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Trends And Predictions For Online Holiday Shopping In 2023

    As the holiday shopping season of 2023 draws near, customers are ready to try out new shopping trends with their money. They can’t wait for brands to give them things that are easy to use and make their holiday better. On the other hand, brands are about making shopping easy and interesting for the customer. Here, we tell you about the newest shopping trends and give you tips on how to reach more customers in a short amount of time.

    Thanks to online brands that are always open for business, shoppers are always on the go. A lot of people shop online because they like to shop in ways that are easy and fit their needs. AI solutions make it easy for brands to reach the people they want to reach. So, brands should make sure their landing page works well and makes people want to look around more.

    2023 Holiday Shopping Trends

    As an online retailer, you should be ready for a busy holiday season. Here, we’ve put together a list of holiday shopping trends and predictions for 2023 to help you make the most of the season. So, scroll down and stay on top of the latest fashions.

    During the holiday shopping season, mobile commerce will be a big deal.

    More than 55% of shoppers plan to shop on their phones and tablets because it’s the best way to shop now and will make the experience better. Now, retailers have no choice but to put more money into improving their mobile capabilities. mCommerce is important for retailers to use, whether it’s to make an app or improve search results.

    Several reports from different sources showed that mobile devices slowly grew and became a major shopping channel. One market intelligence report says that the top US live stream shopping apps grew by 77% from the previous year to 2.3 million, which is a lot of growth in just the first five months of 2022. In 2023, mCommerce sales grew by more than $359 billion, according to another report. It’s a great jump, and sales are expected to grow even more in the years to come. From 2016 to 2023, the sales percentage went up by more than 20%, which is also interesting.

    This holiday shopping season will definitely see more shopping done on mobile devices. So, what does it mean for online stores? A big yes! Online stores should put mobile commerce at the top of their plans for the holiday shopping season. First, they should make a website that works well on mobile devices and has an eye-catching design, a simple catalog, and good customer service. Marketing should be easy to use and simple to find on smartphones.

    Shopping for the holidays will start early.

    This year’s holiday shopping season is likely to last longer than usual because people are starting to buy things before the holidays. Even though there were problems in the supply chain, a lack of workers, and other things, the last two shopping seasons also started early.

    In an interesting way, customers’ shopping habits have changed over the years, as many stores have started offering Black Friday deals in the middle of October and November. Also, Cyber Monday is now a week long instead of the usual one day after Thanksgiving. Based on how well Black Friday and Cyber Monday did and how much money they made, stores are likely to keep doing this.

    Many adults have started their holiday shopping earlier to avoid price increases in the future. With the rise of always-on online shopping, shoppers are always ready to buy something. In the end, it encourages stores to start early sales.

    Many news stories say that prices will go up at the end of the year 2023, so customers are looking for more sales and discounts. A lot of people are going to start buying gifts earlier. Consumers are worried about inflation, so online stores started offering early deals. Also, it lets people shop earlier and avoid the shipping delays that happen every year during the holiday shopping season.

    Customers will care more about what they get than how loyal they are to a brand.

    Customers are about to change the way they shop because of inflation, a lack of food, and other things. Customers are willing to pay more for sustainable brands that offer customized shopping experiences, according to the latest holiday shopping trends. At the top of the online market are brands that use biodegradable packaging, a sustainable supply chain, fast order fulfillment, and good deals.

    Half of the customers are switching brands because they want to save money. They should switch to brands that fit their budgets better. This makes customers less loyal to a brand, and it happens in many different niches. This seems to show that customers aren’t as loyal to a brand because they use different shopping platforms. This holiday season, omni-channels are also the way to go.

    Because of this, brands should try to get new customers and keep the ones they already have. They should pay more attention to values and make the whole shopping process better for customers. Also, pay more attention to shipping deadlines to avoid delays and high traffic.

    Businesses that sell things online can make money by working with other reliable shipping service providers. With this, they can stay ahead of the holiday shopping trend because certified shipping partners will take care of the shipping hassles.

    Shoppers compete to get special deals, and the best price will win.

    Customers always want big discounts and deals they can’t get anywhere else. This holiday shopping season, low-priced items are again the most popular. No one hates gifts or low prices on the things they buy. More customers are leaving stores that sell expensive items, charge for shipping, offer few options, or add other costs to their purchases. Online shoppers tend to stick with brands that offer free shipping, discounts, shopping coupons, and other perks.

    Shoppers are more likely to buy more when they have access to a wide range of products and a unique shopping experience. Digital-native customers care a lot about being exclusive. It also shows that brands that offer unique shopping experiences make more money than they did in the past. Many numbers also show that sales of brands that offer free shipping have grown significantly.

    Retailers should use advanced pricing solutions by looking at the prices of their competitors’ products, learning what shoppers want, offering personalized discounts, and advertising their services on different channels. Also, eCommerce platforms need to lower their shipping costs or offer free shipping. These will get them to the best time to shop for the holidays.

    Social media influencers will change the way people shop.

    More than half of online shoppers are likely to buy something from Instagram or TikTok. This is a big part of the holiday shopping season. Social commerce trends can be very helpful for retailers and brands that have a strong presence on social media. Research also shows that a lot of Gen Z shoppers are influenced by social media influencers when they use social media platforms to shop. Social media influencers are also being used by brands because they help them build brand loyalty, get more people to visit their websites, and make more sales.

    Influencers helped the BFCM campaign a lot during the last holiday season, so there’s a good chance that brands will use the same strategy this year. The content that social media influencers make has a big effect on how customers shop and is likely to draw customers to the brands they promote. People also said that influencers help them find special deals, gifts, and other things during the holidays.

    Brands can use social media to stay ahead of the competition by coming up with their own marketing plan. People are more likely to shop after voting YouTube as one of the most trusted social media sites. Brands use other social media channels, like TikTok and Instagram, because shoppers like to see visual content. With the help of social media influencers, brands can let customers shop through direct messages (DMs) this holiday season.

    Bottom Line

    The shopping season around the holidays only happens once a year, so it’s a great time for brands to dig deeper. Make your goal easy: just stay ahead of trends and improve your customers’ shopping experiences.

    Use the power of ecommerce to help you make more money during the holidays. Start early and get to know your customers, plan your inventory, offer competitive prices, make it easy for customers to shop and give them a personalized experience, and improve your fulfillment. Visit the dropship-empire Blog page to learn more about eCommerce and dropshipping.

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