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A Guide For E-Commerce And Dropshippers For Small Business Saturday In 2023

    November is a good month for business because of Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and other days. Small Business Saturday (SBS) is one of the ways that local business owners can help their communities. E-commerce and dropshipping businesses can also use SBS to boost their sales. How? Let’s understand.

    What is Small Business Saturday, and when is it?

    The 26th of November is Small Business Saturday this year. In 2010, American Express was started, and in 2011, SBS became an official cosponsor of the event. The Small Business Saturday movement was started to help local businesses, boost sales, and give customers the chance to see as many businesses as possible.

    This national shopping event can help dropshippers and people who run e-commerce businesses get closer to the people who buy from them online. But you need to know how these two businesses can use the event to their advantage. So, let’s find out more.

    How does Small Business Saturday help dropshippers and online stores?

    The small business Saturday movement started to help small and local business owners. Sellers on different platforms get ready to draw them in and make deals with them. In other words, it gives them a chance to show their business to buyers both near and far.

    Small Business Saturday is a shopping day all over the United States. Businesses sign up through the business directory to be found online. As the owner of an E-commerce business, you can also use the chance to boost your sales. Also, Small Business Saturday, also called “Shop Small,” is all about discounts, deals, freebies, etc., and gives businesses a chance to find new customers and close deals with existing ones.

    Small Business Saturday will affect your sales if you know how and what to put in your store window to attract customers, just like dropshipping. There are also shopping holidays for buyers, like Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, which you can use to draw attention to what you’re selling. Shop small means shopping in your community, so you can show off the local goods in your store to let people know you’re part of this event.

    Both dropshippers and people who run e-commerce businesses can take advantage of the Small Saturday Business hype, set sales goals, and reach them. And it could happen.

    Let’s talk about ways to get more customers and sell more on Small Business Saturday.

    Small Business Saturday advice for people who sell online or use dropshippers

    After Thanksgiving, the big shopping day is Small Business Saturday. Update your business plan before the event, and then do what you need to do. Follow these tips if you own an E-Commerce or Dropshippers business:

    Shop Small will be the basis for your marketing campaign.

    It’s a national shopping holiday, so the amount of money made could be in the billions. Keep the chance in mind and make a plan for your marketing. Get a “shop local” badge and put it on your e-commerce and dropshipping store to show your customers that you care about this.

    You can make a custom design for Small Business Saturday and add your logo when you brand it. Next, you’ll get people’s attention when you post on social media, send out emails, or have a storefront.

    Use Social Media

    Social media is another great way to get the word out about your business. Even if a social platform like Facebook has its own market, you can still use the platform to find buyers. Owners of e-commerce and dropshipping businesses keep their business page up to date with the latest changes.

    You can tell your followers about your store and the things you sell by posting about them. So, the reach will be very big.

    Discounts and deals Add Values

    A national shopping holiday isn’t complete without sales. The best ways to get people to come to your store are to offer them discounts and special sales. Choose the deals and coupons for your customers based on the product and how much it costs. During the campaign, you should talk about the prices and discounts so that as many people as possible will hear about it.

    Pay Campaign a try.

    Like giant social media, Facebook has a paid campaign option that is affordable. If you can focus the paid campaign on the right platform, it will help your store reach a huge number of people.

    Make a moving ad story

    A sad story can make people feel something. Make ads that tell stories like this and put them on different channels during the campaign. The appeal can make people want to buy. When a story and a picture of the product go together, sales go through the roof.

    Make changes to your store’s website.

    When people look at your store’s website, they have to come back with all their questions. The best thing to do would be to add a “Frequently Asked Questions” page that answers all possible questions about Small Business Saturday and upcoming holidays. This page can affect their decision about what to buy.

    Connect with your vendors.

    Check the stock with your suppliers and work with them to plan the event. Dropshippers don’t need to keep any stock. If E-commerce handles your own list, make sure that the most popular items are still in stock. If you don’t have the items, your customers shouldn’t come back. Instead, talk to the suppliers and get ready for products that are in style but still useful.

    In your E-commerce and dropshipping business, you should do everything you can to reach your customers. But because you have a website, you need to focus on online fashions and trends to bring customers to this Small Business Saturday event.

    You can use the dropship-empire Dropshipping tool if you have a store on Shopify, WooCommerce, or any other E-commerce platform and want to start a dropshipping business and connect with suitable suppliers at this national event.

    Helps You on Small Business Saturday: dropship-empire Dropshipping

    The dropship-empire Dropshipping tool can do more to help your store stand out from the rest. With dropship-empire, you can get in touch with the best AliExpress suppliers and give your customers good products.

    Also, the tool lets you manage bulk orders, automatically update the orders, and offer customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This will help your business grow during this Small Business Saturday event and many other holiday events coming up in the near future. It has a lot of other benefits; let’s see what they are.

    Key Advantages of dropship-empire

    During this nationwide shopping event, it can be hard and complicated to manage and run your online store. Let’s look at how dropship-empire can help you do that:

    • AliExpress lets you place orders for a lot of things quickly.
    • Find suppliers who are better and cheaper.
    • It automatically syncs your store’s tracking numbers with those of PayPal.
    • You can choose the shipping method you want ahead of time.
    • You can make buyers offers that are appealing.
    • Hide items that won’t be back in stock for a while.

    Once you link your store and get started with this big shopping event with dropship-empire, you can better manage your online store.

    Bottom Line

    People have been looking forward to the Small Business Saturday event. It’s a great event for online stores and dropshippers that makes sure a lot of people shop all over the country.

    So, we’ve talked about some useful tips for getting involved in this great event. For example, you can use the dropship-empire Dropshipping tool and let the automation run your store well.

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