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How To Make More Money With EBay Affiliate?

    Your blog is hosted on a domain, it is SSL-certified, and you have already written a few posts for it. What’s next?

    What should you do next?

    Are you ready to make money with eBay Partner Network or eBay Affiliate?

    How, though?

    What Is an eBay Affiliate?

    Let’s start with the most basic question: what is an eBay affiliate?

    Similar to other affiliate programs, eBay Partner Network is a way for sellers to get paid for bringing customers to the website. For example, let’s say you are a partner in the eBay affiliate program and have sent two customers to the website who both bought something. After that, eBay will give you a commission.

    How are we going to do this?

    You can make links to eBay listings that you can use to promote your blog or content. If a user clicks on a link on your blog and then buys something, you get a commission.

    If a customer clicks on your listing and then buys something the same day or within 24 hours, you get full credit for the final value through the eBay Partner Network. Even if the customer you sent to a different seller within a certain amount of time, you still get a commission.

    We know you want to know, “How cool is this?”

    Yes, it is.

    How to use the eBay Partner Network will be explained. Keep reading for more details.

    How to Sign Up for the eBay Affiliate Program

    We’ll give you an example to help you understand how the process works. So, imagine.

    You are part of the eBay Partner Network, and you need to trade a card listed on the website for USD 500. If you think this content would be great for social media, you can make a link to the listing from your dashboard on the Partner Network and start sharing it, maybe on your Facebook page.

    When a customer looks at the card, they are interested, so they click on the link and buy it that day, like in the next two hours.

    How will eBay figure out your commission now?

    Here’s the difference by category: Look over this file.

    The commission for trading cards is about 3%, which in our example is $15. If you don’t have a store, you pay a 10% final value fee, which comes to USD 50. So, when you get your invoice from the eBay affiliate network, you’ll see that the commission is USD 15 and the total is USD 35, which isn’t the same as your final value. You will receive a total of $50 USD.

    You can also get a commission in another situation. If the customer clicks on your card and decides that it’s not what he wants, he won’t be able to buy it. He uses different search options to find the right card, which is listed as USD 300. Plus, he buys the card in the next 24 hours. You will get a 3% commission in this case.

    What gives?

    eBay thinks you brought this customer to them, so they should pay you a commission. That’s great, right?

    How do I join eBay’s Partner Network?

    • Go to the page for signing up. Look at the link.
    • Sign up here using your eBay account.
    • You’ll get an email saying hello. Keep an eye on it. This will come in the first few hours or sometimes right away after you sign up.
    • Go to eBay and sign in once you get the welcome email.
    • You can make promotable links by pasting links or URLs from eBay into your dashboard.
    • If you want to share these links easily from your browser, you can do so with Bookmarklet or SmartShare.

    You can put these links on your blog, website, social media pages, or email them to people. Basically, you can put up links to eBay anywhere to bring people there.

    How eBay Affiliate Is Different From Other

    We all know that there are a lot of affiliate programs like eBay, so why eBay? Some of the reasons are:

    • eBay’s rules are easier in comparison. Anyone with a new blog that doesn’t get much traffic on Google can join, which is good for people who are just starting out with affiliate programs and want to make money.
    • eBay has a low minimum amount to pay out. It will even let you take out $10, which isn’t possible in a lot of other affiliate programs.
    • eBay will help you send your money directly to PayPal or to your bank account, which is a great service that many people will appreciate.
    • The most important reason to choose an eBay affiliate is that eBay has been around for a long time and keeps getting better every day. So, this network is safe and there is trust in it. Don’t you agree?

    Tips to Increase Sales

    Before we talk about how to make more money with eBay affiliate links, you should look at the listings and choose the ones you want to tell your network about.

    There is a long list, and you can find relevant entries that can bring in a lot of traffic. So, do your research, choose a niche or listings to promote, and read these tips to increase sales.

    • Start by looking at eBay’s rate card to see what percentage of sales you will get. You will do well if you choose products with a high percentage of sales, so you should pay attention to these listings.
    • After that, you should decide where you can market your business. For instance, websites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. You can also make a blog and put a few links to eBay in the posts.
    • On the eBay Network, you can use EPN tools like Link Generator, Bookmarklet Tool, Smart Links, RSS Feed Generator, etc. to promote your listings.
    • Aside from this, a great way to promote eBay listings is to increase traffic to your website and articles by doing things like off-page and on-page SEO, guest posting, etc.
    • With the help of the tips above, you can build your own network, which will help you promote your eBay listings and earn a commission.

    Once a user clicks on one of your affiliate links, eBay keeps track of everything. What do they end up buying? How many things are they going to buy? How many people do you serve every month?

    But keep in mind that for you to get a commission, the user must buy something within 24 hours. Only then will you get the commission from the sale.


    So, this is it!

    We’ve talked about what an eBay affiliate is, how to sign up for the eBay Partner Network, and how to reach more people.

    We think you now have enough information to get started with eBay affiliate marketing.

    You only have to remember that this activity needs time. Either you have a big network, which helps you promote listings right away, or you slowly build a network of people through social media and websites. In both situations, you have to be patient and keep working toward your goal.

    Overall, being an eBay affiliate is a great way to make money and keep growing over time.

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