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Start Dropshipping with CommerceHQ.

    Are you thinking about jumping in and starting your own online business? Then you might be perfect for dropshipping with CommerceHQ. More and more entrepreneurs are choosing dropshipping because it’s easy to get started and they can work from anywhere.

    Dropshipping is a way for online stores to manage their supply chains. It lets merchants sell products and have them sent directly to the customer without having to store any stock. This business model depends on having a good relationship with a supplier you can trust. This will help you automate tasks that used to be done by hand and sell more products faster.

    You’ve probably heard of CommerceHQ, even if you’re just getting started with dropshipping or if you’ve just decided to switch platforms for your store. It is the newest ecommerce platform, and Nick Peroni likes it.

    So, if you’re interested in this business, keep reading our article to learn how to build a high-converting dropshipping store with CommerceHQ and why this platform can be great for your business.

    Why choose CommerceHQ?

    Jon Mac, who is now a high-level, multimillion-dollar eCommerce marketer but used to be a small eCommerce retailer, made CommerceHQ.

    He tried a lot of different platforms and started making a lot of money, but soon grew tired of how limited they were. He thought that they weren’t set up to help him and other businesses like his really boost their sales.

    So, he and his business partner Vlad got together to fix this. In September 2015, he launched CommerceHQ, a platform that was made to help your stores make more sales.

    Boost your margins dropshipping with CommerceHQ

    Jon and his partner thought that having to pay commissions on transactions was one of the worst things about traditional platforms. Dropshippers already have to pay a transaction fee to the third-party payment provider. Adding a commission on top of that seemed like too much.

    With CommerceHQ, you can save money on commission fees, which raises your profit margins and gives you more money to spend on marketing and advertising.

    Avoid bans on dropshippers

    Several platforms have started punishing dropshippers for no reason. They are shutting down perfectly legal stores because they are dropshippers. This can be a very unpleasant surprise!

    CommerceHQ, on the other hand, was made with the needs of dropshippers in mind, so there is no chance of being banned or punished for no reason.

    Build your dropshipping store: getting started 

    Sign up for CommerceHQ first. You can try it out for free for 14 days and then decide if you want to pay the monthly fee or not.

    Put in your store’s name and subdomain domain name. Your subdomain name should describe your business and what you sell. For example, if you only sell hats and caps, your subdomain name could be TheMadhatter.

    CommerceHQ has a handy set-up checklist for the first time you log in. This speeds things up and gets you selling in no time! The most important things on the list are:

    Connect your dropshipping domain

    First, you will be asked to buy a new domain name or link an existing one to your CommerceHQ account. Don’t forget to connect the nameservers for your current domain.

    Store Currency & Payment 

    You should now set up payment processing in the currency you prefer. You can choose between US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros, Pound Sterling, and Australian Dollars. You should also set up payment processing with Stripe for credit card payments and Paypal.

    Unique checkout options on CommerceHQ

    You can choose how many steps your checkout will have (1–4) and add your store’s logo, refund and privacy policies.

    Dropshipping store theme

    To use the chosen theme, go back to the Themes page and click Use Theme on the theme you want to use (Themes > Use Theme > Dashboard).

    To change it, go back to the Themes page and use the drag-and-drop builder on CommerceHQ.

    Click “Edit” on the theme you want to change, and then start messing around!

    You can drag and drop Headers, Headers & Text, Text, Icons with headings, Icon tiles and Text, Back quotes, Images, Thumbnail galleries, Videos, Sliders, Icons, Dividers, Buttons, and other features onto the page.

    If you want to add your own image or logo, for example, you can do so by clicking on the bottom right, choosing Add/Edit Images, and then choosing Select Files to Upload.

    In the same way, it’s easy to pick out parts of your store page and click on them to get rid of them until you’re happy with how your store looks and feels.

    Designed for dropshipping with CommerceHQ

    CommerceHQ has a simple drag-and-drop system that lets you change the look and feel of your store as much as you want if you want to make it more personal.

    The monthly fee also includes a variety of apps that you can add to your store to make it stand out.

    Under “store set up” in your Dashboard, click “Tools,” then “All themes.”

    We’ll explain this standard process to you below.

    Choose your theme, click “Add to Library,” and then choose a theme like “VB Vintage.”

    A reliable dropshipping supplier

    Now that your store is set up, you’ll need to put your great products in it.

    Even if you know how to find the products you want to sell on your own, it will likely be hard for you to find reliable suppliers.

    You can do one of two things:

    When you buy from a marketplace like Aliexpress, you’ll pay B2C prices and have to deal with slow and unreliable shipping.
    Find a reliable supplier who can get products for you at B2B prices and fill your orders.
    If you want to start dropshipping with CommerceHQ and build a successful business, you can’t buy from Chinese marketplaces at B2C prices because it will cut into your margins too much. When you add that these sites give your customers a very bad shipping experience, it’s clear that you need to find a different way to dropship successfully.

    The only way to run a business is to buy products at B2B prices from factories, most likely in China. This is a huge headache for dropshippers who don’t have a reliable supplier to deal with the factories and shipping on their behalf.

    Find a great partner to source your dropshipping items

    It’s exciting to add your first collection of products.

    You might already know what products you want to sell, but if not, don’t worry! There are a few tools that can help you find popular products, but try to stay away from things that are too popular, or you’ll have a hard time keeping up with the competition.

    can help you manage your store automatically, from finding products to delivering them to customers. With our innovative Image Recognition Technology, you can just upload pictures of the products you want to sell and get a full quote in seconds.

    This cuts down on the number of emails you have to send back and forth with factories on the other side of the world and helps you find the best supplier for your products and your budget right away.

    When you choose the items and variations, they will be added to the dashboard and will be ready to buy with just a few clicks.

    Happy customers, happy you: automate fulfillment

    is with you every step of the way. Once your site is full of interesting things to buy, orders will start coming in.

    To help you keep track of the fulfillment process, we offer full automation so that as soon as someone places an order on your site, we can start working on it.

    We offer fast and reliable shipping all over the world. In North America and most European countries, your items will be delivered to the customer within 3–15 business days.

    When a customer places an order, it also sends the tracking number directly to the customer, so you don’t have to.

    We also guarantee how your products look, so if your customers get a different or broken item, we will send them a new one and send you a video or photo as proof.

    Bumper services for dropshipping stores

    But that’s not all! Because we have been in business for a long time, we know that as your business grows, you might have new needs.

    This is why we let you “private label” your products by putting your logo on them and making the packaging unique. This will help your brand grow.

    If you want to buy a small amount of a product that is selling very well, we can give you a discount and store it for free in our warehouse in Shenzhen.

    Give your business all the care and attention it needs. Make sure your personalized, high-converting CommerceHQ store is also easy to run by automating manual tasks and making sure customers don’t complain about shipping times.

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