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How To Use Dropship Empire To Start A Dropshipping Store On Wix?

    Dropshipping is a worldwide business that is growing quickly. There are multi-billion dollar companies like Amazon that help small merchants set up stores on their fronts and get a bigger share of the market. But there are limits to what you can sell in the store and how you can market your products on their platform. Any small problem can get you kicked off a platform and cause you to lose all of your customers. Wix is a free website builder platform that lets you make your own storefronts without worrying that your business will be shut down because the large eCommerce storefront changed its user policies.

    What’s Wix?

    Wix is a free, easy-to-use website builder that lets users drag and drop to create websites and online stores. The platform has a lot of tools and options that make it easier for someone who has never built a website before to do so. There are a lot of themes that users can add to their design and get their store up and running. Other platforms, like WordPress or Shopify, may take longer to customize and have a steeper learning curve.

    The platform is mostly made to make it easy for people who are new to web development to build HTML5 websites with just a few mouse clicks. The platform lets users create, design, manage, and develop websites in a way that fits their own tastes.

    The process of making changes is simple. You can choose a template and start making changes to your site right away, or you can use an AI that will ask you a few simple questions and help you build the site. The builder doesn’t just let you make beautiful sites; it also has powerful features that make it strong enough to handle a lot of sites. Wix can be used to make blogs, start your own online stores, and take online bookings, among other things.

    The website builder is meant to make the website easier to use, unlike other tools that can make a website look clunky and make it impossible to use on a mobile device. You can change the website’s mobile view to make sure it gives users a better experience and keeps people coming back again and again. The builder gives you the ability to switch to mobile view and customize the website’s mobile view.

    The websites made on the platform are optimized for search engines so that they rank well against your competitors and can be found by people who might be interested in buying from you. The websites are available through technical SEO optimization, location, keywords, and personalization.

    With customization, you can easily find professional websites that meet your business or other needs. There are more than 700 themes and templates for websites that can be used for any kind of web business. With a drag-and-drop website builder, it’s easy to start from scratch and make a website using the templates that the platform gives you. You can change all of the things that people can see. For example, you can add video backgrounds, scroll effects, and other animations. If it’s hard for you to choose between the 700 themes, you can use the Wix Artificial Designs to make a personalized website with text and pictures right away. You can choose your style, change the layout, and add any features you need, like an online store. There is an integration of open web development, so you can build professional web apps with serverless computing and easy coding. You can easily manage content from an integrated database, add your own code, work in your own environment, and connect hundreds of apps. With the Wix Editor, you have complete freedom over how your site looks, and you can add business apps that are optimized for your site.

    Can I use my Wix website to do dropshipping?

    Dropshipping is possible on a Wix site. With dropshipping, merchants can list products on their website and only pay the dropshipping supplier for the orders once the goods have been bought. Wix is a great place for dropshipping merchants to launch their products because they have more control over how the sites look in the end. There is a lot more control over the design, and integration with most drop shipping companies makes it easy to keep track of stock.

    Why Use Dropship with Wix?

    There are a lot of dropshipping platforms and eCommerce websites that you can use in your store to help you manage your inventory and dropship supplies. But Wix has a lot of benefits that make more people want to dropship on Wix.

    Built-in tools for marketing

    Wix makes it easy to run your business, get the word out, and grow it. The Wix website builder comes with a professional suite that lets you promote and run your business from one place. With tools like Email Marketing, Facebook ads, landing pages, and customer management, Wix makes it easier to get leads and turn them into sales. Because Facebook ads only reach people who are interested in well-stocked stores, they lead to more sales and visits to your dropshipping store. The Wix analytics generate a lot of data that lets you track your success and make decisions based on the data.

    When choosing a website builder platform, the marketing tools that come with it are very important. This is especially true if you have an online store that needs to reach out to new customers all over the web. The better your store is and the more successful your store marketing can be, the more online tools the platform has. Wix makes it really easy to get emails from customers and site visitors for email marketing. Wix makes it easier to send out emails or newsletters about sales and special offers.

    The success of dropshipping depends on how good you are at marketing, and a platform with better marketing tools built in can give your business an edge over platforms that only use SEO and other tools that make marketing a tedious task. The use of social media in Wix marketing makes sure that you can get the most customers without having to work too hard. With the built-in ability to post to social media, the tools let you reach a larger audience.

    You can promote your products by adding videos and infographics that explain how they work. The video maker on Wix makes it easy to make videos. To get more people to see the video, you can post it online or on social media. With so many tools for marketing, it’s no wonder that new dropship shops are opening on Wix.

    More control over design

    Wix gives users more control over the design than most web app builders, which only use themes to make your online shop. Even though Wix makes templates for online stores that are powerful, you can move some icons around and add more powerful features to your online store. You don’t have to follow the design rules set by the most popular eCommerce shops, like eBay and Amazon. Instead, you can add good descriptions and as many details as you can to draw in customers.

    Dashboard that’s easy to use

    When dropshipping, you need to keep track of your inventory, orders, and other metrics. With an easy-to-use dashboard, you can keep an eye on your online store and take the steps you need to keep your business going. With the dashboard, you can make something simple or new to keep up with the changes. Other platforms have dashboards that are very complicated and may take time to figure out what you need to use. Dashboards that are hard to understand and use are inefficient and can waste time and lead to fewer sales.

