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Email Marketing : How to Use it to Grow Your Business?

    Businesses all over the world have put email marketing on the back burner because there are so many other digital marketing methods that are doing well.

    Social media marketing, in particular, has turned out to be a very useful tool. It is also one of the main reasons why people think email marketing is dead. Still, that’s not the case. Email marketing gets six times more clicks than tweeting (Source: Campaign Monitor).

    Let’s look at a graph that shows how much interest there has been in email marketing around the world from 2004 until now.

    The graph shows that interest in email marketing hasn’t changed much in the last ten years. Email marketing is not dead because of this. It just stopped moving forward.

    Email marketing is still alive.

    There was a rumor that email marketing is on its way out or has already died. Even though these rumors are completely false, we can agree that email marketing isn’t as important as it was in 2005.

    If we look at how email marketing has changed over time, we can see that its growth has just slowed down. It still has a lot of life in it. Email marketing is here to stay for a long time. In fact, if businesses start using this method again, they will see how helpful it can be for their business. Only 26% of small businesses use online marketing to increase sales, and only 7% use it to build brand awareness (Source: National Client Email Report)

    Today, 3.9 billion people use email around the world. In fact, customers can’t stop using email because a lot of business is done through it. This makes it more likely that your brand email will be seen. Because of this and the money it makes, email marketing is still important and will remain so for a long time. In fact, 87% of marketers plan to spend more on email marketing (Source: Email on Acid).

    How to Increase Sales with Email Marketing

    Email marketing is a good way to bring in leads and customers. In fact, email marketing gives back an average of $32 for every $1 spent on it (Source: Oberlo). But how do marketers manage to do this? How does email marketing help a business make more money? Here are some tips that could help you make it happen.

    Run Campaigns Regularly

    Keep your name in front of your customers’ minds by sending them 8. This doesn’t mean you should go see them every day. If you send an email to your customers every day, you are spamming them. In this case, not only will your email not be read, but the person can also unsubscribe from your email list.

    So, it is safe to say that you need to send an email every few days. Without it, people will forget about the brand and sales will go down. Email marketing campaigns are a big reason why many people buy from a brand. In fact, a lot of people click on links in welcome emails.

    Emails that are unique

    Generic emails don’t get as many replies as ones that are personalized. People feel more connected to a brand and like they are valued when they get personalized emails. In fact, personalizing emails to clients can increase sales by 760% for a company (Source: Campaign Monitor). Personalizing the subject line of your email is the only way to make a big difference. If the subject line is personalized, the email is 26% more likely to be opened (Source: Campaign Monitor). Personalization can help the brand build strong relationships with its customers, which can lead to more sales.

    Putting together the layout

    Layout is just as important in an email as it is in any other online content. Your email should look interesting and nice to look at. It should be easy to read and should be set up so that it fits the F and Z patterns of how people scan content, which were found in the Eye-Tracking Study. Also, it should have a few graphics to back up the text, like relevant pictures or a video message. Also, the email shouldn’t go on for too long. In fact, it needs sections, subheadings, bullets, and more to make it easier to read.

    Offer deals and discounts.

    Use the “fear of missing out” (FOMO) to your advantage by giving discounts, special offers, and maybe even a coupon or two. Create a sense of urgency so that leads become customers who do what you want them to do because they think they won’t get another offer like this. Also, if it’s a discount that you’re only giving them (a personalized offer), they’ll feel special enough to either take advantage of the offer or click on the CTA, or at the very least, they’ll remember the brand.


    Content is a key part of any business, whether it’s a service that edits dissertations or a company that sends out emails. When putting together the content of a marketing email, there are a few things to keep in mind, such as the ones below:


    Type isn’t just about choosing a font; there are many other things to consider, such as font color, font size, font style, spacing (kerning, tracking, and leading), and formatting (bold, italics, etc.).


    Too few or too many graphics are both bad, no matter if you are adding a video or pictures. But if you don’t add any, the post can look dry and dull.


    Add a CTA (anchor text, a button, etc.) that is clear enough to be noticed right away but not so obvious that it looks gaudy. If you make the right CTA, you will get more conversions and clicks.

    Topic Line

    Your email’s success or failure depends on the subject line. Customers will only look at the subject line to decide if they want to open the email or not. So, it should be short, catchy, and sweet.

    Landing Page

    Make a landing page for your email campaign and link it to the “Call to Action” in your email. But set up the landing page in a way that makes people want to convert.

    Make changes and do tests

    Optimize every part of the email, from the subject line to the call to action and more. Optimization will make the email more likely to get opened and clicked on. But if you’re still not sure if your email is fully optimized for the most conversions, you should run the tests you need. You can test your email campaign using the A/B test and the percentage test before sending it to your customers and leads.

    Product recommendation

    Even though this is part of personalization, it is important enough to have its own spot on the list. Email marketing is a great way for a business to boost sales and income, and recommending products is a great way to do this. Product recommendations, on the other hand, are a type of email marketing that gives customers choices of things or services they might want to buy, like a blazer or a negan jacket. The suggestions in the email are based on what you’ve bought before, what you’ve put on your Wish List, what you’ve searched for, and what you put in your cart but didn’t buy.

    Pay attention to the article’s statistics, tips, tricks, and other information to decide for yourself if email marketing is still important.

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