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Staff Account’s Feature Helps Teams Work More Effectively

    Many dropshipping business owners get their feet wet without any help from friends or family. However, without additional staff, expanding your online business could prove challenging. A team of people handling the store’s social media, ads, customer service, product research, and more will be a necessity.

    A company’s employees are one of its most valuable resources. Even if they don’t learn everything there is to know about e-commerce or dropshipping, they still need to excel at certain aspects of running an online store. Make sure everyone on your team knows what they’re supposed to be doing and has room to do it. That way, you can rest assured that your store’s operations won’t stall out while you’re away from your computer.

    In addition to having a well-defined division of labor that allows each member of your team to shine, security must be a top priority if you want to expand your business successfully. This necessitates delegating authority to trusted individuals while placing emphasis on account security. This is why dropship-empire has introduced the Staff Account feature.

    What Capabilities Does the Employee Login Area Offer? switched on

    Make a User Account for Your Employees and Limit Their Access

    There are a total of three possible labels that can be applied to your Staff Account.

    When you’re logged in as an administrator, you can do anything you want in dropship-empire. A secondary administrator account has full control over the system.
    If you have full access to dropship-empire, you can use all of its features and pages. The only things a Staff Account with full access can’t do in dropship-empire are set the Staff Account, alter the subscription plan, or access the affiliate program.
    The limited access status allows you to manually grant staff access to selected features or stores by marking the appropriate checkboxes.

    Modify Employee Profile Data

    You can make changes to your Staff Account details after you’ve created it by clicking the Edit icon in your main account, as shown below.

    The Staff Account function is a potent resource for business owners looking to boost productivity in the workplace and expand their operations. You can enable this function from your dropship-empire account at any time.

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