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Tools You Can’t Live Without for Your Dropshipping Online Store

    If you search the Internet right now, you will find that some of the best dropshipping and e-commerce platforms were started by new business owners. They had a plan and a lot of enthusiasm for their small business, which helped them grow into a big company.

    But this doesn’t mean that everyone should dive right into dropshipping without being ready. Big e-commerce businesses started the trend when they were made, which gave them time to grow and make changes.

    Businesses that start up now are expected to work in a certain way and offer a few services by default. For that, you need tools.

    We have a list of great tools that your e-commerce store can use to grow your business. Start reading right away.

    Why your dropshipping store needs tools

    Let’s take a look at the tools you can use for your dropshipping store before we move on. We know you have some questions about how to use different tools, so let’s clear some things up.

    Automation is the first thing that makes us believe in the power of tools. Every useful tool on the market tries to help you do things faster and easier. This means that if you use a tool to help you with your accounting, you are making calculations easier. In the same way, when you use a tool for email marketing, you set up a routine for your email campaigns.

    What’s going on? This is called a robot!

    The second reason to use tools is to get the job done right. We make mistakes because we are only human. You might make mistakes as your e-commerce or dropshipping business grows and you get more orders. So, you need tools if you want to be accurate.

    The customer’s expectations are the last reason to use some of these tools. Now, our users expect us to answer quickly and ship very quickly. All of this is only possible if your supply chain pipeline is optimized with the right tools. In reality, you can do some of these things in person, but using tools will make it easier to meet customer needs.

    Needed Tools for Your Online Store

    Keeping the above in mind, it is very important for your business to start using tools and software. Even if all you do in your dropshipping store is manage orders, you need these tools to grow and make more money.

    Look at this list:

    E-Business Platform

    As an e-commerce or dropshipping business, the first thing you need is a platform. To keep track of online orders, you need a website. Even if you started out as a social media business, you should make a website so that people can order online.

    There are two popular platforms for this: Shopify and WooCommerce.

    Shopify is like a market for websites that sell things online. You can pay for the subscription, find a template that works for your e-commerce store, and set it up in a few days without knowing how to code.

    On the other hand, WooCommerce is a plugin that you can add to your WordPress website. You will need to buy a WordPress theme and set up a website. Here, you can use an external host and a domain. Choose the right platform based on how well you know how to code and what your business needs.

    You can also use other platforms, such as Wix.

    Digital Payment

    You need to be able to take digital payments in your online store. A lot of people like to pay online through trusted sources. It is not safe for someone to send money directly to your bank account. Also, some users like to pay with credit cards, which you can only do if you have a reliable payment portal.

    You can work with the Stripe or PayPal portal to do this. This will give you a safe way to take payments and give refunds.

    Tool for Dropshipping

    You can use a dropshipping tool for your dropshipping business. It will help you automate your supply chain and make it easy to place orders with just a click.

    dropship-empire is a popular dropshipping tool that helps you manage your supply chain activities. You can make more money, make it easier for people to place orders, and give better customer service.

    dropship-empire who dropship

    With dropship-empire, the best AliExpress dropshipping tool, you can start building your online business right away.

    • The AI search engine on dropship-empire makes it easy to find the right supplier for a product on your dropshipping store. When a customer puts in an order, you can find the best supplier for the job.
    • The tool also has a search engine built in to help you find products. You can compare the features of different products, which will help you find the right ones for your e-commerce website.
    • You can order in bulk with just one click. Since your AliExpress account, your website, and your dropshipping account are all linked, everything works by itself.
    • This also lets you respond quickly to what customers want. Just open your dashboard, look up the info you need, and help your users.
    • You can set up a pricing rule for your dropshipping store if you want to. Based on this rule, prices will be updated automatically for every product you add to the website from now on.

    A tool for email marketing

    Every business needs to do email marketing. Especially, e-commerce stores and dropshipping businesses need to keep their customers up to date on their orders on a regular basis. When you use email marketing tools like MailChimp, you can set up a few emails, like welcome messages, order shipped, etc., to be sent automatically.

    You can connect your email marketing tool to the above dropshipping tool, which is a really cool thing. This means you can run your whole business from one central location.

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    Social Media Management

    E-commerce is all around us.

    To make more money, you need to be on every social media platform. To do this, you need to make social media posts for all of your channels so that you can get as many people as possible to interact with them. But we often forget to use an automation tool to do the same thing, which slows us down and makes us less productive.

    You might not post on the weekend because you didn’t have time. If you had a tool like HootSuite for managing social media, you wouldn’t have had this problem. You could keep in touch with your potential customers and your social media followers.

    A Mean of Communication

    If you run a small business with a small team, you need a way to communicate that is both easy and safe. You can’t always talk on the phone or send WhatsApp messages. That’s not a good way to treat your employees, and it gets in the way of their personal lives.

    So, use a tool like Slack, Google Meets, or Microsoft Teams to talk to each other. This will help you keep in touch through the right channels.

    Bot for Customer Service

    The customer service bot is one of the best tools on our list. In the past, we might have made the bot just for that, but now it’s not necessary. There are now companies that will sell you a customer service bot as a service. Find the right one and come up with a new way to help.

    PIM Tool

    PIM stands for Product Information Management, but it is also known as Product Image Manager, Product Content Manager, Product Data Manager, and so on. It is a way for the whole company to store and update information about products. This tool is essential for businesses that deal with a lot of product data and sell on multiple channels. It saves a lot of time and money and gets a lot more done.

    If you know about this software, you know that it can be expensive, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. But there are PIMs that are made for SMBs, such as Plytix PIM. We would even go so far as to say that if you are a small or medium-sized business (SMB) and you don’t use a tool like this, you will always lose out to the big companies.


    Using e-commerce tools can only help your business get a better return on its investment. You can simplify processes, make the most of your profit, and help users in a seamless way. All of these things help you grow your business and make customers who stick with you. So, even if these investments seem like a waste of money right now, they could pay off in a big way in the future.

    Find the right tools for your business and think about putting them to use!

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