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Everything You Need To Know About Dropshipping Hats In 2023

    Hats aren’t given enough credit, even though they come in many styles. On the one hand, they’re a fashion statement, and on the other, people love them because they protect them from the sun and the cold. They are also valuable as pieces of sports history.

    Hats are important for many reasons, and they always will be. There’s no doubt that they’re good business opportunities.

    It is easier, more convenient, and less risky to dropship hats online than to run a physical hat store. Also, you don’t have to rent warehouses or buy hats in large quantities to store them. Dropshipping suppliers take care of this.

    Your dropshipping store should be well run, and more importantly, you should find a reliable supplier for dropshipping hats.

    Can Dropshipping Hats Make Money?

    Dropshipping hats is a very profitable business. Here are some reasons that will clear up any questions or doubts you might have.

    There are many types

    • As you can see above, I listed many different kinds of hats in each supplier’s introduction. There is a wide range of types, ages, and materials.
    • Hats are also considered to be fashion statements. Adding different kinds of hats to an outfit can finish it off.

    There is a lot of demand

    You won’t be surprised if you look up “hats” on Google Trends. Over the past year, the number of searches for “hat” has stayed around 70.

    Also, searches tend to focus on countries in the west. There are even 100 results in the search engine for the word “America.” With this information, you can figure out who your market is.

    Good profit margins

    A report by IBIS World says that the Hat & Cap Stores industry will bring in $2.5 billion in revenue by 2022.

    Also, the global headwear market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.53 percent between 2023 and 2027, when the forecast is made.

    Start-up costs that are low

    For online dropshipping of hats, you don’t have to buy in bulk or rent warehouses. Because of the way business works, you don’t need to raise a lot of money at the beginning of your career.

    Things to think about when choosing a supplier

    A good dropshipping wholesaler should have the following traits:

    • No minimum amount needed: It’s good for your business to work with suppliers who don’t have a minimum order amount. When you make orders based on what customers want, you don’t have to worry about slow-moving stock.
    • Dropshipping for free: Not having to pay a dropshipping fee is another important thing to look for in hat sellers.
    • Different kinds of hats: Having a lot of wholesalers to choose from can save you time when looking for hats and filling orders. In this way, the customer experience can be made better.
    • Shipping all over the world: Dropshipping hats’ business depends on being able to ship all over the world.
    • Exact quality control standards: You can also build your business’s credibility by hiring dropshippers who pay close attention to quality.

    Choose From Top Hat Dropshipping Suppliers


    AliExpress has more kinds of hats than any other seller by a wide margin. This online marketplace has thousands of hat sellers, so you won’t find a style you don’t like.

    You might have a hard time finding dropshipping suppliers on AliExpress for the following types of hats:

    • Hats for women
    • Kufis Berets
    • Wide-brimmed summer hats
    • Hats with costumes

    AliExpress makes it very easy to set up a store, and you can start selling products right away. Almost all suppliers can fill orders from other countries, and the prices aren’t too high.

    Print Genie

    Through Print Genie’s dropshipping service, you can get custom hats. With this service, you can print your own designs on hats and put them up for sale in your online store.

    • When a customer places an order, that order would be sent to the Print Genie warehouse. They would print the hat and send it out.
    • White label dropshipping is when you put your label on products from another company.
    • As a side note, if you want to fill orders through Print Genie, you will need to:

    Register with Print Genie

    Your Shopify dropshipping store will automatically sync with Print Genie.
    Make a store and put hats on it.


    Inkthreadable is a company based in the UK that offers dropshipping and custom-made hats. If you want to offer your customers good embroidered hats, this is a good company to have on your list.

    Another benefit of working with Inkthreadable is that they have different kinds of hats. Items in the catalog are:

    • Baseball caps.
    • Rappers get hats
    • Wool-woven beanies Classic snapbacks
    • Trucker caps with snapbacks

    By making a free account on Inkthreadable, you can use the company’s app to connect your online store. After you choose your hats, you can give them your own designs.

    With the automated integration, you can send orders right to Inkthreadable. Hats, embroidery, and shipping will all be charged for separately.

    With this company, you can sell to a wide range of customers because they ship all over the world. You can also choose the shipping options for your customers.


