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How to Get People to Buy Something?

    People won’t always buy from your online store just because you have good products. A big problem for many stores is that they get a lot of visitors but don’t make any sales. Let’s talk about how to get potential customers to buy from you.

    If you are having trouble with a similar problem, you can get ideas from the list below. There are a lot of people who run online stores who don’t know why they don’t make sales or why people leave items in their carts. Well, we have another article that talks about what to do when you get a lot of traffic but don’t make any sales. But there is a small difference between that topic and this one: How to get people to buy? Some things are the same, but everything we talk about is worth thinking about.

    Bring people to you. Get them to agree.

    People might not buy from your online store for a number of reasons, such as if it looks cheap or doesn’t have all the information they need. You need to keep up a good marketing plan. This is how most people find out about you. But if you really want to sell products, this is not the end of the story. Your website needs to look good and have interesting information, but how you do that will depend on a lot of things. Let’s take each step at a time.

    Marketing that works

    In this article, we won’t talk about what marketing tools you can use. The blog has a post about that subject. Here, we’ll talk in depth about what a good online ad should look like and how it can get people to buy.

    The pictures you use should look good and not be too corny. Be careful about how you put colors and patterns together. Do not choose images that have copy rights. Don’t put too much text on the pictures. Some ad tools have limits on how long the text can be and how many images you can use. Think about the following sizes in pixels and use the PNG extension: 940788 for Facebook, 10801080 for Instagram, 1200628 for a Facebook ad, and 1024512 for Twitter.

    Use numbers, question marks, and a message that makes people feel like they can relate to the problem or need you describe in the text you put on the images or use alongside them. Write about things like sales, seasonal deals, and unique items, for example.

    If you aren’t sure how to manage content and market it, you can hire a professional to do it for you.

    But how can marketing content convince people and not just target them and make them want something? It has to do with the interesting writing you have to do. The best is when they feel like they need to act quickly because a sale or offer is about to end. You can also use it on pop-ups or banners on your website. There is something that has to do with selling a product and getting people interested in it. This is the AIDA marketing model, which you can find out more about in one of our related blog posts. AIDA is about how to make people aware of a product, how to get them interested, how to make them want it, and how to make them want to buy it.

    Super sales

    People are more likely to look at what you have in your online store and think about buying from you if you have good sales. But don’t be too scary, because that’s another easy way to scare people. We mean that everyone will think your online store is a scam if you always have 90% sales. Try deals that are only available at certain times of the year or for a limited time, like sandals for a week. If people think they only have one chance and can’t put it off, and your product looks good, they will buy it. Another good idea is to offer a product that makes the one the customer chooses work better.

    Good prices

    One reason you might not be making sales is because of the prices. Did you set a price for your products that makes sense? Check out your competitors, who make products that are similar to yours.

    Be careful not to have a big margin compared to the wholesale price. Customers won’t know what the wholesale price was, but if you sell a simple phone case for $100, that’s too much.

    People who do drop shipping on eBay, Amazon, and other marketplaces can cause a lot of trouble if they buy goods from these sites but set the prices too high. They want to make more money, of course. But these days, it’s easy to tell when a product comes from a marketplace. If someone looks at the original site to see the original prices, they’ll close the window of your site and buy from the marketplace, where the prices are much lower. The best thing you can do is use the new way of drop shipping, which is to work with real, local manufacturers and suppliers instead of marketplaces.

    If you have good prices and prices that are true to life, your business will do well.

    Excellent communication

    It’s one of the most important things to consider. You should always be willing to help. Customer service that is both good and quick is the key to making people like and trust you. Make sure that customers can always reach you if they have questions or concerns. You can give out an email address (and you should check it often), have a live chat on your website, let people message you on Facebook, Instagram, and so on. People can feel safe and comfortable if you have a live chat. Be kind and polite all the time. If potential customers can’t get answers to their questions, they will leave, but if there’s a way to get answers, it’s a given that you will make more sales. In stores, too, if the salesperson is nice, you’ll probably go back, but if the service is cheap and bad, no one will go back.

    Have a product list that is always up to date.

    We’re probably right in thinking that you don’t want your system to tell people that the product they want is out of stock, and you also don’t want to sell things at the wrong price. You can avoid these problems by using a good application for managing products that always keeps your virtual inventory up to date. You might want to use You can use it for a good price, and it has many useful features. You can also choose a reliable supplier from its in-app directory, dropship-empire Marketplace.

