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How Can You Handle Products That Are Sent Back To Your Dropshipping Store?

    As soon as you get a request for a refund, you start to worry. This is how a lot of people who run dropshipping businesses feel. First, you have no idea what to do with a return order. Second, you don’t have a policy for refunds, so you don’t know what to tell the customer. Lastly, because you seem to be a little down.

    Dropshipping returns

    You will have to deal with returns at some point in your dropshipping business. Customers can’t be stopped from sending things back in a world where everything is digital. So, the only thing you can do is get ready for something like this to happen.

    So, before you start the return process, you should know what kinds of problems you might run into:

    • Since you are sending the product straight from the seller to the customer, you need to know what the seller wants in exchange. Many sellers charge for returns, but you can’t do that as a dropshipping business. That’s just rude, and the customer won’t accept it.
    • The inability to handle damaged products is a key part of dropshipping returns. You can check the quality of a product once or twice, but you can’t be sure that it won’t get to the customer if it’s broken. So, you have to accept these setbacks with grace.
    • If the customer wants to send the item back even though there is nothing wrong with it, you can charge a small fee for the return. But if you want to stand out, this could be your chance to offer free returns.

    Why Let Returns for Dropshipping?

    You may have been wondering why you should offer dropshipping returns the whole time. You can just make a policy that says there are no refunds or returns. Simple, right?

    Not really.

    Customers today trust the process, in part because they can send the product back if it’s not good. If you don’t offer this choice, you might lose a lot of customers.

    And think about it: if the customer’s experience was ruined because the product wasn’t good, shouldn’t you fix that? If you don’t offer a refund and return, you’ll lose the customer.

    What a dropshipping return process that doesn’t cause any trouble looks like.
    If you wanted to offer the best dropshipping returns, the process would go like this:

    • The user who bought a product will file a refund or return on the website or send you an email.
    • As soon as you get the message, you can ask them why.
    • If the reason makes sense, you can return the product, get a refund, or exchange it.
    • You can refuse a return or refund if the reason given isn’t good enough.
    • If the product got lost in shipping, you can check the status in a dropshipping tool like dropship-empire.
    • Depending on what the customer wants next, you can ask for photos or other proof.
    • When you get the above, you should process return.
    • Once you get the product back, give the money back.
    • Things you need to know

    You own a business that does drop shipping. You can make some changes to this method. For instance, you can offer a refund even if you don’t accept a return. Check out the things below to make your own refund or return process based on how well dropshipping works for you.

    Expectations Made Clear

    No matter how you handle returns on your end, you need to make sure your customers know what to expect from them. This means that even if you lose money when you give a refund or send a new product at no extra cost, you still have to tell the user how to do it.

    You can add the following things to your website or product page:

    • products that won’t be covered by the policy for returns or refunds. For example, underwear or toiletries
    • Dropshipping returns on your website will cost you.
    • Charge for selling and buying things on your website
    • Which area do you not accept returns from?
    • How long will you think about giving money back?
    • Do you keep the right to refuse a refund or return?

    Have a policy for returns

    Once you’ve put all of these things away, you need to remember them and make a return policy. Now, a return policy makes it easy for customers to shop. Before they pay, they can read the terms of the sale. This will let your customers know what to expect.

    How do you make a return policy for dropshipping?

    The best way is to look at the sites of your competitors. Look over their policy and come up with your own.
    Don’t forget to check the AliExpress seller’s return and refund policy. You can have a flexible dropshipping return policy if these terms are flexible.
    Last, add any rules and restrictions you think are important.
    Your policy should have the right amount of all of these things.

    Know what will happen

    When you have to handle returns, you need to know how each return or refund will affect your business.

    First of all, you can’t tell your customers that you dropship, and because of that, you can’t accept returns or give refunds. Dropshipping is not something your customers like, and many of them don’t even know about it.

    Second, if you have to say no, you should do so before a customer buys something. If the customer still contacts you with a real problem, you might want to take the loss and send a new product for free. This will make people like you more.

    Lastly, figure out how this decision will affect your finances and how much money you make overall.

    Follow items

    Tracking your products is something that you should never forget to do. If you can’t find a customer’s order, it will be easier to deal with a return or refund if it happens.

    dropship-empire dropshipping tools are a simple way to keep track of your dropshipping process. It’s great software that helps you bring all of your dropshipping businesses together in one place. With this tool, you can find everything you need in one place. See how:

    • Dropshippers love finding products on AliExpress, but there is one downside: to make the most money, you have to find the best seller. The dropship-empire tool makes it easier for you, though. It has a smart engine that helps you find the best seller for your order.
    • You can put in all of those orders at the same time. You don’t have to go through the trouble of placing each order individually.
    • You can connect your website to AliExpress and map every variation to AliExpress without making any changes to your website.
    • Once you’ve placed all of the orders that are still pending, they will be synchronized with your dropship-empire dashboard. This will let you keep track of all of your orders in one place and answer customer questions as soon as possible.
    • You can change a pricing policy rule, and when you add a product to your website, the rule will be changed for you.

    Helpful Hints

    • When a user asks for a refund, responds to dropshipping return requests in a humble way. The first step is to find out what’s wrong and why the user wants to send it back.
    • If the user still wants a refund after this question, you can handle returns by giving them a new product without taking the old one back or charging them for it. This will make it easier for your customers to trust your brand.
    • Offer a coupon to make up for the bad time. This will help you build a group of dropshipping users who trust your brand.
    • Offer store credit instead of a refund to handle returns.


    As the owner of a dropshipping business, you have to be very careful about how you handle returns. This means that you should meet the needs of your customers so you don’t lose them. Think about it: if you lose a customer every time they ask to return an item you dropshipped for them, you will lose a lot of customers. When figuring out the price of the product, you need to think about how the customer will feel and take these problems into account. This will keep the damage to a minimum.

    Use the dropship-empire tool to keep track of dropshipping orders easily. This tool will help you check order status and update without any hassle to keep a close customer connect thus ensuring a good shopping experience. Visit our website to learn more about our tool.

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