    More than 500 store plans

    Store design can make a lasting impression on your visitors and keep them coming back to your online store again and again, while poorly designed sites can turn visitors away and make them stay on the website for less time. Wix gives merchants more than 500 store templates from which they can choose the most beautiful and sturdy one for their online shop. Some of the templates even have a search function that makes it easier for your customers to look through your whole catalog. The templates can show what your store stands for and tell your customers something important. They can also make building a new store easier. There are many ways to find the best product template, but you should make sure it fits with the theme you’ve chosen. You can show your friends and family a preview of the online store before you open it to the public.

    Lots of products

    Wix gives you complete control over how your store looks and feels, as well as the products you sell. There is no limit to how many products you can sell in the store. This is different from online stores like Amazon, where you have to get the product approved before you can sell it. Platforms sometimes put a limit on the number of different ways a product can be made, making it impossible for you to keep track of your store’s stock. You can add variations to the store and make more than one collection. Product collections make it easy for customers and visitors to an online store to understand how it works. The collections make it easier to look through the products, and they might be a good way to give your customers ideas about what to buy.


    Wix is one of the least expensive ways to build a website. You can choose from four flexible plans for hosting, and the more expensive plans come with a few extra apps and features. The cheapest Wix plan costs as little as $23, but you can often get it for as much as 50% off. The most powerful plan for your online store is the unlimited plan, which gives you a lot of options for your business. You can try out the free plan before deciding to pay for one. But you should know that the free version has a lot of annoying ads that you can’t get rid of and that you can’t use a custom domain name. If you want to add more parts, you need a bigger plan, but the basic plan has most of the tools you need.

    Free Tools for Business

    Wix gives you a lot of free business tools that help you get the most out of your website. The tools include ways to talk to people, like a custom email domain, and ways to talk to people. The email makes customers feel like you are a professional store and makes it more likely that they will do business with you again.

    You can protect your site with the help of the law. Legal help and advice can cost an arm and a leg in just an hour if you hire a lawyer, who can cost hundreds of dollars, and the cost of writing contracts and legal agreements can make the costs go up in a very steep way. Businesses can get a free legal document for their business from Shake, which can be accessed by websites built on the platform.

    You can also use Dropbox’s free online cloud storage to store your documents in the cloud without having to buy more space. It also lets you send large files from your computer, making it easy to use the tool to send photos and files. Trello can help you keep track of things if you have other people working on your site. The Wix invoice generator is by far the most useful tool because it helps you keep track of your money. With this tool, you might not have to hire an accountant or buy expensive software to figure out your tax returns. The tool keeps track of how much money comes in from the website directly. It can help you make invoices once you enter information about your business, your clients, and your billing.

    There are at least 10 free business tools on the list, which gives you room to focus on things that really matter for promoting your online business store. The tools help you get analytical reports, keep track of sales, and improve your online store’s performance. Adding the free business tool makes it easier to run your store, so you can better serve your customers and make more money.

    Payment Method That Is Safe

    Your online store needs to have a good reputation and protect the payments you’ll use to pay for the drop-shipped products and get your money. Nothing should put your customers’ information at risk so that it can’t be used to get into your store. In response to the growing threat, Wix has made sure that their sites have the safest ways to pay that keep both the store owner and the customer safe. This gives customers more confidence in the site. Payment through Wix is safe and often enough if you don’t want to use a third-party payment service. Modern and safe payment partners like Stripe, Paypal, Square, and more than 50 others can be added to the websites as well.

    Optimization of SEO

    Some of the best customers for your dropshipping store come from search engines. Only SEO-optimized websites rank well and can show up on the first page of SERPs. This means that getting space on the first page can really boost sales in your store. Wix sites are well-optimized so they can rank higher for the keywords and location you choose. You can set up your store as a multilingual site so that you can reach customers who don’t speak the site’s main language.

    How to set up dropshipping for your Wix store

    Dropshipping on Wix has a lot of benefits for merchants, and it’s not a secret. There are a lot of ways to optimize and customize your store, which gives you creative freedom and a leg up on making it work better. Follow these steps to get your Wix dropshipping store up and running.


    Go to the sign-up page at On the page, choose to sign up with your Facebook account, email address, or Google credentials, and then click “Sign up.”

    Choose a web store template

    Go to the templates page and choose a category and subcategory that fit your needs. Click to see the template or make changes.

    Change the way it looks.

    You can change templates to meet your styling needs. Open the template in the style editor and play around with the design and layout until you reach your goal. You should remember that you can change the name of the site, change the content, change the images, and delete sections.

    dropship-empire makes it easy to find dropshipping products to sell.

    Log in to your account at Click on the three lines in the top left corner to see your dashboard. Go to the store and pick “Connect a New Store” from the menu. Enter a unique name for your Wix store and click “Connect.” Connect the Wix store you want and let the store confirm the authorization before going back to dropship-empire.

    set up Wix dropshipping and integrate Wix dropshipping

    How to Use dropship-empire to Start a Dropshipping Store on Wix

    “Store Setting” is where you can set up the rules for your store once the setup is done. Go to “Search Products” to find thousands of hot items that are ready to sell. You can either add the item to your inventory list or download it right away. You can download products from dropship-empire for free and put them on your website, where you can start selling them.

    You will be notified by mail or an updated info list when the price, number of items, or whether or not they are for sale change. Once an hour, the system syncs the store’s data, but you can also do it yourself. You have to link the Wix store to the dropship-empire products before you can place an order. You can keep track of an order until it gets to the customer.

    Wix and dropship-empire are a great pair, and any business owner would be happy to have convenience and freedom in one place. You can merge your Wix store with dropship-empire today.

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