    Quality, unique products

    Alright. There are already customers in your shop. They saw how great your discounts are and how nice your website looks. They also know everything from the delivery time to the shipping rates. But you have to let people know what kind of quality the things you sell are. For example, if your pictures aren’t very good, it’s likely that not as many people will buy from you. Well, it also depends on your supplier, who gives you information about the products. You can set these things by hand, or you can find a supplier who does everything well.

    Also, it’s a good idea to say somewhere on your site where your products come from. And make sure that people know the items come from good places.

    If you can find a market niche or a good product and be the only one in your area, you don’t have much to worry about. Read our related article to learn more about niche and winning products and how to find them.

    Be active on social media and post interesting things.

    You need to make a profile on all of the social media sites that are right for your business and on the biggest ones if you want to get more visitors and keep them for a long time. But use more than one social media site. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn are all sites to think about.

    If you sign up for these sites, people will know you exist and can look you up at any time.

    So, you’ve signed up, but that’s not even close to being enough. You have to do things. If you’re not, it doesn’t make much sense to be up there. If your last post was made six months ago, potential customers will think that your online store is closed or that you are not taking care of your business. I know that you have a lot to do with your online store, but people looking in don’t know that. So, if you don’t do anything, people might not buy from you. You can always try something new, like an app that sends messages to your new users on its own.

    Cart service was given up on

    For Shopify stores, there are a lot of tools for abandoned carts. The Shopify App Store is where you can find them. By the way, what is this? In short, this can help you get more money. In the long run, these apps and toolboxes help you get back customers who put something in their carts but then leave your shop without buying it. The app lets those people know by email or through Messenger. You’d be surprised at how many potential customers left online stores this way, and you’d also be surprised at how much these apps can help.

    Give people what they want to hear.

    You have to know more about people than they do. You also have to make them feel like they need something, even if they didn’t know they needed it or knew about the product. That’s how business works. Be rude, but don’t show it. Raise desire.

    If they want something, they can’t stop themselves. They will buy what you sell.

    Find out what customers want.

    Make sure that your business and supply meet people’s needs. You need to know what they like and don’t like about the market, what kind of deals and prices they want, how much help they need from customer service, and so on.

    Beforehand, answer questions

    This is also like one of the things we talked about in the section on good communication. If they get the answers to the questions they have, they might feel better about the service. It’s better if they don’t have to ask and can just read the information, like in a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) menu.

    Be kind

    People will like you if you are cool. It has to do with what you put on your social media sites, your website, and how you talk to people who want your help. You will win if you can get them to like you.

    Interesting titles

    Win by writing texts that are interesting. Write them in a big but pretty font size on banners, ads, posts, descriptions, and landing pages. Give them the best you can offer and promise.

    Put reviews and testimonials on your website.

    A reference can be a quote from a former customer about a product or your whole e-store. This can be found in your online store. It could be a section on the product page with photos from customers who have bought from you before.

    It’s important to have pages on social media sites. People can write feedback about products and services in these places so that others can get an idea of what they are like before they buy from you. Some also look at how many people follow the account.

    You can also let your customers say what they think on your website, so that people who visit your store can get an instant rating. An app can also help you with this because it collects, organizes, and shows product reviews.

    If visitors feel uncertain about a product and can’t decide if they want to buy it or not, they will start to look for opinions about it on Google, on social media like Facebook, Instagram, or even YouTube, or on your site if you have a place for opinions.

    Because of the things I’ve already said, it’s also a good idea to start an affiliate program so that bloggers and vloggers can talk about your product and help you get more visitors.

    Have a cool site.

    Another thing that could be causing your problem is that you are using a design that was popular 10 years ago but doesn’t look good anymore. Also, it’s not the best if the layout is annoying, it’s hard to tell what’s what, and it’s hard to get around.

    What do you need to keep in mind when making your site? Use colors that go together, brand elements that go together, and catchy headlines and slogans that are easy to remember. Use images that are high-quality, high-resolution, and demanding. As for the menus, everything must work with touchscreens, and the font size must be big enough to read easily. Getting rid of things can help you. Think about making a responsive design as well.

    People won’t feel comfortable on your website if it doesn’t look good, and they might not buy from you. If you have a nice look, they may think you are more trustworthy. Feelings are at the heart of every purchase.

