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Which Is Better For E-Commerce: Wix Or GoDaddy?

    Whether Wix or GoDaddy is the best option for you depends on what you need. But it’s fair to say that Wix is easier to use and gives you more ways to be creative, use features, and get help. But compared to Wix, GoDaddy is faster and gives you more for your money.

    Also, if you want to make a website quickly, we suggest that you think about

    GoDaddy. And Wix is the best choice if you want an easy-to-use website builder that doesn’t cost much. Wix is also a tool for building websites that is easy to use and gives you a lot of creative freedom. Lastly, both Wix and GoDaddy have free plans, so you can try them out without any risk.

    Why Look at Wix and GoDaddy Together

    Both Wix and GoDaddy offer paid packages with a basic booking interface, an SSL certificate, SEO tools, and website statistics. You can also use Wix Video Maker to make four videos for free. If you want to make more videos, you will need to upgrade your plan.

    GoDaddy charges a fee for logo design, but Wix lets you use a free tool or pay for a professional service. Email marketing and a professional email address are part of every premium GoDaddy plan.

    Details about Wix and GoDaddy

    We Put both Wix and GoDaddy through our thorough study process at the same time. Based on the results of our study, this post suggests either Wix or GoDaddy, depending on your needs. Take a look at what’s below.

    Choices in how something looks

    Both Wix and GoDaddy have tools called artificial design intelligence (ADI) that help you build a website. After you answer a few questions about your site, its audience, and your design preferences, the ADI will design your site for you. Most of the time, the designs made by the ADI are accepted as they are, but you can change them to suit your own tastes.

    On GoDaddy or Wix, the other way to build a website is to choose a design template and change it. Even if you don’t know much about design or coding, you can make a nice-looking website quickly and easily with a template. However, you can’t change them as much as if you started from scratch.

    Wix has more than 800 design templates in different categories, such as charity, business, health, style, and fashion. Using the drag-and-drop editor on Wix, you can change your website to meet the needs of your business. One downside of Wix is that you can’t change design templates once your website is live. However, you can use Wix to build multiple websites with different themes.

    On the other hand, the structured-grid editor on GoDaddy makes it hard to change the design, which may be annoying for people who are good at design but helpful for people who aren’t. Also, the editor’s limits can help you avoid making too many changes to your website’s design, which could make it look bad.

    Easy to use

    GoDaddy is the best tool for people who have never used a computer before, especially if they are afraid of them. With GoDaddy, anyone can make a website quickly and easily.

    Wix is also designed to be easy for anyone to use. Wix is harder to use than GoDaddy because it has more options. Since there are now more design templates and website features, users are also asked more questions about how they want their website to look and what features they want to use.

    Wix also has a large AppMarket with more than 300 third-party apps that you can use to make your site even more useful. Again, more options give website designers more options. GoDaddy doesn’t have an app center, so there aren’t many software connections.

    Programs for free

    Wix and GoDaddy both offer free plans with only the most basic features. With any of the free versions, you can’t have your own domain or sell goods or services.

    The free plan from GoDaddy gives you access to more features, such as basic analytics and social and email marketing. It’s a good idea to make a free account to see how the dashboards and site-building editors on the two platforms are different.

    Free Plans

    Both Wix and GoDaddy have free plans that are limited in what they can do. But you have a lot more freedom with Wix than with GoDaddy. So, you might find it easier to use this great website builder if you are used to a more traditional web design.

    GoDaddy’s free plan, on the other hand, gives you access to more features, such as basic analytics and social and email marketing. So, making a free account is a great way to see how the dashboards and site-building editors on the two platforms are different.


    Wix’s prices are a little hard to understand because there are so many premium options. With Wix, the first thing you have to decide is if you want to sell anything on your website. And if you don’t want to sell goods or services on your website, the best thing to do would be to choose one of Wix’s four essential website plans. If you want your website to be ready for e-commerce, you should choose one of Wix’s business and e-commerce plans.

    On the other hand, GoDaddy’s Basic plan is great if all you need is a personal website. Also, if you’re just starting out, you should look into GoDaddy’s Standard or Premium plans. With these subscriptions, you get more features, like more social media posts and email marketing campaigns every month.

    All of GoDaddy’s plans include Insight, a marketing tool that uses data to give you ongoing advice on how to improve or grow your online presence. This is part of your GoDaddy package, along with useful things like SSL security.

    Helping out customers

    The online Wix Help Centre has a large knowledge base with answers to the most frequently asked questions about Wix tools and features. Users don’t get phone support directly, but there is a call-back service and support tickets can be sent by email.

    If we look at how good GoDaddy’s customer service is, we’ll see that it’s not as good as Wix’s. This isn’t because the help it gives isn’t as good; rather, it’s because there are less ways for you to get it.

    Overall, GoDaddy is similar to Wix in that it offers a phone line that is open 24/7, as well as live chat and help through social media. The biggest problem with it is that its knowledge center isn’t as complete as Wix’s. When we tested it, we had trouble getting clear answers to all of our questions. It doesn’t have any video tutorials to go with its support pages either.

    Last Words

    Among the best website builders, GoDaddy beat Wix because it is cheaper and easier to set up a website with it. But GoDaddy is a little better than Wix because it has a simple drag-and-drop editor, phone and chat support around the clock, and unlimited storage. Built-in features like email marketing and scheduling appointments add value that you can’t find anywhere else.

    On the other hand, Wix is a better choice than GoDaddy if you need more e-commerce features or design freedom for your website. The Wix App Market has more than 300 third-party integrations that you can use to add features to your site that GoDaddy doesn’t have. A real drag-and-drop editor and more than 850 design templates make it easier to make a site look just the way you want it to. Also, Wix’s sophisticated e-commerce tools may help you make your website visitors’ experience smoother.

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