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Tips to Help Online Stores Sell More During the Holidays

    The owners of Shopify stores know how important the holiday season is for their business. Gifts are bought. They spend their own money on things. So you get to know more people who want to buy things. Only one thing can come of this: you get to sell more.

    Or do you?

    In reality, you’ll only sell more during the holidays if you make an effort to do so. People are getting these holiday deals from every direction. How will you make sure that people notice your online store? This holiday season, we have tips that can help you boost sales.

    Check to see if your website can handle all the visitors.

    Will your website be able to handle all the visitors this campaign brings? Make sure it moves quickly enough! Shopify tells you what steps to take to make your website run faster.

    Set a holiday mood.

    Your brand needs a theme that makes it easy to remember.

    Did you know that Coca-Cola has already begun advertising for the holiday season? All of the brand’s social media pages now have a theme of “good vibes.” Love, friendship, and sharing are what the holidays are all about, and this brand knows just how to take advantage of that.

    So get a theme of your own! It will fit all of the visual content you make.

    Offer discounts

    Of course, discounts make sense during the holiday season. People are looking for them, and you have to give them what they want.

    What kind of discounts will you give? Will you rely on coupons, or will you just lower the prices on your website? How much will these discounts get? Make a plan!

    Give coupons to your e-mail list subscribers

    Even if everyone who shops on your site gets a discount, you still want to make your loyal customers feel like they are important.

    It’s a great idea to send them a coupon they can use on top of a discount they already get. You could make this offer even more appealing by looking at the recipient’s past purchases and giving them a coupon for the kind of products they buy most often or the ones they put on their wishlist.

    That will lead to more conversions for sure.

    Offer a daily deal.

    We’re not talking about a single holiday or a single day when sales are at their highest. We’re talking about a season, which lasts almost two months. You don’t want your campaign to get boring, and you don’t want people to put off buying because they think they have time.

    Having daily deals makes people feel like they need to act now. If they don’t get this product as soon as possible, they will miss out on the chance. Since they need to decide quickly, they don’t have much time to look at other stores, so they will come to you.

    The best thing is free shipping.

    The Walker Sands Future of Retail 2022 report says that free shipping is important to 9 out of 10 online shoppers when choosing an online store.

    Free shipping is even more important during the holiday season.

    The speed of shipping is also important.

    What happens if someone orders a gift but doesn’t get it until after the holidays? Disappointing!

    You want to make sure the delivery will go smoothly and quickly! Give your buyers the right information so they know when to expect their packages. If you have to pay extra for fast shipping, make it a choice.

    Enable free returns

    This is when people buy things for other people. They often question the choices. What if the gift doesn’t please the other person? What if the wrong size is chosen? A promise that returns are free will give them the confidence they need to make that purchase.

    Why don’t we have a contest?

    Contests on social media are a great way to get more attention. For example, you could ask your customers to take creative photos with your products that have a holiday theme and tag your brand in the description. The best ones will get free packages of products.

    What does this have to do with sales? Well, social media gives you more exposure, so more people see your products and like them. It’s easy to see why.

    Encourage people to buy by giving them good content.

    Some online stores have great deals, but people don’t like shopping there. A lot of people feel bad after the holidays because they spent too much money. With a smart content marketing campaign, you can get rid of that feeling of guilt, which will give your sales a great boost.

    Your content has to show that giving is important. Buying a gift for yourself or someone else is not a good way to spend money. It’s about showing how grateful you are.

    Now is the time to pay close attention to your content marketing campaign, so spending money on the cheapest writing services will pay off in a big way.

    Don’t worry about sales; think about the holidays.

    This is another part of a content marketing campaign that works well. Instead of bombarding potential customers with products and prices, work your offer into holiday-themed content that is more informative.

    What does it mean to give thanks? Where did this holiday come from? How long ago was Black Friday? People give gifts on Christmas because… There are so many things that people would want to read about on your site.

    Every single day, use social media.

    You need to let people know about the great deals for the season. So get involved in social media! At least one of them should be used to its fullest. For example, Facebook lets you boost posts, pay for ads, and use stories to show off your brand. Use all opportunities to get your message seen.

    Marketing via email is also important.

    People check their Promotions folder in their inbox more often than usual when the holidays are coming up and they are getting ready to shop. You want your messages to reach them!

    Add a special offer and better content to your email marketing campaign to make it more effective. Write subject lines that will really catch people’s eyes. Make the body of the message look good, and don’t miss a call to action that’s hard to ignore.

    Spend money on paid ads.

    Paid ads will grant you exposure to your target audience. Facebook is especially good at showing the right kind of ad to the right kind of buyer. You should also think about using Google Ads (AdWords) to give your holiday campaign a big boost.

    Update your blog

    Blogs are a big part of marketing for e-commerce. That’s how search engines rank content, so when people look for relevant keywords, they will find your website.

    Update your blog! Put up good content that has to do with the products you sell. Think about the problems your audience has and give good answers. Quora is a great place to find out what questions your ideal customers have.

    Change the theme of the website

    Everything is decorated for the holidays. Change the colors and add signs that say it’s time to party.

    Stay in order!

    Don’t even think about putting up coupons and random content whenever you want. For the holidays, you need to have a plan. Make a plan for your marketing activities and follow it step by step.

    Watch how things go.

    Do you know why that plan is important? So that you can see how well you’re doing at reaching your goals. You’ll need to set up Conversion Goals in Google Analytics and keep track of where your conversions are coming from more than ever.

    With these tips, you can focus on making content that works.

    Go after the carts that have been left behind.

    During the holidays, people look for deals online, so they visit several online stores at once. They change their minds in the middle of the process and leave the carts behind.

    Look for the carts that have been left behind. Some of these customers might just need a little nudge. Give them a better deal, and they’ll come back.

    Put a holiday card inside the package.

    Just tell them to have a good holiday. It’s a way to show you care that can never go wrong.

    Can you handle this?
    It’s never too early to start thinking about how to market your business during the holidays. You should be able to get started with the tips above. So don’t wait, and make a plan right now!

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