    Product page

    If the page for a product has nothing but the name and price, it won’t make people want to buy it. Show as much information as you can, including the exact name, size, colors, use, features, delivery time, and warranty. Add more high-quality images of the product that can be opened in a larger size, and add photos from people who have already bought it. Add a short description of the company that made it. The whole product page needs to be easy to read. You should use headlines in the product description to make it easy for people to understand. Put the most important things at the top of the page so people can read them without having to scroll. You can also make menus within menus. It’s also a good idea to give buyers the chance to write a review. Try to get people to shop, but don’t be dull.

    If you don’t like the product descriptions that your supplier gives you, you can change them by hand to make them more interesting.

    Start a blog.

    If you want people to be interested in the service or products you offer, you need to keep a blog. If your blog has cool, interesting things to read, people will like you. If you have interesting information that is helpful when it comes to using your products, people will want to read it. You can also make suggestions for other products. Some people may find your website through a blog post they see on Google or social media. There, you can promote both new and old products. You can also write about other related topics or tell a story that your readers might find interesting.

    Blogs are not old-fashioned, so don’t listen to people who say they are.

    Tell people what they need to know.

    Give all of the important information in different menus on your online store—everything you would want to know as a buyer. There should be a page with answers to the most common questions about delivery, replacement, prices, sizes, and warranties. At the same time, product pages need to have all the important information about an item. Don’t make people look for your product on Google or send you emails. Persuade them that it’s a good idea to buy from you. Tell them why your prices are high, like because it’s a premium product. Write something about the online store itself, how it got started, etc. Also, make a menu with information about how to pay. Don’t forget to write down the ways to get in touch.

    Delivery information

    First, it’s important that the product page shows the delivery time and whether or not the item is in stock. Second, you should have a menu with all the information about delivery and how much it costs. What needs to be on that menu? National and international delivery time, costs, who will deliver (post or courier), if courier, who is that company, do they have a place where you can pick up your product at any time, how often do they deliver in a day, what happens if you’re not home, etc.

    People often leave their shopping carts because they don’t know enough about shipping.

    Give a guarantee

    If you offer a warranty, you have to talk about it, so don’t hide any information. It can have a big effect on possible customers and sales in the future. Ask your supplier what kind of warranty they offer, and if you want, you can take some extra steps on your own and write about it in your store or website.

    Would you buy something from a place that doesn’t promise to help you if you have any issues?

    Have a short time to deliver

    If you’re an online seller who doesn’t keep items in stock, there’s only one way to speed up delivery: use drop shipping or a remote warehousing service. The best thing is if you don’t get your products from online marketplaces like eBay, AliExpress, or Amazon, but instead work with local suppliers who can get the products to you or your customers in just a few days. More places on your site should tell people about this short shipping time. Make one menu and put this information at the top of your website and on each product page. You’ll be glad you heard this idea.

    Size chart

    Size is important no matter what we’re talking about. Whether it’s a carpet, a dress, a bag, or something else, the product page needs to have a size chart. For example, if you sell clothes, put the sizes in the description and also make a separate menu with all the information you need about the sizes. People may not buy something if they don’t know what size it is.

    Images that look good

    Images must be original and match the style of the whole online store. This text says what it needs to say. The pictures have to be clear, high-resolution, and well-organized, and the parts have to be in the right places. People should be able to open the pictures in a bigger size. Also, it’s helpful to upload more photos from different angles and images of all kinds. But being able to zoom is also useful. Maybe another good idea is to post videos.

    Future buyers may be more likely to buy something if the product page has a section where they can see photos from other customers about the items they bought.

    If people can’t see good images on your site, they are likely to leave.

    How about pop-up windows?

    It’s a good idea to put a pop-up on your website so that you can tell people about good deals and other offers that will make them want to buy things from your online store. It’s also helpful if the window comes up right before the customer leaves the site. But just one is enough. People hate having to close these windows all the time because it can be annoying.

    Give better service than your rivals.

    Find or create something that makes your business stand out. Also, this has to be one of the first things you do when setting up an online store. At first, you have to know what makes you different from other people. If you don’t offer anything that no one else does, it’s not worth it to open that online store.

    You can improve your product quality, prices, customer service, website and design, shipping time, extra products, small gifts, special offers, etc.

    People will stay on your website and pay if you talk about what makes it special.

    Did what you read help you? Do you feel better about telling people about your online store now? Come along!

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