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How To Make A Good Brand Story: How To Tell Stories Like A Pro?

    What if I told you that every brand has a story to tell and that how you tell it is very important to the success of your brand? When people buy something, there are a number of things that can influence their decision.

    Too often, the idea behind what they buy is more important than what they actually buy. So, in this post, I’ll show you how to build a brand story for your business and use it to your advantage. Let’s begin!

    What’s a Brand Story?

    Let’s first try to figure out what a brand story is. For this, let’s look at Apple, which is one of the most well-known brands in the world. What are some words that come to mind when you think of Apple? It could be about luxury, safety, being the best, being innovative, and so on. So, it’s likely that people who buy Apple products do so because they agree with the values and story that Apple tells.

    In simple terms, your brand’s story shows its ideas, values, history, goals, and so on. It’s what your brand stands for and what message it sends through its undertones. The best things that your brand’s story should say are:

    • Biography: This gives some basic information about your brand, like who started it, when it was started, what its first products were, and so on.
    • Identifiers: Over time, you’ll need to think of what makes your brand different from others and why customers should choose it over the others.
    • Characters: You also need to make characters that are unique to your brand. This is where you can say whether your brand is fierce, friendly, quiet, etc.
    • Customer Experience: Try to tell a story about your brand that includes customer stories and experiences. This will make your brand more appealing.
    • Finally, you need to tell customers what your brand promises and what it stands for as a whole.

    Why it’s important to have a strong brand story

    Now that you know what a company’s story is, let’s talk quickly about the three most important benefits of it.

    Capture Attention

    Most importantly, if you have an interesting story, it’s easy to get people’s attention. If you only talk about your products, customers might forget what they are. On the other hand, if you tell them in the form of a story, it will help them remember the information much more.

    Make people care

    By telling the story behind your brand, you’ll give it a more human feel. People would start to think of your brand as a person instead of a business. This will help them feel more connected to the image of your brand.

    Get people to act

    After getting your customers’ attention and giving them a natural impression, it’s clear that you can easily get them to do something. You don’t have to worry about making people aware of your brand anymore because they can easily get in touch with you.

    How to Make Your Brand’s Story Unique and Interesting

    Let’s be honest: almost every brand is trying to tell a unique story about itself. So, how do you stand a chance of being both unique and effective? Follow these suggestions if you want a brand story that is memorable, effective, and true.

    Format that looks good and can grow

    First, you need to know all the important facts about your brand before you can tell a story about it. To do this, you can make a format that looks good and can be changed. Most of the time, you need to know first what channels you want to focus on and how the story will be told. Remember that how you tell your story can be just as important as the story itself.

    Put everything together!

    Great! Once you’ve chosen the format you want to work on and the main channels you want to focus on, you can put everything together. At first, it may seem like a lot to handle. Here is where you can use the storyboarding method to help you.

    It is a common way to tell a story, and we use graphics and illustrations to make the story more interesting to look at. It will help you tell a more interesting story about your brand, and you can say a lot in less time. You can also decide the overall flow, the main points you want to highlight, and the things you want to leave out.

    Use statistics and data.

    We live in a fast-paced world where getting important information about our customers is easier than ever. Most brands tell their story with the help of data they get from platforms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

    For example, you can use Google Trends to find out what topics are popular in the market. By using these hot topics, it’s easy to make your brand seem important. You can also use Google Analytics to learn more about the keywords people search for.

    Also, you can learn more about your competitors by using the best social media and social listening tools. You can easily find out what your competitors are doing and what their customers don’t like about them. By solving the problems of your audience, you can easily weave your brand story.

    Use your emotions.

    Even though it’s important to be based on facts, you should never forget the power of your feelings. If you want to reach a larger audience, your story should be a little bit emotional.

    Coca-Cola has figured out how to make people feel what it wants them to feel. Their commercials and stories never try to sell too much. Instead, they use a subtle brand message to get us to like them. This is now a part of their story in most of the places they tour around the world.

    Be Innovative

    There’s a good chance that your audience sees ads and promotions every day. So how can you stand out from all that information? Well, the best way to do that is to tell a unique story about your brand.

    Try to think of a story that is different but still fits with your brand. You can start many marketing campaigns that all say the same thing. Here’s an example of a Volvo video ad that was so new and different that it caught people’s attention right away.

    Customers will drive your story.

    One of the best ways to drive your brand’s story is to put the customer first. You can talk about your brand’s services and how they have helped different customers.

    Nike, which has made an online journal for its customers, can teach you a thing or two. Here, you can read different Nike customer stories. All of these stories have put the customers of the brand in the spotlight and shown in a subtle way how Nike has changed their lives.

    Return to your roots.

    If your brand has a history, you should show it off as you tell its story. By showing that your brand has been around for years and decades, you can easily prove that it is real.

    Here is an example of IBM’s brand story, in which the company lists the most important things that have happened in its history. You can also do something similar and use your past accomplishments to make a story that people will want to hear.

    Be Consistent

    Most importantly, you should stay true to the overall image and story of your brand. For example, the type of image you show on your website should match what you show on YouTube or Instagram. Also, you should keep the way people think about your brand the same over time.

    Learn, forget, and learn again

    Lastly, you should know that creating a brand story is not a one-time thing. You should always do research to find out how people think about your brand. Later, you can try to grow as a brand by letting go of what doesn’t matter and focusing on what you want to do in the future.

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    Now it’s your turn!

    As you can see, you can give your business a unique appeal if you have a good brand story. This can be a big part of how you market your business as a whole, and it will definitely pay off in the long run.

    Just make sure you follow the tips given to become a pro storyteller for your brand. You can also do well with dropshipping by using a tool like dropship-empire, which gives you everything you need to run your online store in one place.

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