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What Is Call Handling, And Does Your Online Store Need It?

    Call handling is the process of managing the calls that come into and go out of a business or organization. Providing good call handling services can help online businesses build trust with customers, improve customer satisfaction, and boost sales. In this post, we’ll talk about what call handling is and why your online store needs it.

    How Are Calls Handled?

    Call handling is how a business or organization handles calls that come in and go out. It includes a wide range of tasks, like answering questions from customers, taking orders, helping customers with problems, and giving customer support.

    Automated systems, live operators, or a mix of the two can handle calls. The main goal of call handling is to improve customer satisfaction and provide good customer service. Businesses can build customer trust, make more sales, and improve their reputation by handling calls well.

    How does handling calls work?

    Call routing, call handling, and reporting are all parts of the call handling process. Depending on the company, the industry, and the goals of the call handling system, the process can be different. But here is an overview of how call handling works in general:

    • Call Routing: When a customer calls a business, the call goes to a system that handles incoming calls.
    • Agent Selection: Once the caller has been sent to a certain department or agent, the call-handling system chooses the best agent based on the criteria.
    • Call Handling: Once the caller is connected to an agent, the agent can start handling the call. This can include answering questions, giving help or support, and dealing with any problems or worries the customer might have.
    • Call Recording: Some systems that handle calls record calls for training and quality control.
    • Call Reporting: Data from call handling can be used to make reports that show how well a company handles calls.

    Different ways an online store can handle calls

    Online stores can handle customer questions, requests for help, and other tasks that involve the phone in different ways. Here are a few of the most common ways that online stores handle calls:

    • Calls that come to a business from customers or clients are called “inbound.” In this type of call handling, the person who answers the phone helps, supports, or gives information to the person who calls.
    • Outbound calls are ones that a business makes to its clients or customers. This type of call handling is often used for follow-up calls, marketing campaigns, or to give updates or notifications.
    • Automated Call Handling: With automated call handling, incoming calls are handled by a computerized system. This can include things like interactive voice response (IVR) systems, which let callers talk to a computer to get their calls to the right person or department.
    • Call Forwarding: Calls are sent from one phone number to another when you use call forwarding. Call forwarding lets online stores send calls from their business line to a cell phone or a call center far away.
    • Handling Live Calls: Handling live calls means that a customer service rep or agent answers incoming calls directly. This is often used for more complicated problems or when a customer’s concerns need to be dealt with in a more personal way.

    Do you need call handling for your online store?

    Any business, including online stores, can benefit from call handling. Call handling services can help businesses build trust with their customers, make their customers happier, and make more sales. Here are a few reasons why your online store may need to handle calls:

    • Customers expect high levels of customer service, and talking to someone in person over the phone can be more satisfying than only communicating through email or chat. Call handling lets customers talk to a person right away, get help right away, and solve their problems faster.
    • Increased sales: When customers can talk to a real person over the phone, they can ask questions, clear up any concerns or doubts they have, and learn more about a product or service, which can make them more likely to buy it.
    • Better solutions: Email or chat alone may not be enough to solve some problems. Call handling can be more personal and give customers more time to explain their problems. This can help the representative understand the customer’s problem better and find a better way to solve it.
    • A competitive advantage is that if your online store offers call-handling services, it will be different from stores that only offer online support. Putting a phone number on your website makes it easier for customers to get in touch with you and makes your online store seem more trustworthy.
    • Trust: Providing call handling services can help build trust with customers, which can make them more loyal and keep them as customers. Customers are more likely to buy from an online store again if they like it and trust it.
    • So, it is safe to say that call handling is a useful tool for online stores. By offering call-handling services, your online store can stand out from the competition and help your brand get a good name.

    Best Methods for Taking Calls

    The way you handle calls is a key part of customer service. How you handle a call can make or break a customer’s experience with your business. How you talk to the caller, how well you know your product or service, and how well you can deal with their problems can all affect how the caller thinks of your business.

    So, it’s important to have some best practices in place to make sure that your customer service reps handle calls in the best way possible.

    Answer quickly

    The first best way to handle calls is to answer them quickly. Customers expect someone to answer the phone within a few rings when they call. Long wait times can be annoying and make people lose faith in your business. When you answer the phone quickly, it shows that you value the caller’s time and are ready to help them.

    Use a Business Greeting.

    The second best thing to do is to answer the phone with a professional greeting. This means being polite when you answer the phone, telling the caller who you are and what your company does, and asking how you can help them. A professional greeting sets the tone for the conversation and lets the caller know that you are there to help them.

    Listening with intent

    Active listening is the third best thing you can do. Active listening means giving the caller your full attention, paying close attention to what they say, and responding in the right way. Active listening helps you figure out what the caller needs and makes sure you give them the right answer to their problem.

    Speak clearly and in a businesslike way.

    The fourth best thing to do is to speak professionally and clearly. It is important to speak clearly and at the right volume, and to use correct grammar and the right words. When you talk in a professional way, you help people trust and believe in your business.


    The fifth best thing to do is to care about what the caller is going through. When a customer calls with a problem or concern, it’s important to acknowledge their situation and show that you understand their worries. This helps people get to know each other and can make the conversation less tense.

    Tell us something

    The sixth best practice is to give the caller correct and useful information. You must know a lot about your product or service and be able to answer any questions the caller might have. Giving the caller accurate and useful information helps them make a good choice and makes sure they are happy with your solution.

    Take Notes

    Take notes during the call. This is the seventh best thing to do. By taking notes, you can make sure you don’t forget any important information and can follow up on any problems that need to be fixed. Taking notes also shows the person on the phone that you care about their problems and want to find a solution.

    Fix the Problem

    The eighth best thing to do is to try to solve the caller’s problem while they are on the phone. If you can, try to answer the caller’s question or solve their problem while they are on the phone. This shows the caller that you are serious about finding a solution and helps build trust and confidence in your business.

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    The ninth best thing to do after a call is to follow up with the caller. If you can’t solve the caller’s problem on the first ring, you must call them back to make sure their needs have been met. Follow-up also shows the caller that you care about giving good customer service and want them to be happy.

    Professionally end the call

    Tenth, make sure to end the call in a professional way. This means wishing the caller a good day and thanking them for taking the time to call your business. When you end the call in a professional way, you show that you value the caller’s time and business.

    Extra Tips for Handling Calls Well

    Aside from the things you should keep in mind when handling calls, here are some tips that will help your online business improve its call handling service.

    Set up training for your team on both how to handle calls and how to sell products.

    Staff who are under a lot of stress won’t be able to deal with difficult callers or customer complaints. Training will help them be ready for tough situations, so that when an angry caller comes in, a polite response will come naturally.

    Check out the call logs

    You can get a good idea of how well your call-handling teams are doing by looking at things like call volumes and trends, service levels reached, abandonment rates, the number of calls, where they are coming from, and when they are picked up. Using this information, you can figure out if they are overworked, overextended, or just too beautiful.

    Prepare a Script

    Make a script for how to handle calls that all executives should use for the most common questions. You can always write a script with the most common questions to start and end calls in a way that makes the caller feel better. At the end of the script, a careful summary of how the call went will make the customer happy and feel good.

    Last Words

    In the end, call handling is an important part of doing business online. If you have an online business, it is very important that you learn how to handle calls.

    By following the best practices in this article, companies can make sure that their customer service reps are ready to handle calls quickly and effectively. Find more tips for doing business online on dropship-empire Blog.

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