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The Best Ecommerce Holiday Calendar

    When you have an online store, you can always get ready for the next holiday. There are many holidays for online stores that will get you in the holiday spirit and make you a lot of money if you start planning early.

    If you want to start your online store in the best way possible, you need an ecommerce holiday calendar. In this article, we list some important holidays and events that you should remember if you want to meet all of your customers’ holiday needs.

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    Holidays that online stores need to know about

    You should write down the next dates on your calendar so that you can easily make plans for them. It’s important to think about these events months before they actually happen. That way, you can get everything you need to give your customers a great holiday.

    But if you have a dropshipping business, you don’t have to think about it that much. So, you won’t have to do much to get ready because your supplier will take care of that, but it’s still important to mark these online store holidays on your calendar. With dropshipping, you don’t have to spend money on stock, and selling seasonal goods doesn’t put you at risk.

    Here is a general list of holidays that online stores usually close for. Every country might have a different schedule of business-related holidays, but we’ve listed the most important and common ones here.


    January 1 is New Year’s Day

    You can sell a variety of things for New Year’s Eve. People like to make New Year’s resolutions every year, so selling gadgets for this purpose can be helpful. This is one of the most important holidays for online stores at the end and beginning of the year.

    Day of Martin Luther King (USA)

    This holiday can be a big deal in the United States. You can easily sell things that honor Martin Luther King Jr. on his birthday. Every year, the date of the event can change.

    The day is January 26 (Australia)

    Australia Day is for Australians, so they should be your customers this time around. You can sell them different gadgets or give them discounts, and this could be a big day for online stores in the area.


    It’s Black History Month

    This month is a time to honor the history of African Americans and the things they have done that have helped them get civil rights.

    If you love the NFL and football in general, Super Bowl Sunday is also a great day for you. So you can easily see how important it is to sell different things to fans. The date of the event can change every year, but this is one of the most important holidays for online stores that sell products for football fans in the USA.

    New Year in China

    The Chinese New Year festival marks the start of the next year and the arrival of the next traditional zodiac animal out of 12. To bring good luck in the new year, you can dropship items with different zodiac animals on them. The date of the event can change every year, and it can be one of the most important days for online stores.

    Valentine’s Day is on February 14

    Valentine’s Day is a great time to dropship products that have to do with love. Your products can make a difference in people’s lives because your romantic gifts make it easy for them to show how much they love someone. When it comes to online stores and holidays, Valentine’s Day is one that almost any business can use to their advantage.

    President Day (USA)

    On this day, people in the United States celebrate George Washington’s birthday. In connection with that, you can dropship a few gadgets to your American customers. On the third Monday of February, the event takes place.


    March 8 is the International Day of Women.

    All over the world, small gifts and discounts can be used to celebrate the equality of women. Dropshipping products with important messages are a great way to show how much you care. This is a big shopping day for online stores.

    Mom’s Day (UK)

    Everyone needs to celebrate Mother’s Day. If you dropship to the UK, you should know that they celebrate Mother’s Day three weeks before Easter. Since the date changes, you should remember that it will happen at a different time each year.

    St. Patrick’s Day is on March 17.

    If you want to show your appreciation for Ireland’s history and culture, you can dropship a few items in the shape of a shamrock to your customers who celebrate this holiday. This is a big shopping day for online stores.

    March 20 is World Happiness Day.

    Who doesn’t want to feel good? The International Day of Happiness brings attention to the fact that people need to be happy for their minds to grow. If you believe in this event or sell dropship products that are very good for your customers’ mental health, you need to remember this day.

    Holi Festival (India)

    The Holi Festival is a big holiday for Hindus all over the world. They use colors to celebrate love and birth. You can use this event to show your customers how much you love them by giving them some colorful items. Every year, the date of the event can change. This is also a big shopping day for online stores.


    April Fool’s Day is on April 1.

    On April Fool’s Day, you can send your customers different products and jokes that you dropship. Since this event is “celebrated” all over the world, you are sure to find customers who would love to buy some funny items from you.


    Easter’s date changes, so it won’t always be celebrated at the same time. But you should be ready for this event because it can bring in a lot of money for your online store. This is a big shopping day for online stores.


    When it comes to online stores and holidays, Ramadan is a time to pay attention to if you want to sell to Muslims. You could wish them a happy Ramadan and share peaceful content with them. You could also sell them some nice clothes. Don’t forget about Eid or other holidays that Muslims celebrate.

    April 30 is Truth Day (USA)

    In the United States, this day is meant to promote honesty in all areas of life. During this event, you can sell different things and give people discounts.


    May 5 Cinco de Mayo (Mexico)

    This event shows how much Mexico and its culture have grown. You can sell different things for this day if you want to celebrate it with your customers.

    Europe Day is on May 9 (Europe)

    On Europe Day, people in the European Union celebrate peace and unity. You can dropship a variety of products that have something to do with Europe.

    Mother’s Day is on the second Sunday of May.

