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The Ultimate Guide to Cart Abandonment: How to Stop It?

    When your customers are about to check out, are they leaving your sales funnel? Many ecommerce businesses have to deal with cart abandonment, so you’re not the only one who does.

    Let’s say you know a lot about card abandonment and want to learn more about it in this post. In that case, we’ll show you how to improve your cart abandonment recovery with some tips and ideas.

    Why People Leave Their Shopping Carts

    One of the main reasons people abandon their carts isn’t because they can’t decide what to buy.

    Statista says that 56% of shoppers leave a site because of costs they didn’t expect, like extra shipping and taxes. Some people leave because they find a better deal, while others leave because it’s hard to get around.

    But that’s not the end of the list. There are other reasons why people close their tabs without buying anything. Even so, these reasons all point to the same thing. You need to make your customers feel safe, confident, and like they have the power to make a purchase. You also need to be able to recover abandoned carts.

    Effective ways to get back carts that have been left behind

    So how can you do it? Here are the best ways to keep people from leaving items in their shopping carts on your ecommerce store:

    Push Notifications must be turned on

    When a visitor to your e-commerce store leaves the payment page and goes to another site, you can use the pushbuttons to remind them of their pending purchase.

    If you want to get more people to buy from your online store, you can use push buttons to remind them of the items they’ve already put in their carts as they look around. You can also automate tasks on your e-commerce platform by using plug-ins.

    Before a user leaves your site, you can also show them a pop-up that says the shopping cart needs to be paid for or that the checkout process is just one step away.

    Be honest about costs.

    Another great way to get people to come back to their carts is to be clear about the prices. Customers are turned off by brands that charge hidden fees. For example, a brand might show a discount on a product, but when a customer places an order and goes to the checkout page, taxes are added.

    It never hurts to be clear from the start about how much your products and services will cost in total. That way, users will know they aren’t wasting their time with you, and those who have put items in their shopping carts may decide to buy them.

    Exit popups can be used to offer discounts.

    Exit popups are another great way to get people to buy more online and bring back carts that were left behind.

    A technology that knows when a user wants to leave will watch what they do. It will watch how the user moves the mouse on the desktop. For mobile, an exit intent is set off when the user presses the back button or scrolls up.

    When a site visitor is about to leave, an exit popup will appear with messages like:

    • An offer to talk with an agent
    • There are deals and discounts.
    • An invitation to download a lead magnet or sign up for an email list.

    Make things urgent

    Another way to get people to buy more is to make them feel like they need to act quickly.

    Like social proof, creating a sense of urgency is a strategy that is deeply rooted in how people act. People are more likely to take action if they know a deal is about to end. They act because they feel like they have to.

    There are many ways to make your site feel like time is running out. Countdown timers and special offers are two ways to do this.

    You can also try adding notifications for FOMO. FOMO, which stands for “fear of missing out,” is the feeling that someone doesn’t want to miss out on a great deal.

    So, a user is more likely to make a purchase if they think they’re about to miss a good chance.

    Start a campaign to reach people again

    You can also do good things with the customer information you’ve collected. Retargeting is a great way to get back in touch with customers and encourage them to buy something.

    It’s also one of the best ways for brands to get their customers to connect with them. Someone goes to your site, looks at a product page, and then leaves the page. You can remind them of your products with an attention-getting ad that is part of a good retargeting strategy.

    For example, you can use Facebook Pixel to collect customer information about how they use your website or app. You can then use this information to make a retargeting ad.

    In the same way, you can also use the contact information of your customers to run retargeting campaigns. Remember all those email addresses you got from the guest checkout? Retargeting is a great way to make use of these emails.

    Reach out personally.

    Are you dealing with high-value goods and services? Then, another great thing you can do is get in touch with customers and give them something they need to finish their order.

    Most of the time, your customers will run into small problems like a coupon code that doesn’t work or other technical problems that keep them from buying something.

    You can also use video to help them through the checkout process. Show them how to buy something from your store in a simple, step-by-step way. Make sure to type up the audio of your guide so that it can be used by everyone you want to reach.

    Make use of chatbots.

    Do you know that 16% of people leave a site because they can’t find their way around? Even though improving your website’s navigation will help, potential buyers will love it even more if you make it easy for them.

    By adding a chatbot, users will be able to quickly find the products or information they need. For a chatbot to work, it doesn’t need the user’s permission or email address.

    Don’t charge for shipping

    As we already said, one of the main reasons why people leave their shopping carts is because of extra costs. So, what are you going to do about it?

    One solution is to ship things for free. You could think about doing this, even if it means putting the shipping costs on the product itself. Here are some ways to cut down on the time it takes for dropshipping deliveries. Also, check out this great dropshipping service on AliExpress.

    Provide Multiple Payment Options

    Customers are more likely to buy from you if your checkout process is easy. So, make sure you give them more than one way to pay to keep that feeling going.

    With more ways to pay, like PayPal, Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay, customers can choose the one that is easiest for them. Payments have to be easy to use.

    Enable Guest Checkout

    The guest checkout process is a great way to get information about customers. But is this choice important enough to lose customers over?

    According to information from Invesp, 14% of shoppers leave their carts because it’s hard to find the guest checkout option.

    Customers are more likely to buy from you if you make it as easy as possible for them to check out. Why? Because it’s easy for them to buy without having to take any extra steps to make an account.

    Let customers pick their favorite items.

    Allow customers to save items they like, even if they aren’t sure if they want to buy them. This will make it easy to find abandoned carts.

    When you use “add to cart” to save items in a customer’s cart, they are much less likely to abandon it. This is because they have the option to keep the items in their cart and because it reminds them of the items they looked at before.

    For example, you could offer:

    Wishlist: This feature lets customers save items they like so they can buy them later or share them with family and friends.
    Save for later: Amazon has a feature that lets you store things without putting them in your shopping cart.

    Your turn

    The best way to cut down on cart abandonment is to try out different strategies and see which ones work best for you and your customers.

    Taking the steps they need to feel confident and safe about buying something can make a big difference.

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