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How Does DHL E-Commerce Work?

    DHL E-Commerce is a part of DHL’s shipping service that focuses on businesses that do most of their business online. It has different rates than what the average consumer would pay for shipping.

    Not every country has access to the DHL E-Commerce shipping service. This service can be found in places like the United States where online shopping is very popular. The service is available to merchants who send out a lot of packages every day.

    Let’s look at a few of the most frequently asked questions about this service. As a drop shipper, this information will help you if you want to have more shipping options than just UPS, FedEx, and the post office.

    What do you need to do?

    To take advantage of this service, you must ship at least 50 items per day internationally and 100 items per day within your own country.

    To do this, you need to make sure your store is full of popular items that many people want to buy.

    What benefits do I get?

    Here are some of the reasons to sign up for the service:

    • Less expensive shipping costs between countries
    • You got back cheaper prices on the products Customs clearance: the customer no longer has to pick up items from the Customs Department in his country. The package will be sent right to the door of the customer.
    • End-to-end delivery and returns. If a customer wants to send something back, all he has to do is drop it off at the DHL office, and DHL will send it back to you for a replacement or a refund.
    • There are pick-up and drop-off points in many places.
    • Is there something else besides these?
    • Yes, the merchant can use some features that don’t have to do with the shipment itself.

    Here are just a few examples:

    • Cash on Delivery means that DHL will take the payment as the merchant on your behalf. The customer won’t pay until he or she has looked at the product. This strategy for shipping stops returns.
    • E-wallet payments: You can use DHL to accept payments from e-wallets, and you’ll get the money after the shipment is done.
    • Delivery in Six Days: Instead of five business days, DHL will ship your packages from Monday to Saturday, giving you six days to get them.

    How long does it take to ship?

    The typical shipment timeframe if you use normal services can take months. This hurts business. Many customers today hope to get their products the same day or in less than a week.

    If you sign up for DHL E-Commerce and it works out, you can expect your packages to be delivered locally within a week and internationally within three to ten days. If you use regular shipping, your customers will have to wait 30–60 days to get the product.

    Can I use a certain report?

    • Check on the status of your packages
    • Print labels and tracking numbers. You can give your customer the tracking number.
    • Access your bill and rates for shipping
    • Show how long it takes on average for your products to be delivered. Know how much your shipments cost on average so you can raise or lower your prices.
    • A system that lets you know if something is wrong with a shipment, like if it got lost or no one got it.
    • Check to see if bad weather is likely to cause delays so you can let your customers know.
    • Plan the pick-up.


    DHL E-Commerce is for big businesses that ship at least 150 items every day. You can get to this level as a dropshipper if you work hard enough to get customers from all over the world after you build your store.

    Today, the biggest e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Alibaba use a similar kind of service, and this is why their packages are delivered to the consumer’s doorstep, instead of the customer claiming it from the postal office.

    If you ship as many as 150 items per day, you should try DHL E-Commerce. You can save a lot of money on shipping, make your customers happy, and then make more money.

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