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Buying on Chinese Websites Safely?

    Is buying from Chinese websites risky?

    More and more people are shopping online because it’s easy and they can do it from home. Also, more and more people are shopping on Chinese websites. The benefits of shopping online are well-known: you can choose from a wide range of products in all price ranges, making purchases is easy and quick, and products are shipped within a few days.

    One more benefit is that you can order something from the other side of the world. When Europeans buy from China, this is exactly what happens.

    Buying on Chinese Websites: Differences with Western Resources

    As in the rest of the world, eCommerce sites that sell everything and where you can sell anything are becoming more popular in China. The most well-known is without a doubt Alibaba, which is now a giant in the field and whose founder is the richest person in China. Many people think of it as the opposite of Amazon. It has more than 500 million customers and was created and developed in China, but it is becoming popular all over the world.

    If you’re going to buy something on a Chinese site, the first thing you notice is how it looks: it looks like you’re walking into a store. There’s no doubt that the prices of Chinese goods are very low, which is why many Western companies order large amounts of goods from these sites. Most of the time, wholesalers are the ones who sell the goods right away, so the buyer is asked to order a certain minimum amount, which can be done even without a VAT number.

    Rules for Buying on Chinese Websites Safely

    It is normal to be worried about shopping online. Just take a few simple steps to avoid getting ripped off. So let’s look at how to safely buy from China:

    Research the Seller. Many sellers use these sites as places to show off their goods. Before making a purchase, we should try to figure out if the seller is reliable. To do this, we can look at feedback and user ratings. We can tell if the company delivers on time, how far it works, and how good its products are.

    Security of payment transactions. A payment system that guarantees transactions can be used to pull off some scams: Alipay, which is used by Alibaba, protects customers by charging their credit card after the order has been delivered and giving them a refund if the goods don’t match what they ordered.

    Counterfeit Goods. Since China exports a lot of fake goods, it is possible to order a brand-name item and get a fake. A fake product could also fail to pass customs checks and never make it to its destination. The reliability of the seller can be a first guarantee for the buyer. Even though the price is only an estimate, if the item you want costs too little, you might have some doubts.

    How to Buy from China: The Barriers

    As we’ve seen, many Chinese sites, like Alibaba, have minimum purchase quantities (MOQ), which can be quite high—hundreds or even thousands of pieces if you want even a small amount of customization on your products.

    It can be hard to meet these MOQs, especially if you run a small business. We’re not just talking about problems with the price of the products, since buying in such large quantities brings problems like:

    The cost of shipping wholesale goods, the cost of bringing goods into the country (customs and duties), and the cost of storing them ( warehouse and personnel).
    If you have a small business, you may not be able to afford these costs until you can make more money. But don’t worry, because it’s easier than you think to solve all of these problems!

    Buy from China with Dropship-empire

    Dropship-empire is a good site to use if you want to avoid these problems and buy from China online safely. Dropship-empire will also make sure that the products really get to your house.

    Dropship-Empire is the only online platform that lets you choose products and wait for them to come home without problems with customs and authorization: Dropship-empire is your link to China. It helps you at every step of the buying process and guarantees that the goods you order are of good quality and come from the right place.

    Thanks to Dropship-empire, you can actually buy in bulk from China without any problems.

    But that’s not all you get when you buy your products from Dropship-empire. Because you can buy not only small amounts, but also at factory prices.

    Buying directly from China at wholesale prices is very helpful because you can save money.

    Doesn’t this all sound great? Yes, it is, but it could also be hard to find the right supplier, get a guarantee that your products are the same as the ones in the photos, negotiate shipping, set up shipping and customs clearance, and most importantly, get a clear and accurate quote that gives you all the information you need to make a decision.

    Well, Dropship-empire makes it easy and quick to buy high-quality Made in China goods from a single online platform.

    Dropship-Empire gives you the chance to:

    Have all of your product’s specs written in English;
    Request a quote for small quantities of product;
    Make sure to buy from Chinese suppliers who have a CE certificate;
    Have complete control over the quality of your products (you can ask for a sample to be tested);
    Have a clear quote that tells you everything you need to know about shipping and customs clearance costs;
    Get your items both at the address you gave and at an Amazon FBA warehouse;
    Dropship-empire is the best way to buy safely and save money.

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