    Made us realize that the real market to profit from is online, and if you don’t use eCommerce or learn more about it, you won’t be able to handle what the future brings. Online spending went up by 5.5% in 2020 compared to the year before, and it’s only going to keep going up. So, eCommerce became the new standard.

    During these uncertain times, many new businesses and home-based businesses were able to shine and make a name for themselves. But that didn’t change the fact that they were in a very competitive market with a small budget for marketing.

    How do you stand out when the odds are against you?

    WooCommerce offers a free platform that small businesses can use to make an eCommerce site that works. WooCommerce works for both small and large businesses. There is something for everyone, even in marketing. In this article, we’ll talk about some effective digital marketing strategies for WooCommerce store owners that don’t cost a lot of money. This way, you won’t be left behind and can reach your goals with little to no money. Let’s get started!

    Budget-Friendly Marketing Tips for WooCommerce Store Owners

    Display Social Proof

    If you can only use one marketing method on your WooCommerce site, this should be it. Social proof has been used in stores since the beginning, and it has now become a useful tool for eCommerce sites as well. So, what does social proof mean and how does it work? Social proof is a method of marketing that uses the way people think and act to get people to do what you want them to do. This gives WooCommerce site owners a great chance to show social proof on their site in the form of customer reviews, real-time orders, a countdown timer, their best-selling product, and much more.

    For example, putting trust seals on your site makes your brand seem more trustworthy, so people are more likely to buy from you. Social proof also gives your customers a sense of urgency, making them want to buy before time runs out. There are a lot of fun things you can do with social proof to build customer trust and make more sales.

    Build an Email List

    No marketing blog is complete without mentioning email marketing and how it is still the most effective strategy to date. Devising an email marketing strategy for your WooCommerce store is crucial because it helps you build a client list and engage with them routinely. This helps in creating better customer relationships and also results in more sales. For effective email marketing, you need to think about a catchy subject line, template, content, and automating it. There are many free and cost-effective solutions available that can send out mass emails to your customers in case of a triggered event. 

    Email marketing has more ROI than any other marketing automation technique, even social media platforms. Emails also help in generating new leads and making sure your customers never forget you. If used wisely, email marketing can help you achieve your goals with minimized costs. 

    Influencer Marketing

    Influencer marketing is another recent trend that is a cost-effective way to market. The world is now ruled by social media, and most of your sales depend on it. But making good content isn’t enough if influencers don’t recommend your business. Influencers are experts or people who say they are experts in a field and have a large following. Now, you can reach these potential customers by teaming up with people who have a lot of influence. This is a good deal for both of you. They get your product, a special discount, or a coupon, and your business gets more exposure.

    Create Video Content

    Blogs and pictures are great, but you know what’s even better? Videos! Videos are the new type of content that help you get your audience’s attention in an interesting way. Customers are less likely to read a 4-minute blog post and more likely to watch a video that explains everything in short, clear words.

    It’s also important to share videos on all social media sites, especially YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s better because it can reach more people and doesn’t slow down or change the way your WooCommerce site works.

    Use an Analysis Tool

    How can you tell if something works or not? Does your current marketing plan help you reach your goals? Investing in a good tool for analyzing data is important for any kind of business, even a new one. The market is tough, so you need to be sure you’re doing the right things to make sure all your hard work doesn’t go to waste.

    A data analysis tool helps you find your problem areas and gives you ideas on how to fix them. It also looks at your site’s key metrics, such as the number of active customers, the rate at which people leave your site, the best-selling item, and much more.


    WooCommerce comes with a lot of built-in features that can help you take your online store to the next level, and the fact that it’s free doesn’t hurt.

    Even though we know that the eCommerce market is very competitive and forces you to spend money on ads and products, there are still some smart ways to save money.

    Dropshipping is a method of fulfilling orders in which you don’t have to buy your products until after you’ve made a sale. This is why many people choose to use it.

    In short, when you get an order, you contact a third-party supplier who ships the products directly to your customer.

    But even if you do that, there is no guarantee that you will be able to get good items. So how can you be sure that your customers will like their gifts and not send them back?

    Get your products from some of the best Chinese factories at B2B prices. Ship your products quickly and directly to your customers.

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