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Best WordPress Plugins for Shop

    In this article, we’re going to look at the best eCommerce plugins for WordPress.

    Imagine that you want a great website for your eCommerce business and that your basic package and tools give you just that.

    Sounds great, doesn’t it?

    Well, that’s because it is, or at least it can be. All you need are a few powerful plugins and your site is ready to go.

    So read this article with us to learn about the wonderful world of plugins.

    Why Plugins?

    A plugin, which is just a piece of software that can add a feature to a new or existing webpage, is an important part of any site today. Every feature, including eCommerce, animations, social media, security, and stopping spam, has a plugin that can help you control and manage it.

    As the name suggests, these parts are used to add to or expand your website’s functionality and capabilities. When you want to make changes, these parts are just what you need. With the right WordPress plugins for eCommerce, it’s also easy to fix bugs that find their way into your code and get past the firewalls you set up.

    Even though these are some of the most basic things a plugin can do, there are many more with different uses that should be looked into. Let’s look at some of these features that made it onto our “Top 10 List.”

    Must-Use WordPress Plugins for eCommerce

    WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping

    The WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping plugin makes it easy to figure out how much it will cost to ship something. With this plugin, you can figure out how much shipping will cost based on weight, total cost, number of items, country, state, or zip/postcode of destination, etc. You are no longer stuck with just one way to ship. On the contrary, you can include as many shipping methods as you like.

    Also, you can hide certain shipping methods or change the labels of shipping methods based on what’s in your cart. The most important part of the plugin is the feature that lets you set rules for logged-in users. It lets you offer special prices to customers who have logged in and shows them that you appreciate their loyalty. Because of this, they will buy things from your store again.


    It’s never been easier to make conversion campaigns with full-screen welcome banners, pop-ups, and floating bars.

    With OptinMonster’s variety of pre-made templates and easy-to-use interface, anyone can use its features, even if they don’t know how to code. With a drag-and-drop builder, you don’t need to know anything about technology to get the most out of it.

    As a well-known conversion optimization and lead generation software for eCommerce businesses all over the world, it is an expert at making sure that your site visitors do what you want them to do. These campaigns can be used as needed to get more people to visit your site, grow your email marketing list, increase sales, and so on.

    Membership for WooCommerce Pro

    With Membership for WooCommerce Pro, you can use WooCommerce to make a full-fledged membership store. Limit access to content on blogs and product pages, combine membership plan benefits into a single plan, control who can use membership plans, send membership action emails to members, offer discounts based on the product, free shipping, and shortcodes for customization.

    The Membership for WooCommerce Pro plugin can also change the currency of membership products, let customers add memberships to a “wish list,” and email invoices for memberships.


    BigCommerce is one of the best WordPress plugins for eCommerce on the market. It is an open SaaS platform that can help your eBusiness make and get more sales. Because it can host in the cloud, integrating it with your WordPress site can be as easy as a dream.

    Some big brands, like Ben & Jerry’s, Skullcandy, Tyler’s, and Burrow, trust this software. It has become well-known for its great features, like letting you design however you want, a flexible framework, global transactional reach, valuable analytics and insights, and strong security.

    Even though it is both a stand-alone program and a WordPress plugin, it is made so that anyone can use it to set up an online store, even if they don’t have the technical know-how to do so. BigCommerce is a well-known name in the eCommerce industry because it is scalable and has features that are good for SEO.

    All-In-One SEO

    SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is something that every website developer and owner does to make sure that their website has a high ranking and is easy to find on search engines like Google, Bing, and others. But going through all of a site’s content, including information that is hidden but still very important, is a scary task in and of itself.

    All-In-One SEO is a user-friendly eCommerce WordPress plugin that gives you a full analysis of your pages, an SEO score, and even suggestions for how to improve them. On the one hand, its Headline Analyzer helps you choose the best headers for your website based not only on SEO but also on how easy they are to read, how clear they are, how long they are, and a lot more. On the other hand, it makes it easy to connect the page to social media at the same time.


    According to a study by the Hosting Tribunal, about 40% of websites on the internet today are built on WordPress. If we only look at websites built with a content management system (CMS), then 64.1% of them are built on WP. According to the same research, about 90,000 attacks happen on WordPress websites every minute. This raises the very important question of how safe this platform is.