    Mother’s Day always falls on a different day, and different countries celebrate it on different days. So, if you want to make your customers’ moms happy, you need to pay attention to the exact date of Mother’s Day. This is a big shopping day for online stores.

    May 30 is the National Day of Creativity (USA)

    This event shows that you need creativity every day to come up with new and amazing ideas. If you want to celebrate this holiday, you can let creativity take over by offering discounts on your crafty products.


    June is Pride Month.

    June is known as Pride Month, so it’s easy to make marketing campaigns for the LGBTQ community that let everyone know you support them.

    The day is called “International Children’s Day.”

    International Children’s Day is a time to think about the rights of kids. If you want to show your support for this event, you could offer discounts or small gifts with products for kids. Every year, the date of the event might be different, and it might be different in different places. This is a big shopping day for online stores.

    Day for Dads

    Just like Mother’s Day, the date of Father’s Day changes, so you need to be careful when you start honoring and promoting fatherhood with different products and deals. This is a big shopping day for online stores.


    July 4 is the Fourth of July (USA)

    Independence Day is one of the most important holidays in the United States, so you’ll be able to sell a lot of things for it. Be ready with things that have designs that remind you of the US. This is a big shopping day for online stores.

    World Emoji Day is on July 17.

    On World Emoji Day, there are many products with emojis that you can dropship to your customers. It would be interesting and fun to do.

    July 30 is Friendship Day all over the world.

    Let’s have a party for our friends! You can help people celebrate this event by selling different items with quotes about how important friendship is.


    Time to go back to school

    Back-to-school items can be sold the whole month of August. But it’s important to find out when your target audience needs these products. If they start school in August, for example, you need to be ready for that in July.

    Summer Bank Holiday (UK)

    Summer Bank Holiday is a holiday in the United Kingdom that marks the end of summer. There may be different carnivals and parades where you can sell your goods and offer discounts. It is also a date that changes, so you need to keep track of it every year.


    Day of Labor (USA)

    On the first Monday of September, people celebrate Labor Day. This event is to honor the people who work hard. If you want to thank people for their hard work, you should dropship products that have something to do with that.

    From September until October: Oktoberfest (Germany)

    If you want to catch the attention of Oktoberfest fans, you should dropship items with beer-themed designs. Every year, it takes place at a different time. This is a big shopping day for online stores.

    September 21 is World Peace Day.

    International Day of Peace was made to make people around the world think about peace. If you want to help this campaign, you can dropship items that have a message of peace on them.

    The European Day of Languages is on September 26.

    European Day of Languages can be important for people who like to celebrate language diversity. Depending on the language, you can offer different discounts or dropship different products.


    October 1 is Coffee Day all over the world.

    For people who love coffee a lot, you can make a great event. Feel free to give your customers discounts or things that have to do with coffee.

    It’s World Smile Day.

    World Smile Day can be a big deal for you if most of your products are funny gadgets that people love to buy for themselves or for people they care about. The first Friday in October is the date of this event.

    World Mental Health Day is on October 10.

    On World Mental Health Day, people talk about how important mental health is. You can easily help with this event if you want to prevent mental illnesses and stop making people feel bad about having them.

    Day of Columbus (USA)

    Columbus Day is a big holiday in the United States because it is a time to remember when Christopher Columbus first came to the country in 1492. Every year, it takes place on the second Monday of October.

    Halloween is on October 31.

    If you like scary things, Halloween is a great time to shop. You can dropship a variety of items for people who like Halloween. Halloween is a holiday that you should definitely mark on your calendar if you shop online.


    Diwali Festival

    A lot of Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs celebrate Diwali over the course of five days. People celebrate the lights by putting up lots of lights and candles on the streets and in their homes. If you want to help with this festival, you could start dropshipping beautiful lamps for this event. Also, the date is changing, so you should pay attention to it.


    Thanksgiving is celebrated on different dates, so you need to keep track. This is also one of the big shopping days for online stores, so you can make money by shopping online during Thanksgiving. The whole holiday is about having a feast to celebrate the harvest in the fall.

    Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving.

    Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving. This could be your busiest shopping day of the year, so you can offer discounts and free shipping to your customers.

    Hanukah Festival

    Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday that is all about lights. It is a holiday that lasts for eight days and changes every year, so you should add it to your ecommerce holiday calendar. This is a big shopping day for online stores.


    Day Without Charges

    The day is held in the middle of December. You can help with this event by not charging your customers any extra for shipping.

    Christmas is on December 25.

    Christmas is celebrated everywhere, and you need to get ready for it months in advance. Notice that this event is about love and getting together with family. This is a big shopping day for online stores.

    New Year’s Eve is December 31.

    Everywhere in the world, New Year’s Eve is a very important day. People make lots of noise and plans for the new year. For New Year’s Eve, you can dropship items with different themes. This is a big shopping day for online stores.


    Holidays are very important for online stores because that’s when you can find out what your customers want and need in terms of products and also make a lot of money.

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