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How To Sell On Pinterest?

    Pinterest is still one of the best ways to sell things online. Part of the reason for this is that, unlike other social media sites, people go to Pinterest to look for products. They want to get ideas and have a mentality of always shopping. When they find something they like, they are likely to not only “pin” it, but also go to the website to buy it.

    And part of the reason is that Pinterest makes finding new products and ideas easier than ever. On Facebook and Instagram, your feed only shows posts from people you know, but Pinterest’s algorithm shows each user a lot of different content based on what they’ve liked in the past. This gives your pins a lot of natural reach and puts you in front of people who are most likely to be interested in what you have to say.

    Data from Pinterest shows that 40% of its users say they love shopping, but three times as many users say they are “always” shopping. People who shop on Pinterest tend to buy 30% more and spend 40% more than the average customer.

    How can you get people to visit and buy from your e-commerce drop shipping site with Pinterest? Here is a step-by-step guide we made just for you:

    How to Get Started with Pinterest for Drop Shipping

    You will need to set up a Pinterest business account if you have an e-commerce site. This account is free and doesn’t take long to set up.

    You can turn a personal Pinterest account into one for your business. This is a great way to get a ready-made audience if you want to use the people who already follow you. Or, you can set up a separate account for your business. This is the best way to go if you don’t have a Pinterest account or if you want to keep your personal account for your own use.

    If you are a business instead of a regular user, you can use the Pinterest Business Hub. This lets you make paid ads, promote your pins, learn more about your audience, and make “buyable” pins so that people can buy things right away.

    You will also be able to link your Pinterest account to your online store. This is the most important step for e-commerce businesses that want to sell on Pinterest.

    All of the big e-commerce platforms, like Shopify, BigCommerce, and Squarespace, have integration options that are easy to use. You’ll link your Pinterest account to your store through the settings on your website. For specific instructions, talk to the company that hosts your website platform.

    Get people to follow you on Pinterest.

    Once your account is set up, you can start getting people to follow you. If you turned your personal Pinterest account into a business account, you may already have followers. But if you don’t have a following or want to grow the one you have, there are a few things you can do to get people to listen to you:

    Follow the boards and businesses that matter.

    Before people can follow you, they have to be able to find you. One way to get more people to see you on Pinterest is to follow boards and businesses that are related to your own. Board owners and business owners will see you and might want to help you out in return. If you get to know them and build relationships with them, you might be able to share Pins with them to reach their followers.

    Join in

    On Pinterest, engagement is very important. The more you do, the more people will notice you. Take some time to look at boards and pins that are popular to find things to re-pin. Leave comments on other people’s Pins to connect with them and businesses. Find group boards that are relevant to your interests and post on them.

    Improve your pins.

    Don’t ever forget how powerful Pinterest SEO can be. Pinterest is basically a search engine, so it helps to include keywords in your content that people might use to find pins like yours. The more you can get in front of the right people, the more likely you are to get followers who are interested in what you have to say.

    Make campaigns for the Pinterest audience

    Getting people to follow you on Pinterest doesn’t have to start on Pinterest. Once you’ve set up your business account, let your current customers and other people who follow you on social media know about it. Send an email to let people know about your new account and ask them to follow you. Add a link to your business profile and share it on your other social media accounts. Include it in your other marketing materials to remind people they can learn more about your brand in other ways.

    Make blog posts about your products.

    Pinterest is one of the best ways to get people to visit your blog. Blog “pins” last a lot longer on Pinterest, so you can get more out of each blog post. Plus, Google doesn’t like new blogs, which makes it hard for blog posts to rank well in organic search. This isn’t the case with Pinterest, which may increase your chances of showing up in organic searches on the site.

    You can make a Pinterest pin from any blog post. Blogs are an excellent way to talk about your products without trying to sell them. Do an in-depth review of a product, list several products in the same category (think gift-giving guides, etc.), offer tutorials, or make other content that is useful, answers questions, or solves problems.

    When your blog is live, you can turn it into a pin on Pinterest. Pinterest is a site with a lot of pictures, so you will need an eye-catching picture (or several) to get a user’s attention. Add a caption, and then explain what your pin is about. Use keywords that are relevant to your post so that you show up in search results that are relevant to your post. Then, on your website, just add a link to the blog.

    Blog pins not only get people to visit your site, but they also spread the word about your products and brand.

    Use the Product and Buyable Pins

    In addition to blog pins, you can also make Product pins that allow people to buy products right away. This is one of Pinterest’s best features for e-commerce drop shippers because it cuts out some of the steps a user would have to take to buy something from a regular pin.

    When your online store is linked to Pinterest, you can look at all of your products on the site. To make a Product pin, just add tags to an image of your item. The price and description of an item, for example, will be pulled automatically from your website by Pinterest. This saves a lot of time for e-commerce store owners who are busy and would rather focus on sales than on social media.

    Drop shippers who use Pinterest can also set up “Buyable pins” to sell their goods. With these pins, users can buy things right away without leaving Pinterest. This means that you won’t get as many people to your website, but you will make a sale and get your name out there. Plus, it gives the customer a smooth experience. They don’t have to take any extra steps and can just buy your item whenever they want to. There is no chance that a customer will leave an item in their shopping cart, there are no extra steps to create an account, and there is nothing else that could stop a sale.

    It’s a tradeoff, but most online store owners wouldn’t mind making it if it meant making an extra sale.

    Pay to get your pins seen.

    Like other social media sites, Pinterest lets you pay for ads to spread the word about your pins. This can be a great way to gain a lot of followers quickly or sell a lot of a certain product in a short amount of time.

    Promoted pins are the same as other pins on Pinterest. The difference is that you have to pay to get more people to see your pin. When you post a Promoted pin, it will say “Promoted” so people know it’s an ad. But if someone shares your pin, the word “Promoted” goes away because it was shared naturally.

    There are many kinds of promoted pins:

    Pins Rich

    Rich pins give more information about your products to people who click on them. The goal is to get people to click on a Rich pin and then go to your website or landing page. Rich pins can be used to promote products, blog posts, app downloads, or recipes.

    Pins Video

    Instead of a picture, Promoted Video pins show a short video clip. This type of ad works very well because Pinterest is mostly made up of still images. A moving video clip can stand out from the rest of a user’s Pins and grab their attention right away.

    Pins that only need one tap

    When a user taps on a regular pin, they can see a close-up of the pin and more information about it. One-tap pins skip this step and take the user right to your product or landing page.

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