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Best shipping methods for dropshipping?

    So you’ve recently launched a dropshipping business, with some products originating in China? Excellent!

    What you’ve started is both promising and exciting. But what delivery service should you use?

    It goes without saying that you want your products to arrive to your customers promptly and undamaged. Also, make sure you hire a reliable firm for the job.

    Your customers care not only about how quickly they receive their orders but also about the quality of those orders. They will want to know that their packages are in transit and can check their status online.

    The goal of this article is to compare and contrast several popular dropshipping shipping options and recommend one that best fits your needs.

    China Post: China’s Official Postal Service

    China’s nationwide postal service is known as “China Post.” Integration with China’s EMS system.

    Especially for businesses that provide free shipping, this is a popular method of shipment delivery. Including shipping costs in the price of goods is common practice because it is often the most cost-effective option for the shipper. China Post offers attractive discounts to customers, but the service they receive usually reflects the low price.

    There’s a chance it could work out well for you if you’re in China and fluent in Mandarin. This is so because both online and telephone package tracking and live customer service are available.

    This is where the post starts to fall apart, however, if it is intended for a global audience. If you need to contact China Post about your package but only speak English, you will be out of luck.

    Further, many customers have reported that after the package leaves China, the company switches to a different carrier. This may add to the already considerable degree of uncertainty about the location of the package.

    This approach is inexpensive, but it is usually very slow. The delivery time for customer packages is four weeks. The typical wait time is 8 weeks, but it can be as little as 4.

    AliExpress Packaging Service

    Those familiar with dropshipping on Aliexpress will know that the marketplace also operates its own shipping service. The product is stored at their facility and will be shipped directly to the customer, much like Amazon’s “Fulfilled by Amazon” service.

    The customer doesn’t have to pay anything unless they want expedited shipping. Users may be asked to pay between $1 and $3 to access the site. The customer can pay an additional $8 to $10 to ensure the package arrives at their house as soon as possible.

    Many dropshippers are attracted to the service due to its low or even zero cost, but the service is not without its problems. AliExpress, for instance, does not rely on just one shipping provider but uses several. Because of this, shipping times may fluctuate wildly.

    AliExpress typically employs Singapore Post. Also, Posti Finland, Correos, DHL, Direct Link, and SPSR are used. Package tracking is available for AliExpress shipments and is generally reliable.

    A customer may wait up to 20 business days for delivery. This could take up to six weeks, but it depends on many factors.

    Shipping Methods for dropshipping : ePacket

    In addition to DHL and UPS, ePacket is a common choice for Chinese exporters. While this shipping method is quick and easy, it can only handle packages that weigh less than 2 kilograms. Products must be manufactured in China and can only be exported to 35 countries.

    Weight-based shipping rates will be applied. Also relevant is the destination of the package.

    When compared to other shipping methods that originate in China, ePacket typically has a shorter transit time. Packages are typically delivered within 10 days, with a maximum wait time of 20 days. However, the fact that it is still the Postal Service means that he is subject to too many political factors, such as postal strikes and the postal treaty. Your ePacket package can be followed all the way to its destination.

    Special Line: For Fast Shipping

    Lastly, we’ll go over Special Line, one of the shipping companies. When it comes to dropshipping, Special Lines is your quickest option because of how quickly they deliver.

    When using this strategy, packages are always sent via air cargo first, and then handed off to a local courier once they’ve reached their final destination.

    As Special Line is not affiliated with the United States Postal Service, your package will be safer in transit than with many other shipping options.

    Additionally, Special Line packages can always be tracked with ease and speed online. You’ll get a tracking number when your package ships, so it’s easy to keep tabs on its whereabouts.

    Special Line has the advantage over ePacket in that it can carry larger packages. It has a maximum weight capacity of 30 kilograms, or about 66.1 pounds, making it suitable for delivering large items. As a result, it is recommended for sending anything more substantial than a shirt or other light item.

    The rapidity of Special Line is its primary benefit. Product shipping from China to the United States and Europe takes between three and twelve business days. When compared to the waiting times for other parcel services, this one is much more efficient.

    Which Shipping Method Should You Choose for Your DropShipping business?

    When it comes to shipping speed and safety, Special Line is unrivaled. There’s no doubt that it’s the safest Chinese innovation out there. It can also handle bigger packages than ePacket, which makes it much easier to sell bigger items.

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