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Can You Really Find Products That Will Make You Money?

    How can you make the most money from dropshipping? With popular items, of course!

    People will always want to buy things that are new and in style.

    If you want to make good money and ride the success of these products, you need to know what is hot and what is not.

    We’ll find out if ShopInspect is the right program for you in this review.

    How does ShopInspect work?

    ShopInspect is a website that lets you search the web for specific words or phrases.

    You can look for products or shops, and the tool will tell you what it found.

    This report has important information like how people’s interest has changed over time, how the number of people searching for that keyword has changed over time, other words people have used that are related to your search, and products you can sell on your store.

    Is ShopInspect for nothing?

    ShopInspect has a free trial that lets you do three searches for free. If you choose this option, you will still have to create an account.

    After your free trial, you have to pay a monthly fee to keep using the service.

    For the paid service, you can pay $47 a month or $19 a month if you want to be charged once a year. A one-time charge of $228 will be made for this.

    If you choose the monthly plan, you’ll pay $564 over the course of a year.

    Do you think you’ll use it for a long time? If you do, it would be better to pay the once-a-year fee instead.

    The services you get with either type of membership are the same. Just that if you choose the annual plan, you will save a lot of money.

    If you’re not sure, try the free trial version and see how you can use it to find products that are popular right now.

    The Features of ShopInspect

    You want to put your money into something that will make you money back. ShopInspect is a tool that will help you make smart business decisions.

    Instead of picking a product at random that you think is popular, this tool will tell you if it has been ordered a lot or not.

    Here are some good things that happen when you use this tool.


    After logging in, you’ll see a dashboard that makes it easy to do a task. Here, there are sections that automatically show you the most popular products, so you don’t have to look for them yourself anymore.

    Shops that are very popular

    There is also a button on the dashboard that will show you the hot shops.

    These are Shopify stores that get a lot of traffic every month.

    Because these websites get a lot of visitors, you can look at them to see what they do well and then use the same method or style on your store.

    What’s New?

    If you click on the “Hot Products” button, you’ll see the items that have the most orders from the factory. It also shows how much each hot product’s sales have grown and how much it sells for.

    If you want a specific search, you can set the filter in the upper right corner of the page.

    Look for a product

    You can type a keyword for a product or shop name. If you type “Dog Collar,” you’ll get a search report like the one below.

    Good Job!

    In a box on the left, you can see your Smart Score and how many times people search the web on average each month.

    In this case, the Smart Score is 83, and 12,467 people search for “dog collar” on average every month.

    A Smart Score is given a score between 1 and 100. It is a mathematical formula that has something to do with how many times a product is searched for and how many stores sell it.

    You want a product that is searched for a lot but has a small number of sellers.

    The smart score should be as high as possible.

    Interest Over Time

    This is a line graph that shows how often a certain keyword is searched for. It is given a score between 1 and 100, with 1 being the least searched for.

    The more searches there are for a product, the more people are looking for it.

    Word Swarm

    The word cloud is a list of other search terms related to what you are looking up.

    In this case, people are looking for things like “shock dog collar with remote” and “sport dog collar replacement.”

    With these words, you can broaden your search and get the Smart Score for each product until you find one that stands out.

    Top Products for Dropshipping

    There is a list of products and information about each one below the report.

    You can see how many people visit that product’s page every month, how much it costs, and how much it earns each month.

    As you can see, you might want to sell the same product if it has a lot of sales and is selling.

    The problem is that there might be a lot of people selling the same things. The trick is to find a way to compete with them, like lowering your price or giving discounts.

    Last Thoughts About This Review of ShopInspect

    Does it make sense?

    Definitely! Just think about it: you’ll pay $228 per year and be able to search as much as you want.

    After you set up your Shopify store, if you can find one product that makes you $100 a month, that’s $1,200 a year.

    You’ve already made back your money with just one product.

    It’s better to pay for this service than to spend your time analyzing products by hand, so the investment is worth it.

    Google Trends lets you see what’s popular, but how will you use a Smart Score to rate a product? And where can you find real sales data for a product or find out how many websites sell it?

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