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Review Of The Recart App: Should You Use It To Make More Sales?

    One of the best ways to sell your products online is to market them on social media. Entrepreneurs often use Facebook to promote their ecommerce and dropshipping products.

    But did you know that you can sell your products in other ways on Facebook?

    Recart FB Messenger Marketing, an app on Shopify made by a company called Recart, is one of the best ways to boost sales.

    It’s a tool that lets you find people who put items in their shopping cart but didn’t finish their purchase. It’s mostly used on Facebook Messenger.

    In this Recart review, we’ll look at what it can do and how much it costs so you can decide if it’s a good investment for your online dropshipping business.

    What does Recart mean?

    If you build your store on Shopify, you can post your products on Facebook and Facebook Messenger. Even though you don’t post them directly to the app, both of them will show people who visit your Facebook business page your listed Shopify products.

    Facebook Messenger is a much better way to do this than the Facebook Page, which may be crowded with a lot of information. It can make a customer confused, and they might not even take the time to look around your site.

    In the Messenger App, a customer just needs to open the app and tap on the name of your business to ask a question. Shopify will then let him scroll through your products without leaving Messenger.

    This is why Recart was built. It lets you automate chat sessions with your customers, which is what it does.

    If a customer taps on your name in the Messenger app, he can tap on some pre-made questions you made, such as “How much is shipping?” or “Tell me more about your products,” to get answers.

    You can also make it work like marketing through email. In email marketing, you make ads or posts and send them through email. When a customer opens your email, they might decide it’s spam.

    You can send marketing and promotional materials to customers’ Messenger apps instead of sending them via email. They’ll get a notification, open the app to read your ad, and then use the Messenger app to talk to you directly.

    When Messenger ads came out, most news sites, including the Guardian, wrote about them.

    What does it cost to use Recart?

    The app costs money. You have to pay $29 per month, but you can try it for free for 14 days.

    This is a great deal, especially since it can make you a lot of money.

    Recart Main Features

    As a way to sell something. Recart was made so that people could get the most out of Facebook Messenger.

    Depending on how you use it, you can make your customers feel valued, give them a personalized experience, and so much more.

    Welcome Messages

    When a customer visits your Facebook page, they will get a message from you on their Messenger app saying “Welcome!”

    This is a great way to start off a conversation. You can give them a warm welcome and thank them for visiting your page. You can also use this time to tell them what makes your store unique or what you have to offer.

    Add to Cart Popup Messages

    You can write your own pop-up messages here. In these messages, the customer will see a picture of one of your products. If they like it, you can hope they add it to their shopping cart.

    Carts That Were Left Behind

    Shopify has a feature that tells you if customers put items in their shopping carts but then didn’t buy them.

    You can see a list of all these people in your control panel and then send them a special message. Add their names to make it more personal. After you do this, the Recart app will send them a message in their Messenger app along with a picture of the item they left behind.

    You can also send this message through the Messenger app, but Recart also lets you send it through email.

    Notification of Shipping

    Customers like knowing what’s going on with their purchase. With Recart, you can send a message once the items have been packed and sent.

    After it’s been sent, the customer will get a message that tells him how the shipping is going. This isn’t exactly a tracking app, but you can let the customer know that the package is on its way.

    You can also include important details, such as the date it will arrive, the shipping company you used, or a tracking number that the customer can use to find out where the package is.

    Make a Messenger list and add to it.

    You should never send spam to other people. Before you can send these alerts, the customers must agree to receive them.

    Email marketing is based on the same idea. Customers must first sign up and know that you may send them marketing materials. But in this case, you are getting their Facebook Messenger opt-in and not their email.

    They don’t have to sign up for anything in order to get notices. You can set up the app so that it pops up a message asking them to subscribe the first time they chat with you on it.

    Use this pop-up to give them something, like a discount, in exchange for signing up. Once they click “Subscribe,” you’ll send them a coupon, and then you can send them more ads or marketing materials.

    Check if it works with other apps

    The Recart App was made to work with other apps. This makes it much easier to use features from other apps, like integrating it with other marketing campaigns, which you can’t normally do on the Messenger App.

    In this review of the Recart app, we can’t talk about everything. This also includes some of the other apps you can connect to.

    Here is a list of the apps that work with Recart.

    • Wheelio
    • Justuno
    • Optimonk
    • Privy
    • Woohoo!

    Wheelio, for example, lets customers spin the wheel and win discounts or coupon codes. If they are logged in to Facebook, the Wheelio app will let them send the coupon or discount code to FB Messenger.

    But if the customer isn’t signed in or you don’t have the Recart app, the Wheelio app will ask for the customer’s email address instead. Getting the email will add it to your list of emails.

    With Recart, you don’t have to build a separate list of people to send emails to. You can send all of your marketing campaigns through Facebook Messenger as long as the customer has signed up for your Recart app.

    Ask your customers to leave feedback.

    After sending the shipping information, you need to wait until you know for sure that the customer has received the product. And if he already has the product, you can send a follow-up message through Recart and ask for a review.

    The message is something you send on your own. You can make it unique by adding the customer’s name, a picture of the product he bought, and a description of it.

    With this message, you can thank the customer and then ask him to leave a review if he is happy with the purchase. You can also use this to ask if the product has any problems, like if it’s broken or if the wrong item was sent.

    Promotions and Transmissions

    You can set up Recart to send out a big broadcast. Use this to tell people about new products, sales, seasonal products and discounts, or anything else that will help you sell more.

    The best part is that it’s free because you’re sending it to people on your Messenger list who have signed up for it. Even though advertising lets you reach more people, this one is meant for people who have already bought something from you or who have shown interest in your store and products.

    Made-to-Order Campaigns

    You can make your own campaign designs with the app. It doesn’t use pre-made plans. This means that you can make a style that fits with the way your brand is known.

    Here, you can change the font styles and sizes, add audio and video, choose the photos, add custom text, and make buttons that customers can tap.

    What Are They All Saying?

    There are 549 reviews of the Recart app right now. Even though the online shopping experience isn’t perfect, the app has gotten 4.8 stars out of more than 5,000 reviews so far.

    The Messenger app sometimes doesn’t work. It shows up on both your store and the customer’s app, but if the customer taps the button to contact you, nothing happens.

    A few people have also said they were charged twice. You can always contact customer service and ask for a refund, though. Just remember that if you don’t want to be charged again, you have to cancel the service.

    Overall, we’re going to give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars. It’s a great way to market your business, and it’s an app you shouldn’t miss. People today spend so much time on their phones and are more likely to respond to text messages than emails.

    Review of the Recart app

    If you can pay $29 per month, you should get this app. This is a small amount to spend when you think about how many people you can reach. This is also a lot cheaper than having to pay for advertising every month.

    Use the app to reach out to new people, promote your campaigns and promotions, and give your customers a great, personalized experience. And most importantly, use it to make it easy for your customers to shop on Messenger instead of your Facebook Page.

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