    The/Studio is a US-based wholesaler of custom clothing that sells custom clothing at wholesale prices. Custom hat dropshipping has a short turnaround time of two to six weeks or more, and there is no minimum order size. It is also priced competitively when bought in bulk.

    At The/Studio, you can change the materials, colors, and decorations on your hats to make them stand out.

    They also sell beanies, trucker hats, castro caps, visors, and 5-panel caps, in addition to baseball caps. They also offer a service to help with branding. There is no need for patches, labels, or hang tags.


    CapBeast is another great choice if you want to dropship custom hats. Unlike The/Studio, you can’t choose the type of fabric for hats. You can make hats by adding text and images to the styles that are already there.

    There are hats for the military, golfers, dads, camo, mesh, athletics, fitted and flat-brimmed hats, and more. Customization is also available for The North Face, Richardson, Carhartt, Nike, Adidas, Champion, Nike, Adidas, and many more brands.

    You can order a sample hat from the wholesale distributor to make sure your hat design is right. Orders will be sent out by Fedex and USPS in 3–4 weeks.

    Cap Wholesalers

    Cap Wholesalers is an Australian company that sells hats. They can get bucket hats, visors, trucker hats, beanies, baseball caps, snapbacks, and a lot more.

    • You can also have logos embroidered on the front, back, and sides of the hats, but you have to order at least six of them.
    • Cap Wholesalers work with brands like AS Colour, Atlantis Headwear, Flexfit, Grace Collection, and Legend Life.
    • Wholesalers don’t give out free samples, but customers get free digitizing and discounts based on how many orders they place. You also get a proof of the artwork before production starts.


    Like other dropshipping suppliers, Apliiq prints or embroiders custom hats when the customer wants them. But their patch hats are what people know them for.

    A patch is sewn on to a hat to make it look nicer. When compared to embroidery, it costs less.

    Even better, there is no minimum order amount at Apliiq, so bulk orders can get better discounts. It ships orders to the US, UK, and Australia, but it also ships orders to other countries.

    Apliiq is run out of a warehouse in Los Angeles. Some of their custom services are:

    • Snapbacks
    • Dad hats
    • Hats that fit
    • Bucket hats
    • 5-panel hats
    • Beanies


    Contrado was also created in the United Kingdom. A website that sells hats for men also has print-on-demand items. But the company’s goods are different from those of its rivals.

    Contrary to many white-labeling or private-labeling suppliers, the Contrado dropshipping company sells colorful and unique hats. Because they are so good, these prints don’t need any extra art to help them sell.

    The signup process for dropshipping is made easier by the Contrado Shopify dropshipping app. It can be used to:

    • Make an online store by bringing in products
    • Use the mock-up app generator to make designs that fit your needs.
    • Automatically fill orders
    • Contrado says it will get back to you in one to three days. Shipping options are available for the UK, the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, and Australia. Depending on where the package is going, you’ll have a choice of shipping methods and get information on how to track it.

    Cali Hats

    Cali Headwear has a good reputation as a maker of high-quality hats in the US. The company has been making hats for almost 50 years and has never lost the drive to serve customers better.

    Their website has already updated the hat catalog for 2023 because they want to make sure you can dropship the most stylish hats. On the website, you can find lots of different kinds of hats, such as corduroy hats, beanies, nylon caps, mesh hats, dad hats, twill caps, camper hats, snapback caps, and more.

    Cali Headwear offers two kinds of custom hat services: imported and made in the USA. Each company has different minimum order sizes and capabilities.

    Custom Caps

    Since 2016, Canadians could order custom caps from Custom Caps. They have a wide range of styles and colors, including beanies, bucket hats, fitted hats, snapbacks, and truckers.

    On their website, you can find many branded caps from brands like Nike, Adidas, Maga Caps, Flexfit, Gildan, and Sportsman. Each logo on the caps can be stitched in up to five colors.

    The hat supplier offers shipping all over the world, and there is no minimum order size. Also, unlike some other wholesalers of custom hats, they do not charge any fees for digitizing. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal, and Interac eTransfer are all ways to pay for things at this company.


    Some people can’t go anywhere without their hats. Some people buy it because they think it looks nice and they like it. To make a catalog of hats that will appeal to all of these customers, you have to have something for everyone.

    Most problems can be solved with careful planning and thought, and it doesn’t have to be hard to start a profitable dropshipping hat business.

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