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How To Improve The SEO For Your Bigcommerce Store?

    When you start with Bigcommerce, you have to work on SEO to get more customers. To improve your Bigcommerce SEO, you need to do a few important things.

    What is SEO for Bigcommerce?

    Bigcommerce SEO is the process of using different search engine optimization techniques to make your Bigcommerce site show up at the top of the search results. It could help your brand grow in the online market. If you do Bigcommerce SEO right, your listings will show up at the top of search results. So, there are more chances that sales will go up.

    SEO-ize your Bigcommerce stores.

    Here is a guide to SEO-friendly Bigcommerce sites.

    Sign up for the Google Search Console

    You need to start by telling Google Search Console about your Bigcommerce site. It’s the tool that tells search engines about your Bigcommerce site and makes sure that these tools crawl your Bigcommerce site.

    You need to upload an XML sitemap of your Bigcommerce site when you sign up. This helps Google Search Console crawl your Bigcommerce site quickly and efficiently. The first step in optimizing your Bigcommerce site for SEO is to get it crawled.

    Make it quick to load your store.

    Your Bigcommerce store should load quickly enough that no one has to wait. If it takes too long to load, the customer may leave your store and go to another. Here are some ways to make your Bigcommerce store load faster:

    • When you compress the images on your Bigcommerce site, it will take less time to load.
    • Don’t use a long list of font styles for the content. Instead, use only safe fonts.
    • If you turn on AMP format for your Bigcommerce, pages and posts will load faster on mobile devices. It works best when your Bigcommerce site is set up to work well on mobile devices.
    • You can only use third-party apps that you need to do certain things. Don’t use any other apps, as they will only slow down the process.

    Make sure your titles, headings, and descriptions are optimized.

    On your Bigcommerce store, there will be some text that you will need to optimize. Start by adding the focus keyword to the page titles to make them more search engine friendly. Make sure the titles are useful for the people who come to your site.

    Also, you must use headings and subheadings correctly when making the content of your Bigcommerce site. These things make the Bigcommerce store look better and make it easier to read. Also, work on the meta descriptions, as these can help a lot with ranking.

    Change the file called Robot.txt

    Change the Robot.txt file on your Bigcommerce store to tell Google Search Console which pages it should crawl. It makes it much more likely that you’ll get better rankings because only your top pages count toward SEO.

    Improve your site’s URLs.

    Last, you need to optimize the URLs for each page on your site. First, make sure that your URLs are SEO-friendly and that each page on your Bigcommerce store has its own URL.

    In the end,

    By improving your Bigcommerce store’s SEO, your listing is more likely to show up at the top of search results. So, the chances of making sales also go up.

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