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Earnings Potential In The Cloudways Affiliate Program!

    Hosting is what Cloudways specializes in. It provides file storage, website hosting, and data backup for web designers, businesses, and bloggers.

    Cloudways offers an affiliate program to marketers who bring in new customers and thereby boost the company’s revenue.

    Joining the company’s affiliate program, reaping its benefits, and maximizing your exposure to potential customers are all topics we’ll cover today.

    Affiliate marketing is defined as.

    Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which a business offers a financial incentive to its participants. After signing up for the program, the affiliate marketer will be given his own unique link to use in his promotional efforts.

    He is obligated to include this link in all of his online content, including blog entries, videos, and the like.

    The Cloudways homepage is reached by clicking this link. If this referred customer makes a purchase, Cloudways will know who referred them.

    Cloudways can attribute this sale to the person who clicked on this link. After a sale is made, Cloudways will pay out the agreed upon amount at predetermined intervals.

    How do I sign up as an affiliate for Cloudways?

    To access the Affiliate section of Cloudways’ website, visit their main page and select it from the menu. Then, select the Affiliates tab and press the Join Now button.

    After submitting the form, the Cloudways team will be in touch to activate your account. After logging in, you’ll have access to your affiliate dashboard, promotional materials, and affiliate links.

    How much money will I make?

    In general, there are two distinct varieties of Cloudways Partners. Slab and Hybrid designate these two types.

    The commission structure used by Slab is a one-time payment. The size of your commission will be determined by the Slab (or tier) to which you belong.

    The Slabs, along with their respective commission rates, are listed below.

    • Level 1: $50 per sale for 1–5 customers
    • Second Tier: $6 – $20 Clients, $75 Per Sale
    • Sales commissions of $100 for slab 3 (21-45 customers).
    • Level 4: 46–80 clients, $125/sale

    Explain how it operates.

    In the first month, let’s say you closed five deals. At that point, your commission rate will increase to $50 per sale, for a total of $250.

    If your sixth customer buys, your commission for that sale will increase to $75. However, the initial five sales commission has already been paid, so you won’t get an additional $25.

    While the average commission in the Hybrid program is lower, it is recurring for life. There is a minimum commission of $50 per sale in the Slab program.

    You will earn a flat commission of $30 per sale in the Hybrid program, plus an ongoing monthly commission of 7% for as long as the customer maintains an active subscription.

    The actual 7% commission would be different for each service because of the wide range of prices. You’ll earn $30 immediately, regardless of the plan your customer chooses, and 7% per month beginning in the second month.

    To explain how it functions:

    • The client invests $10 monthly in a hosting package.
    • You’ll earn $30 upfront and 7% of $10 from each recurring payment from that customer.
    • The total amount of your recurring commission over the course of five years with this customer is:
    • Amount: $600 ($10 x 60 months)
    • $600 x 7% = $42
    • Initiation fee and $42 $30 = $70

    Those looking for a reliable monthly income should go with the Hybrid option. However, this strategy is rational only if you have a large volume of sales and are peddling high-priced bundles. With 100 customers on the $10 plan, you’ll earn $70 in monthly commission.

    Hybrid vs. Slab: A Comparison

    Let’s compare the two options over the course of a year so you can make an informed decision. To illustrate, let’s say that 27 people paid $10 each for a plan. In twelve months, we can compare which strategy produced the best return.

    With the Slab plan, you can expect to make $100 per sale after bringing in 27 new customers.

    • Month 1 $2,700.00 $810.00
    • Month 2 $0.00 $18.90
    • Month 3 $0.00 $18.90
    • Month 4 $0.00 $18.90
    • Month 5 $0.00 $18.90
    • Month 6 $0.00 $18.90
    • Month 7 $0.00 $18.90
    • Month 8 $0.00 $18.90
    • Month 9 $0.00 $18.90
    • Month 10 $0.00 $18.90
    • TOTAL $2,700.00 $980.10

    You have 27 Hybrid subscribers. You’ll make $30 per new customer you bring in.

    $30 x 27 = $80.

    Now, your monthly fee per customer is $10, and you keep $7.

    If you take 7% of $10, you get $0.70. If you have 27 customers at $0.70 each, your monthly commission is $18.90.

    Your yearly earnings under the Slab plan would be $2,700, while under the Hybrid plan they would be $980.10.

    When, then, does it make sense to do this?

    If you’ve already stopped doing affiliate marketing, the Slab plan will bring in no money for you. Payouts will continue in the Hybrid structure.

    Here is the same situation, but this time we’ll break it down annually.


    First year: $2,700.00 $980.00 Second year: $0.00 $226.80 Third year: $0.00 $226.80 Fourth year: $0.00 $226.80 Fifth year: $0.00 $226.80 Sixth year: $0.00 $226.80 Seventh year: $0.00 $226.80 Eighth year: $0.00 $226.80 Ninth year: $0.00 $226.80 Tenth year: $0.00 $226.80 TOTAL: $2,700.00 $3,021.20

    You were paid $30 per customer in your first year at Hybrid, plus 7% commission. Ten years of loyalty from these same 27 clients would have netted you $3,021, rather than just $2,700.