    BackupBuddy is a plugin that is highly recommended for all sites, but especially for sites that allow eCommerce. It works well to get back customer data that was lost because of a hack or a hardware failure. This easy-to-set-up feature makes a copy of the whole website that can be used if the site crashes or gets hacked.

    You can also save this backup on a cloud server in the cloud to protect it even more.


    Tracking which marketing campaign brings you the most sales is easy, but Sendinblue gives its users the superpower of being able to track every single email that led to a conversion. Who wouldn’t want to know what does and doesn’t work?

    It is mostly an email service, but it can also help you start SMS campaigns. It is an easy-to-use plugin that is known to work well with WordPress. It automates all of your campaigns and gives your sales a boost. This software has features like audience segmentation and A/B testing that help you figure out who your audience should be and where your efforts might not be worth it at all.

    Cart Recovery

    When people shop in a store, leaving a shopping cart behind is a problem, but what about when they shop online? People often leave items in their shopping carts because it’s easy to pick up where they left off the next time they log in. But it’s the eCommerce stores that have to deal with all of these abandoned baskets and half-sold items and unclear marketing campaigns that really feel the pain.

    Cart Recovery for WordPress is a plugin that gives owners the tools they need to deal with this problem head-on. It does this by keeping track of carts and sending automated emails to their owners to remind them about them. This software can also help a business by automatically saving the name and contact information of a buyer as soon as it is entered into the system during the checkout process. This helps the store grow its customer database.


    Have you ever tried to find something online when you didn’t know what it was called or when you spelled it wrong? Well, it’s possible that your customers do the same thing. So, if you don’t give them educated guesses and suggestions about what they might be looking for, you might lose a customer.

    Relevanssi is a useful WP plugin in this case because its main goal is to improve the search function of your eStore. It can help you customize searches and include all of your site’s content, so you can accurately guess what a customer might want. The page’s “Did you mean?” question, which appears next to a list of items, is another useful feature of this plugin. This whole process improves your customers’ experiences, boosts sales, and greatly reduces the number of people who leave your website right away.

    Broken Link Checker

    The page ranking of a website on a search engine isn’t just based on how well it uses keywords. Rather, a lot of things come into play, such as how many and how good the backlinks are to that page. When you do a simple search on Ahrefs, you can get a detailed report on who is following and tagging your website. What you don’t get, though, is a list of broken links that used to work but no longer do. At the same time, broken links on your own website can lead to embarrassing situations that could cause you to lose a customer.

    Broken Link Checker is a plugin that helps a lot with this problem. It doesn’t just keep an eye on the blogs, comments, pages, and other places where links were put. It also looks in every nook and cranny of your site to find broken links so you can fix them before your bounce rate goes up. It also helps you change those links right from the dashboard that comes with it, so you don’t have to look through the codes.


    Putting a survey form on your website can be a great idea if you want to find out what your customers want and expect from you. This is an innovative plugin that gives you a lot of options and tools to make a full form, such as the Likert scale, multiple-choice questions, rating systems, reviews, and so on.

    With WPForms, you can also hold polls with real-time results without having to worry about the coding needed to do so, thanks to the drag-and-drop builder it uses. This plugin can also be used to make forms that span more than one page and send them out via email.

    Easy Digital Downloads

    The business of selling physical items online is always changing, and selling digital products through your eStore is not an easy task either. Easy Digital Downloads, or EDD, is an eCommerce plugin for WordPress that can help you in this case.

    Digital products include eBooks, PDF files, data reports, and even WordPress plugins. The best way to sell digital products is through software like EDD, which offers multiple payment gateway options and marketing platforms to get the word out about the goods. It’s easy to use and works with almost every WordPress theme. But if you need help, it also has tutorials, videos, and chatrooms to help you find the right answer to your question.

    The best Plugin for your Woocommerce store

    The WordPress store has a lot of plugins, but you should only pay attention to the ones that will help your business or website. In fact, keep in mind that each plugin can slow down your website, and putting too many of them on can be bad.

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