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Buying Pet Supplies from China?

    According to the most recent official data from Statista, which was updated to 2021, there are 83.6 million pets in the European Union. These include dogs, cats, hamsters, turtles, bunnies, and even snakes!

    Pets are mostly part of big families, but the number of single-person families with pets is growing.

    In short, Europeans love animals and are willing to spend a lot of money on them. It’s not a coincidence that the pet industry is big and diverse, with many ideas and trends that pet owners are happy to follow.

    Why buy wholesale pet accessories from China

    If you own a store that sells pet supplies, you know how much pet owners are willing to spend not only to feed their pets but also to treat them well.

    The choices are the most varied, with everything from the strangest gadgets to simple things like collars and bowls.

    Beds for dogs and cats made of eco-friendly materials, training tools for animals that can be used to train with their owners, and creative games for dogs that let them have fun, work on their teeth, and use their intelligence have all been put on the market recently.

    In a pet store, you can find the newest treats as well as essentials like soft bunks, bowls, and food dispensers. You can also find coats, leashes, toys, and pesticides.

    To give your customers a lot of options and stay up-to-date on what’s new in the industry, you might want to buy wholesale pet accessories directly from China, where the production of animal products is clearly on the rise and prices are very low. You could even buy products that were made to your specifications.

    Hot to purchase pet products wholesale from China

    The first thing you should know is that Chinese suppliers can be very specialized. Some make kennels, cages, and other basic needs, while others make toys and other things to keep animals busy.

    If you want to set up a store and offer a wide range of products to your customers, you have two options: either use multiple suppliers or find one that has a wide range of wholesale pet food and accessories.

    How can you do that?

    You could buy wholesale products online at sites like Alibaba. These and other wholesale trade sites offer a huge range of products at very low prices, but the store doesn’t guarantee the quality of the goods, so it’s best to email more than one supplier to find out what materials the products are made of, if they have the certifications they need to get into Europe, and how the shipment is set up and declared.

    To get competitive prices, you should also check the minimum order number, which is often listed on these sites.

    You could go to China and take part in one of the many fairs that are held to show off the products. The Pet Fair Asia, which is held every year in Shanghai, is the largest fair for pet supplies, but you can also find smaller fairs that can be interesting.

    If you want to go to China but don’t speak Chinese, you’ll need to find a translator who can also tell you about Chinese customs that govern trade negotiations and relationships with suppliers.

    You must also know when and how the goods will be shipped and ask the manufacturer for the quality certificates needed for the goods to enter the EU.

    Importing Pet Products Wholesale from China made easy

    If it seems too hard, there’s another way that can save you money and make your life a lot easier.

    You could trust a partner like Dropship-empire, which has worked with Chinese manufacturers and imported goods from China for over 14 years.

    We offer a brokering service and only work with a small list of high-quality Chinese wholesalers who have CE certificates and can meet your sales needs.

    Even though it’s true that China has become the “world’s factory” in the last 15 years, making most of the things we use every day, it’s also true that not all manufacturers are the same.

    When you buy from China, you have to be careful, and you should find someone who can make sure the products you order meet the safety standards needed to be sold in the US or Europe.

    There are some pretty strict rules about bringing goods into the European Union.

    Labels must be in line with EU rules, and all products must cross the border with the right paperwork from the Chinese manufacturer.

    Buying in bulk from China can be very helpful, but if you don’t know how to do it, you should find someone who can help you with everything from choosing the products to getting them delivered.

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