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Save Money When Buying Electronics From China

    How to buy wholesale electronics from China without problems

    Consumer electronics are some of the best-selling products, especially online. If you look at the Amazon bestseller list, you can see what people buy the most of every day: adapters, fitness watches, digital cameras, headphones, portable chargers, and, of course, smartphones, which are both a necessity and a fashion statement.

    If you sell electronics or smartphone accessories, you know what we’re talking about. The industry makes new models of all kinds of things at a very fast rate so that consumers can buy new things. So, the market is always changing, and it seems like the sector has never been in a bad spot.

    In this situation, it’s clear that the only way to make money is to offer your customers a product catalog that is up-to-date and on par with what your competitors are selling.

    How to buy wholesale electronics from China

    Buying electronics in bulk from China is a good way to save money and have a catalog of high-quality items that is always up-to-date. If you can find a trustworthy and knowledgeable Chinese supplier, you can buy the latest generation of high-quality electronics at a price that is much better than what you would pay from a Western supplier.

    In fact, the Chinese manufacturing sector is very specialized, and many well-known brands in the world of electronics have moved production, or at least some of it, to China. If you’re lucky, you might then be able to get in touch with a supplier that big companies that sell electronics use.

    Importing electronic wholesale from China: the steps to be taken

    If you want to buy electronics in bulk from China, you need to know the rules for bringing them into the country. Then, you need to make sure that the supplier is reliable and that you can count on a team that is willing to help you at all stages of the sale and even after.

    You must also make sure that the company you buy from is registered with the Beijing Chamber of Commerce. A company that is registered with the Beijing Chamber of Commerce is in good standing and is doing business. Working with a supplier who isn’t registered can lead to serious problems, like having the goods you’ve already paid for taken away.

    Chinese middlemen are another problem that many importers have run into. If you look at sites like Alibaba or made-in-china that list Chinese wholesalers, you may find middlemen who pose as big producers. You can waste a lot of time and money with these people. If you don’t speak Chinese, the situation is even worse because you will often have to negotiate or ask for changes to products with someone who has to ask someone else and then report back to you.

    Electronic wholesale: the regulations and standards to be met

    If you buy things in China to sell in Italy or Europe, you need to make sure that the factory you work with can give you electronic items with all the certifications needed at the national and community level to put them on the market. Most countries have very strict rules about how electronics should work and how safe they should be.

    You should be aware that not all Chinese suppliers can meet the standards that are needed in different countries. To keep your warehouse from being full of products that can’t be sold, you must be clear with your supplier about which rules the goods must follow. For example, in the European Union, the following directives are in effect:

    The “Low Voltage Directive,” which doesn’t affect most portable devices but does affect portable chargers and PCs;
    The “Electronic Compatibility Directive” says that fixed electronic devices must not interfere with nearby signals or other devices. Even though this Directive applies to a lot of products, some smaller ones don’t need to be certified because they aren’t likely to be able to mess with other things;
    The “R&TTE Directive” is about radio and communications equipment, which includes both finished products and their parts. The “Ecodesign Directive” applies to all electronic items that use energy, like home appliances, LED bulbs, and boilers.
    Instead, the “RoHS Directive” limits how much of some things, like cadmium, mercury, and lead, can be found in electronic equipment.

    Labels on products must also meet certain requirements: Conformity marks, like the well-known CE mark, show that a product meets the rules and safety standards that are in place in the European Union. If you want to be sure, you can ask the supplier to send you a prototype that you can test to make sure it meets the requirements.

    If, on the other hand, the supplier has already made similar products to the ones you want to order, you can ask them to send you the paperwork with the tests that have already been done. Don’t forget that if the supplier decides to use cheap parts that don’t meet the standard, they may make the product not meet the rules in your country.

    How to buy wholesale electronic without having problems

    You might be wondering if it’s worth it to buy electronics in bulk from China. There are benefits, and they are clear, but the process to make sure you get goods that meet the standards of your country is long and complicated, and we haven’t even talked about how to organize the shipment and get the documents you’ll need to get through customs.

    But there is a way out: if you choose to work with us, buying from China will be easy. With Dropship-empire, you can find trustworthy Chinese suppliers who sell high-quality goods.

    We offer a full service for buying wholesale products from China. This includes certification and quality checks, organizing shipping, clearing customs, and delivering the products to your home.

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