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Why Your Marketing Videos Should Have Subtitles?

    Dropshippers and online stores can use marketing videos to show off their products and services in a powerful way. But as video content becomes more popular, it’s getting harder and harder to stand out.

    That’s why there are subtitles.

    By adding subtitles to your marketing videos, you can make your content more accessible, interesting, and search engine-friendly.

    In this article, we’ll talk about why dropshippers and online retailers should add subtitles to their marketing videos and how doing so can help their businesses.

    Made it easier to get to

    Subtitles are a great way to make marketing videos easier for people to understand. One of the best things about subtitles is that they let people who have trouble hearing watch videos. By adding subtitles, you give users another way to access the audio content, which is very important for people who are deaf or have trouble hearing.

    Also, subtitles help people who don’t speak English as their first language or who speak more than one language because they give a written version of the audio. This feature helps people who have trouble speaking English or who would rather read than listen. 60% of YouTube views come from people who don’t speak English. By using a simple YouTube video editor to add subtitles, you can reach a lot more people.

    By adding subtitles to your videos, you are making them more accessible to a wider audience and making the experience for all users more inclusive.

    To make shopping fun for everyone, all businesses need to put accessibility first. Making your content available to everyone not only helps people with disabilities, but it also shows that you care about what your customers want. By making accessibility a top priority, you show your customers that you care about their needs and want to give everyone the best experience possible.

    More people taking part

    In the world of online sales and marketing, engagement is a key metric. It refers to how much your users interact with and care about your content. The more engaged your users are, the more likely they are to buy something or share your content with other people.

    Dropshippers should care about engagement and try to make it better so they can reach more people and make more money. The good news is that subtitles can help.

    One of the main ways subtitles boost engagement is by making your content easier to understand and more fun to watch. Users are more likely to stay interested in your video if they can easily follow it. As was already said, this is especially important for people who have trouble understanding spoken English or who have trouble hearing. Adding subtitles makes it easier for people to understand your content and makes sure that everyone can fully enjoy it.

    Also, subtitles can help people remember important information by repeating it and making it easier to follow the story. Experiments have shown that Facebook videos with captions get 16% more views than those without. Also, clicks on calls to action (CTAs) dropped by 26% when captions were taken away. This means that users are not only more interested, but also more likely to watch your whole video and buy something.

    Optimization for Search Engines

    SEO is the process of improving your online content so that it ranks higher in search engine results pages. This can make your business more visible and reachable online. SEO is affected by many things, like keywords, backlinks, and the user experience. But one thing that is often forgotten is that marketing videos should have subtitles.

    Search engines like Google and Bing can’t understand spoken words in videos, so they use other clues to figure out what the video is about. Subtitles show what is being said in your video in text form. This can help search engines figure out what your content is about. This feature can make search results show up higher, especially for keywords with a long list of words.

    Also, subtitles can improve the user experience by making watching more interesting and easy to understand. This can lead to more views, shares, and backlinks, all of which are important for SEO.

    Don’t forget to keep track of certain keywords for your subtitles. There are a lot of free and paid keyword research tools that can help you match your message to what your target audience wants.

    Mobile Optimization

    As more and more people use their phones to access the internet, dropshippers need to make sure their sites are mobile-friendly. In fact, by the end of 2022, 59% of all internet use around the world was done on mobile devices.

    Since more people are getting their content on the go, it’s important to know that many users watch content on mute or in public, which can make it hard for marketing videos to really grab their attention.

    By adding subtitles to your marketing videos, you can make sure that people can still understand and interact with your content even if they are watching on mute or in a noisy place. This makes it more likely that people will interact with your dropshipping business, which will lead to more sales.

    Subtitles can improve mobile optimization by making your content easier to read and use on smaller screens. They can also make your content more engaging. This can make people stay on your site longer and keep them from leaving, which are both important for mobile optimization.

    A study by Digiday found that 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. This shows how important subtitles are for optimizing mobile sites. Verizon found that 69% of all online videos, no matter where they are watched, are watched with the sound turned off. These numbers show how much of a difference subtitles can make for mobile optimization and engagement.

    Better ability to remember information

    Subtitles can also help people remember things better. Because our brains are set up to remember things we hear more than once, we often hear the same radio or TV ad more than once. This helps to keep the information in our minds and make it easier to remember.

    By adding subtitles to your marketing videos, you give people another way to interact with and remember what you’re saying. By adding subtitles to your marketing videos, you not only make them more accessible and interesting, but you also make it more likely that people will remember your message and act on it.

    Dropshippers who are trying to build brand awareness and get more sales can especially benefit from better information retention. By making your content more interesting and easy to remember, you can make it more likely that people will remember your brand and buy something from you.

    Better branding

    Branding is very important for dropshippers who want to stand out in the crowded online market. Your business’s brand is more than just its logo, tagline, or website design. It also includes the business’s values, messages, and visuals. Having a strong brand identity can build trust and credibility with your audience, which can help you build a successful online brand and keep customers coming back.

    Subtitles can help you build your brand in important ways. By adding subtitles to your marketing videos, you can make sure that your message is clear and stays the same across all platforms and channels. By adding subtitles, you can reinforce your brand’s values and message, making it easier for people to remember your brand and connect with it.

    Subtitles can also help make your content more appealing to look at. When you use subtitles that match the look of your brand, you can give viewers a consistent and memorable experience of your brand. This can be done by using fonts and colors that match your brand and putting your brand’s tone and message into the subtitles. But when using this creative method, it’s important to put accessibility and readability first. In other words, don’t let style get in the way of functionality.

    One Last Thing

    In a world where video content is the norm, subtitles can help your marketing efforts. Use this tool to make your site easier to find and reach more people while also making it more appealing to search engines. Use your brand’s elements in the subtitles to make an even bigger impression.

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