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Google Shopping Ads for Online Shopping

    Do you sell things online?

    If you do, you are always looking for new ways to reach the people you want to sell to. If SEO and Facebook ads aren’t getting you the results you want, you might want to try Google Shopping Ads.

    In 2019, $3.5 trillion worth of goods were sold through eCommerce, making it a very popular way to shop. Yes, that’s 3,530,000,000,000,000 dollars. By 2022, that could reach as much as $6.54 trillion.

    The goal is to find new and clever ways to get more customers, and Google is the biggest player in the market. Google searches make up 70.60% of all global searches. If you want your eCommerce store to do well, you need to join their shopping ad network.

    But you are likely to have questions and doubts about any new advertising platform. This article will explain what Google Shopping ads are and how to make them work best for your online store.

    Let’s begin.

    What Are Google Shopping Ads?

    You might want to know what Google shopping is before you ask what Google shopping ads are.

    Google Shopping works with AdWords and lets online stores sell their products directly through Google. This means that your products are shown in a more appealing way than in a regular display network ad.

    For example, if you type “yoga pants” into Google, you will definitely get ads. The problem with these ads is that they don’t have the important micro-conversion elements that drive eCommerce sales.

    These are examples:

    Pictures of the product Customization Long reviews
    Product details or descriptions
    When someone looks for a certain product, they don’t just want to see an ad. They want photos of the products. They want to know what might be in store for them.

    You don’t get that from regular text, but you do from Google shopping ads. Instead of just text, searches give you images of the products. This includes the prices, reviews, and brand names.

    You can click the right-hand scroller to see more products in that category. That looks like a never-ending stream of things to look at.

    Google shopping ads are kind of like a place to compare products. If you’re not in there, you’re losing sales. If you want to know how to use Google Shopping ads to sell things online, keep reading.

    Ways You Can Optimize Your Google Shopping Ads

    To help you make the most of the amazing features in Google shopping ads, we’ve put together this list of five different ways you can optimize your Google shopping ads for your site.

    SEO Optimize Your Google Product Listing Ads

    It’s not surprising that the same strategies that work for SEO rankings also work for Google’s product listing ads (PLAs).

    If your PLAs only use keywords, they won’t work. Instead, Google Shopping pulls relevant keyword data from the data feed you send to your merchant account. The same information is also available through the sales and orders app.

    Google will decide whether or not to show your ads when relevant search queries are made based on the keywords you put in your feed.

    So, you should set up your SEO with a hierarchy of information in mind. One of the most important parts of your feed, the title of your product, shows how this looks.

    Consider the Negative

    Negative keywords are an important part of both AdWords and Google Shopping ads. Negative keywords are important if you want your product listing to show up in the right feeds.

    You can’t choose the keywords that will make your listing show up, but you can choose the keywords that will make your listing not show up.

    If you only sell clothes for women, you’ll use words like “men,” “male,” “children,” “kids,” etc. in your listing. This will help to make sure that your listing doesn’t show up for any search queries that include your negative keywords.

    It can feel a little backward, but it’s just keywords in the wrong order. Negative keywords can be used at the campaign level or added to specific ad groups.

    Feed Google

    Every one of your postings comes straight from your data feed. Consider it the oxygen that keeps your listings alive. To maintain high-quality and up-to-date listings, you should regularly submit them to Google.

    Providing Google with fresh content every day can demonstrate to the search engine that you run a trustworthy business. Imagine a vendor calling a company every day to guarantee a delivery.

    This has repercussions for both ad placement and customer satisfaction. Almost always, your ads will be a perfect fit for the content of your site.

    Images Make a Difference

    Consideration must always be given to the appearance to the customer. Google shopping ads rely heavily on the inclusion of high-quality images of your products that stand out from the crowd.

    Also, check that the dimensions of your images are appropriate. If you try to enlarge an image that is already too small, you risk making it blurry.

    Low engagement can result from this because people aren’t usually interested in a low-quality image. It suggests that the product itself is of low quality.

    When trying to get the most out of your listings, you should always use high-quality images that are both relevant and the right size.

    Your Reviews and Ratings Matter

    Some Google Shopping ads will show you a star rating and the total number of reviews they’ve received. A successful advertising campaign depends on this.

    To stand out favorably, your product needs to have both positive reviews and a high star rating. To a lesser extent, this also holds true if your products have low ratings.

    If customers have bad experiences with your products, they may decide to never buy from you again. You need at least three reviews on a single product and fifty reviews total before your listings will show reviews.

    The only way to get reviews from your custome

    rs is to specifically ask for them. Be honest in your requests for reviews from customers and comply with Google’s policies.

    How Will You Optimize Your Google Shopping Ads?

    Dropshipping eCommerce stores that don’t take advantage of Google Shopping Ads are missing out on a new way to increase sales.

    Make sure that your Google Shopping ads are optimized to help you gain new customers more efficiently.

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