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How To Get Rid Of Bad Reviews On Amazon

    Almost everyone who sells on Amazon needs to have a good reputation. A bad reputation hurts your Amazon business by making customers less likely to buy from you and making it harder for people to find your products. When someone wants to buy something on Amazon, they will first look at the product’s reviews, comments, and recommendations, if there are any. If people say nice things about you in reviews or comments, you will sell more and get more clients. But if you think and say bad things, your business won’t sell much or at all, which could even cause it to close. Negative feedback hurts your account, so you should get rid of it. This work will show you how to handle negative feedback and, in particular, how to get rid of negative feedback on Amazon. Come along!

    Can you get rid of bad reviews on Amazon?

    Yes, you can get rid of bad feedback on Amazon. But there are different ways to get rid of it and some you shouldn’t try. We’ll look at how to get rid of negative feedback later, but it can be risky to ask the client to get rid of or change negative feedback. Amazon knows that negative feedback is annoying, which is why they have rules about how to handle it.

    People may wonder how and why your Amazon account gets negative feedback. When a customer gives you negative feedback, it means they were not happy with your service or product. Some of the things that can lead to bad feedback are:

    • The product doesn’t live up to what the customer wants. Usually, the customer doesn’t get to see the product before buying it. They decide whether or not to buy a product based on 3D images and detailed descriptions. If they buy something and then find out it’s not what they wanted, they will leave bad feedback.
    • Mixing up the products and sending the wrong ones: If a customer gets a product that is a different size or color than what they ordered, they will be upset and give bad feedback. A small difference in the product could hurt your reputation in a big way.
    • The customer can also have a bad time with late delivery. Since the eCommerce industry has grown so much, customers know that their orders will get to them quickly. They also think that a product should get to them in no more than one day. If it takes longer than that, it should take a day. So, if you’re late, even if it’s not your fault, the customer will have a bad time.
    • If the product is broken when it gets to the customer, they will complain.

    Why it’s important to get rid of bad reviews on Amazon

    Before we talk about why you should get rid of negative feedback on Amazon, it’s important to know that feedback helps in a lot of ways. One of them is to get the Buy Box, which is an award that Amazon gives to accounts that have updated their listings 95% of the time on average over a year. Those who have less than that score should improve their feedback rating in order to be eligible for the award. Getting rid of the negative feedback helps improve the score.

    Customers will trust a seller more if they get rid of the bad feedback. The more bad reviews you get, the more customers will doubt you. Customers think that a seller is trustworthy and reliable if their product has a high rating. When they find two sellers with the same price for the same product, they will choose the one with the best rating.

    We can figure out how well a seller did by looking at the ratings that buyers leave after making a purchase. There are between one and five stars. If buyers give you one or two stars, that’s negative feedback. If they give you three stars, that’s neutral, but if they give you four or five stars, that’s positive feedback. Your Amazon performance goes down because of the bad feedback. Negative feedback affects the ODR (Order Defect Rate), which is used to decide if a seller can keep selling or not. When the ODR rating goes above 1%, the seller could lose the right to sell.

    How to get rid of bad reviews on Amazon?

    Negative feedback doesn’t mean the end of the world, since there are different ways to deal with it. This feedback should be taken down quickly, since you can’t do anything about it after 60 days. Here are some ways to get rid of negative feedback on Amazon:

    asking Amazon to take down the review

    Amazon will help you get rid of any negative reviews that don’t follow their rules. They don’t like reviews that could confuse or trick other customers. As soon as the seller sees this kind of feedback, they should contact Amazon right away to have it taken down. Buyers often give unfair reviews and complaints about prices and products. When you tell Amazon about these things, they will help you get rid of bad feedback. When feedback doesn’t count:

    • It has advertising content on it. If a buyer’s comments talk about someone else’s products, Amazon will take them down. These statements might have links to other websites, stores, or the products they sell.
    • It has personal information, like the name and email address of another Amazon user.
    • It uses rude or offensive words.
    • There are product reviews in the comment. Amazon doesn’t want product reviews on the feedback page because they already have a place for that.

    Once you see feedbacks that are similar to the ones above, contact Amazon’s seller support and ask them to remove the feedback. Make sure that your message is clear and to the point. The people who work at Amazon might not have time to read long messages. After you send your message, you will have to wait for Amazon to decide if the feedback can be removed. If it fits the criteria, they will take it away. Even if it doesn’t qualify, they will let it stay, but you can get in touch with them again with a new ticket.

    The sellers who have bought the FBA (Fulfillment-by-Amazon) program have an advantage over those who haven’t. Amazon will store the product, pack an order, ship it, and help with customer service for these sellers. When you find feedback that fits FBA roles, you should ask Amazon support to get rid of it. So, if the negative feedback is about the FBA roles, Amazon will take it down right away.

    Attempt to get in touch with the buyer.

    If the feedback is valid and Amazon can’t get rid of it, the buyer will save you. You need to quickly send a friendly email to the buyer to explain what went wrong and say you’re sorry. Assure them that you are working to make sure the mistake doesn’t happen again. Find out what you can do to make it up to them. It’s against Amazon’s rules to give the buyer money back for removing negative feedback, so don’t do that. Convince them that negative feedback is bad, and then ask them to take theirs down.

    Tell Amazon what you think.

    Even if the customer doesn’t listen to your request that they take down their bad review, it’s not the end of the world. Go to the feedback and write a reply so that other customers can read it and see that the problem has been fixed. Let your answer be neutral, clear, and businesslike. Show the customer that you care about what they have to say.

    How to keep from getting bad reviews on Amazon

    The best way to get a high score on Amazon is to avoid getting bad reviews. Before you think about how to get rid of bad reviews on Amazon, you should learn how to improve your score. Here are some of the suggestions:

    • By using real pictures and descriptions of the product, you can give the customer a clear idea of what it is. If the caption is clear and the photos are good, the customer will know what to expect.
    • Round down the condition of the product so that customers don’t have too high of hopes. If you want to be safe, you can call a better product “Good” instead of “Very Good.” Work on making a better product that goes above and beyond what a customer wants.
    • Send out products on time and answer questions quickly. A customer will never be happy if they get their product after an event. For FBA, the seller won’t be in charge of the process. Instead, everything will be taken care of by the fulfillment centers. But Amazon takes care of negative feedback that comes from problems with the FBA process. If you are not part of the FBA program, focus on making sure your products are properly packaged, delivered on time, and that you have good customer service.

    In the end

    If you want to be successful as a seller on Amazon, you will need to keep a high feedback rating. Customers will be more likely to trust you and do business with you if you have a high feedback rating. It not only makes you more likely to get the Buy Box, but it also gets more people to buy from you. Because of this, you need to learn how to get rid of negative feedback on Amazon.

    Respond to every mistake you’ve made and say sorry to your customers as soon as you can. Wherever you get honest negative feedback, you should respond by offering compensation and making sure it doesn’t happen again. Also, learn how to act professionally with customers who don’t respond. If you think about these things, you will be able to reach higher standards on Amazon.

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