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How to Write a Good Product Title: Write What Customers Want?

    The product title is the most important thing you can change to improve your eCommerce feed management. So, how do you come up with the best title for a product?

    It’s important to remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all way to come up with the perfect product name. This article gives you some tips for optimizing the titles of your products. Let’s check it out!

    What Is Title Optimization for Products?

    Simply put, product title optimization is the process of adding or removing certain things from product titles to make them work better. This means combining multiple fields from your clients’ feeds to make a title that includes brand, color, size, and other relevant keywords. When it comes to optimizing product titles, we will need to know how to do so based on the industry of your client’s products and the sales channels they use.

    Why Optimizing the Title of a Product Is Important

    People are more likely to look for things by their names than by how they look or what they are called. Even if your photos are beautiful and of high quality, no one will look at your product description or images if the title is messy or not complete. For example, let’s say you want to start a business based on dropshipping. Then, you had a well-designed store, a good dropshipping tool, and a strong supplier. However, if your product titles were wrong, customers wouldn’t put your product in their carts.

    You can’t say enough about how important a well-written product title is for your online business. Because it has qualities that might help you rank your product higher than the competition. Think about how having well-optimized product titles for your online store can help you:

    Search for the Top

    Why do so many people rush to make their websites more friendly to search engines? The answer is to make your site more visible and get it on the first page of Google’s search results or on an eCommerce platform. If the titles of your products are optimized for relevance, customers will see them at the top of the page, and you’ll show up in the top searches.

    Give people an overview of what you’re selling.

    Keep an eye on what your customers want and optimize your site to stay ahead of the competition. Make sure your title says what your product is all about by describing its features and benefits. This will help your customers learn about your products in a way that will help them decide whether or not to buy them.

    Boost the number of conversions

    The main goal of any business is to turn potential customers into long-term customers. This is why everyone is looking for ways to improve. If you give customers a detailed and well-optimized product title, you will not only get more visitors, but the search engines will also like you. More conversions will also happen if you do better in search engines. Because of this, your conversion rate will go up.

    How to Make Your Online Store Work Better: Expert Tips

    What Do People Look for in a Title?

    Before you start to optimize a product title, let’s look at some of the most important things that customers will pay attention to:

    • When you put a product on your online store, your customers may want to know what brand it was made under.
    • Most important: The product’s material is an important thing to add. Instead of listing all of the features, you should tell the customer about the most important one that will drive sales.
    • Quantity: When a customer buys something, they need to know how much they will get.
    • Color: Different people like different colors, so customers want a range of colors to choose from.

    These, among other things, will help your customers understand what you have to offer. Customers can then match their needs to your products and make a smart purchase.

    How to Improve the Product Title

    Optimization has never been easy, since it takes a lot of work and research depending on the product. Use the following ideas and methods to improve your performance:

    Optimize the keyword in the title of your product

    For your website’s SEO, it’s important to use keywords in the title of each product. Keyword optimization is the key to a successful e-commerce site. But why do keywords have to be used? Why not just use the name of the product as the title and be done with it?

    Here are some reasons why you should use keywords in your product title:

    • Increases the number of clicks: If you use the keywords people were looking for, your website will be more relevant to them than others.
    • Helps you put your pages into groups: Search engines use these keywords to figure out how relevant your page is.
    • Boosts the ranking of a website: Helps search engines figure out where a website should be placed in their rankings.
    • You might be wondering how to choose the best keywords for a product, since keywords can help your eCommerce business grow. This isn’t talked about in this article, but you can use a lot of keyword software for eCommerce websites.

    Optimize the Product Title’s Length

    Keep the number of characters in your eCommerce product title between 55 and 70. For an eCommerce store, a product title just needs to convince a customer that you have what they’re looking for. From the start, product titles must be optimized for keywords. Keywords that are longer than a certain number of characters may not be used by the algorithm.

    On mobile, only 50 to 60 characters can be seen at once. Between 50 and 70 characters can be seen on the desktop. So, it’s important to make sure that your product title is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices.

    For search engine purposes, the title of an eCommerce product can be up to 100 characters long. However, users will only see 55–70 characters. Depending on how the product is sold, the number of characters that can be used is different. For example, there could be a limit of 200 characters on sites like Amazon that let you buy things.

    Make Your Product Title Unique

    The titles of most eCommerce products are taken from the titles of similar products on other sites. Because of this, they are all trying to stay on top of each other. Also, today’s technology makes it easy to find stock product titles. But if you have an eCommerce website, you shouldn’t use it to sell your products.

    You can make your product title stand out by putting in a lot of keywords. You might also be seen as an expert in your field if the title of your eCommerce product is unique. If you build a good name for yourself in a field, other websites will want to link to you. So, stop using the same titles for your eCommerce products and make your own.

    Look at the brand name in the product title

    56% of customers say that they are loyal to at least one brand. People respond to a page whose product title starts with the name of the brand. So, you should put your brand name in the title of each eCommerce product you sell.

    Branded titles help your page rank when someone searches for your brand name. Also, the brand name is always brought to the attention of a new customer. Not only that, but it also helps you put your products in the right categories for your online store.

    When selling items without a brand name, however, you do not have to give the name of the brand. If you still want to put a brand name in the title of your product, you’ll have to brand it. You also don’t have to put your brand name in the title if you’re a manufacturer and people already know about your products. In this case, you should try to focus on other keywords related to the product.

    Use the Adjectives

    With modifiers, you can narrow down the search results on an eCommerce site. Because of this, it’s important to make sites that are both easy for search engines to find and easy for people to use. You can do this by using the right color and style modifiers in the right places, which can fool even the biggest eCommerce businesses.

    Red, White: You can compare styles and sizes of products by using color modifiers like red and white.
    Size: XL, XX, and L are used to show how big something is.
    Whether a product’s weight is measured in pounds, ounces, or kilograms, all of these units can help with keyword optimization.

    Things You Shouldn’t Do When Optimizing Product Title

    In addition to the things you should do to make a good product title, you should also avoid doing these things.

    • Overuse of capital letters: If your product title is written in all capital letters, it might seem strong and authoritative. Customers may not want to buy from you if your titles are all in capital letters because it makes you look arrogant. Also, many eCommerce sites have rules that say product titles can’t be written in all capital letters. Use this psychological trigger as little as possible to help you.
    • Mistakes with grammar or spelling: Spelling mistakes can quickly turn off a customer. How a product’s name is written can say a lot about how good the product is. This could also mean you don’t trust the customer. They might think your listing for a product is sketchy.
    • Redundant filler words. The only words in your product title that must be there are keywords and modifiers. Avoid putting words in your product title that don’t mean much or anything at all. In the titles of eCommerce products, keywords about the products should come before filler words. These words might be used in the product description instead of the title.
    • Put everything you can think of in your title. The title of your eCommerce product should be clear and to the point. If a user can’t figure out what your product title means or what it does, they will leave your site right away. When it comes to optimizing product titles, clarity is very important. They should be easy to read and include keywords.

    Last Words

    One of the first things people tell you to do to grow your online business is to optimize the titles of your products. If you want to get more people to buy your product, you should do research and write a realistic title.

    Best practices for product titles can help you run your business more efficiently by optimizing and, as a result, making more sales.

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