    In what ways can I promote Cloudways?

    As an affiliate marketer, you can spread the word about the item in a number of different ways. Select one, or try out a few at once, to see which one provides the best results in your target market.


    If you have a YouTube channel, you should make videos. If not, it’s trivial to create. Put up videos to attract an audience and build trustworthiness.

    More people will buy from you if they believe you are credible to them.

    Remember to politely request that your readers/viewers visit your affiliate link. Integrate your affiliate link for Cloudways into the video’s description.

    Networking Sites

    You can attract customers by posting useful content on social media and interacting with them. Big social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are ideal for affiliate marketing campaigns. Create a Facebook page, and your audience will start to grow organically.

    You can direct your target audience to a “squeeze page” if you have the budget for it. You can collect the customer’s email address on that squeeze page before sending them on to Cloudways’ landing page.

    Do not place ads that automatically forward the user to your affiliate’s landing page.


    Establish a blog and begin publishing articles. There are a number of ways in which you can promote or advertise this material. You can start a blog for very little money, making it a great platform for affiliate marketing.

    If you’re looking for a method with lasting effects, blogging is fantastic. There will be a noticeable uptick in site visits after Google has indexed your blog. The greater the volume of visitors, the higher the rate of successful product purchases.


    Help others in need by posting on a forum. Your credibility increases as you answer questions. You can leave links on these forums, but make sure to abide by their rules first.

    Affiliate marketers are generally not welcome on discussion boards, but there is a way to get around this. You should direct them to your online content, such as videos or articles.

    They can find your affiliate link on these videos and articles. You risk getting reported and banned if you leave your affiliate link in public forums.

    How versatile am I in terms of content generation?

    There is a wide variety of content you can create as an affiliate marketer. If you want to know what your customers really like, you have to try everything.


    You can make tutorials for people to learn how to use a product or service by making a video or writing a blog post. Making a tutorial is a great way to show off your expertise and gain respect from your audience.


    Product and service presentations can be made in the form of an article or a video called a listicle. You could, for instance, compile a list of the “Top Ten Best Web Host Providers” and have Cloudways be included.

    Similar to a review, you explain why you think these are the best. You need to highlight Cloudways’ strengths in a comparison like this in order to persuade the reader to choose it over the other services.

    Here, you must include your affiliate link in all of your blog posts. A call to action button that the reader or viewer can click on is also necessary.

    The affiliate link needs to be on this button. If a viewer or visitor clicks on the link, they will be taken to Cloudways’ homepage.


    A product review incorporates both objective and subjective information. Audiences who have made up their minds to buy but can’t decide which product to buy will benefit greatly from reading product reviews. Make sure you’re coming at a product review objectively.

    If you are trying to sell something just for the commission, people will see right through you. When writing reviews, be fair and include both positive and negative aspects.

    Buyers are persuaded to take immediate action or at least visit the Cloudways website after reading positive product reviews.

    How do I get help as a Cloudways affiliate?

    The best results for both affiliate marketers and the businesses they promote come from cooperative efforts. Affiliates can therefore take advantage of Cloudways’ many features and perks.

    Affiliates managed by a dedicated team

    These are the committed marketing experts who will see your marketing efforts through to fruition. They devise the marketing strategy and offer guidance in creating engaging content.

    You can also get your questions about payment, policies, and legalities related to affiliate marketing answered.

    Materials for Instruction

    Cloudways provides a wealth of materials for developing your skills as an affiliate marketer. Blog posts, videos, and tutorials are all examples of these materials.

    In addition to these, Cloudways also provides the actual marketing materials, such as graphic art. Proven content click generators include banners and articles. Your conversion rate will improve proportionally to the number of people who click on your articles.

    Live Monitoring

    Cloudways’ dashboard displays the number of clicks your campaign has received in real time. You don’t have to wait until the end of the week or the month to find out how well you did or how much money you will be getting.

    Keeping Tabs on Progress

    The dashboard allows you to monitor your progress and see which strategies are producing the best results. Make informed business choices with the help of this analysis.

    In this way, you can improve the campaigns that are not bringing in any clicks or sales and eliminate the ones that are.


    When it comes to web hosting affiliate programs, Cloudways pays some of the highest rates. As an affiliate marketer, you can choose between a one-time and a recurring commission with this offer.

    Even if customers are charged monthly, many affiliate programs only offer a one-time commission. Small commission rates (between 10% and 30%) are another perk.

    Cloudways offers an unheard-of 500% commission rate. If you’re on the Slab plan and a customer buys a $10 plan, you’ll still make at least $50.

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