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Looking for Shop Names? Here’s How to Name Your Store In A Creative Way?

    When it comes to online stores or brands, there are a lot of things to think about if we want to stand out in the market. The name of your brand would be the most important of these, since it would be the first thing people would hear about it. It can be hard to think of unique shop names, but it should be the most important part of your marketing plan. Here, I’ll give you ideas from some of the best people in the business to help you come up with a unique and interesting name for your shop.

    What Does a Name Mean? Everything!

    There was a time when any ordinary or random name would work for an online store. For example, if you want to start a dropshipping store, the name can mean anything and should fit with your business plan.

    It’s the start of your story

    Your shop’s name should be the first thing people hear about it. It would show how your audience finds you and let you tell a story about the value and identity of the brand to other people.

    It gives your brand a personality

    When we hear the name of a brand, like Apple or Pepsi, our minds create a picture. This is because giving your brand a unique name will make it easier for people to connect with it in a natural way.

    It can help you bring in money

    A unique name for your store will definitely help you stand out from the crowd. Based on the name of your brand, you can make a website, social media handles, and other marketing materials that will help you make money.

    Let’s look at Alibaba as an example. It is a unique name that is short and sweet. It has a magical feel to it and is a unique part of the eCommerce platform. The name is a way to introduce the brand and give it an upbeat feel.

    What to Think About When Coming Up with Shop Names

    Most experts say that you should give yourself some time to think of shop names. There are a few other things you need to think about when choosing a good brand name, like whether or not the domain name is available and how easy it is to remember.


    Most importantly, the name of your brand should show what your business is all about. Instead of making up a name for your shop out of thin air, try to give it a real identity that people will connect with. When coming up with shop name ideas, you can get personal and think of something that means a lot to you.


    People used to give their shops names that made no sense or were just made up on the spot. Well, you can avoid this by making sure that your shop’s name fits with your domain.

    If your brand is about caring for pets, words like “bark,” “fur,” “treats,” “meow,” “tails,” etc., would give it more meaning. So, you should think about the domain you are a part of and make sure the name of your brand fits with it.


    In addition to giving your shop’s name meaning and relevance, make sure it is available. Too often, we think of unique names for shops only to find out that someone else has already used them. You can start by doing a quick domain search to see if a website with the same name has already been registered.

    You can also look for the shop name on social media to find its handle. Make sure you do a thorough search on the Internet to make sure the name isn’t already taken by another business.


    Let’s look at two names in the beauty industry: MAC and The Estée Lauder, which is MAC’s parent company. It goes without saying that MAC is easier to remember than the name of the company that owns it.

    So, you should also come up with a brand name that stands out and is easy for people to remember. They shouldn’t try too hard to remember it, because if they do, they may forget it in the long run.


    Last, make sure that the name of your brand is unique. that will help you make a unique impression on the domain. For instance, if you came up with the name “Macy,” it would be too common and there is already a big brand called “Macy’s” with a similar name.

    So, your goal is to come up with shop names that mean something, are relevant, and are easy to remember.

    How to Think of a Name for a Shop?

    You already know what to do and what not to do when coming up with ideas for shop names. Keeping these things in mind, the following ideas can help you come up with a unique name for your brand.

    Start thinking of ideas.

    You should now know what to think about when coming up with ideas for shop names. After you’ve thought about all of these things, you can come up with all kinds of ideas and mix and match words.

    Try to think of a name that is unique and short enough to remember. Since there are so many dropshipping stores out there, you should give your store a name that makes it stand out.

    Try Shop Name Generator Tools Online

    You can also use a shop name generator to help you come up with names. Surprisingly, most of these online tools are very helpful and could help you come up with some new ideas.

    Even Shopify has a name generator for online stores that you can use. You can just use one word to describe your brand’s image, and it will come up with a bunch of names for your dropshipping store on its own. Using the same method, you can enter many keywords one at a time to come up with unique ideas for shop names.

    Explore Shop Name Lists That Are Already Out There

    If you want to find some great ideas for shop names, you can look for them online. There are a lot of websites with lists of thousands of store names in different domains that can give you ideas. Here are some popular and unique lists of ideas for shop names that you can also look into:

    dropship-empire is the official tool for dropshipping from AliExpress

    Once you have a name for your dropshipping store, it’s time to choose the best tools that will support it. One of them is dropship-empire, which is AliExpress’s official dropshipping tool. Millions of products from thousands of sellers are listed on the platform, which means you could start and grow your dropshipping store quickly.

    • There are a lot of advanced ways to manage your stores, suppliers, and thousands of products all in one place.
    • Its unique Supplier Finder feature lets you choose the best-rated supplier for products that give you the most profit.
    • You can order a lot of products at once, make bundle offers, map variants, set up shipping options, and do a lot more.
    • With its automatic features for pricing, syncing tracking numbers, and updating order statuses, you can save a lot of time managing your online store.
    • As you can see, it can be hard to come up with a name for your shop that means something and is interesting. Though, if you follow the ideas above, you should be able to come up with some creative shop names.

    Try not to rush through the process, and get your team to come up with some ideas. You can even make a poll and have your friends vote on some of these ideas. Once you have a unique name for your online store, dropship-empire can help you set it up with great products from some of the most trustworthy sellers.

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