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How Do Dropship-Empire And AliExpress Work Together?

    If you are new to dropshipping or have a lot of orders and products, it can be difficult and a little overwhelming. But there are ways to help you.

    Using the right tools can make AliExpress dropshipping a lot easier to handle. One of these tools is Dropship-Empire.
    As the official dropshipping solution from AliExpress, it uses the AliExpress API to make sure that your store, products, and orders are safe and easy to manage.

    Unique Partnerships

    Dropship-Empire was one of the first dropshipping partners with AliExpress. By using the AliExpress API, Dropship-Empire can help its users with features that were made just for them, set a new standard for importing and managing products, and give its users the best way to place orders quickly.

    This unique partnership between Dropship-Empire and AliExpress is one of the reasons for our success, and working closely with the AliExpress team helps us give our users the best support and best features.

    With the help of this unique partnership, Dropship-Empire has created new and innovative features and used the latest technologies to give its users the tools they need to get the most out of AliExpress services and make their online business processes easier.

    Unique feature

    The Supplier Finder is one of the most innovative parts of dropshipping. It was made possible by the hard work of the Dropship-Empire Mass Supply Program team, which worked with the AliExpress team and used the AliExpress API.

    With it, you can easily search for and automatically find all the AliExpress suppliers who sell products like the ones you sell or want to sell in your store. This opens the door to high margin optimization, which lets you make more money in every way.

    You will only need the AliExpress URL of a product. Then you can copy this link and paste it into Dropship-Empire Supplier Finder. With the help of big data and the AliExpress API, Dropship-Empire will search the AliExpress database for similar products that are for sale on AliExpress and give you a list of the results.

    This list of available suppliers will include the price at which they are selling the product you are interested in, as well as the supplier’s ranking, the number of sales, the shipping price, and more.

    With Dropship-Empire Supplier Finder and the AliExpress database, you can easily find the best supplier for your products and increase your margins and profits by a lot.

    Data on Products

    AliExpress is also used by Dropship-Empire to help you manage your products in a variety of ways. First of all, when you import a new product from AliExpress that you want to sell in your online store, the AliExpress API adds it right away to Dropship-Empire Import List.

    The API makes it possible to import all of the product’s information directly from AliExpress’s database. This makes sure that all of the information is sent correctly.

    It’s important to know this because some other dropshipping services don’t have access to the AliExpress database and just copy the information from the product page.

    This can cause you to lose some data or have problems with your orders if the supplier changes some information about the products. You can be sure that all the information about each of your products is correct with Dropship-Empire Import List.

    The mapping is another good thing about Dropship-Empire and AliExpress working together. Mapping is the process of connecting your store’s products to suppliers on AliExpress.

    With Dropship-Empire, it’s easy and safe to link a product you want to sell to one or more suppliers. There are different kinds of mapping, from simple mapping where you can have a main supplier and a backup supplier in case the main supplier runs out of stock to upsells mapping with Buy One Get One Free offers and Bundles.

    Once you choose a supplier for your product and copy the link to that supplier on the supplier management page, Dropship-Empire will use the AliExpress database to show you all of the options and variations that supplier has for the product. Then, you can link the different versions of a product in your online store to the different versions of the product you want on AliExpress. Dropship-Empire makes sure that your products are correctly mapped and ready to be ordered with the AliExpress API.

    It doesn’t end there. With Dropship-Empire and the AliExpress API, you can have your inventory sync and update itself automatically. Depending on your plan, you will get a notification every time a product’s price or stock changes, and you will also be able to directly echo those changes in your store. The AliExpress API makes sure that you always have the most up-to-date information about your products’ prices and stock levels. This way, you never have to deal with unpleasant surprises.

    Orders Data

    When placing an order, Dropship-Empire makes the most of its partnership with AliExpress and use of AliExpress API. With all the features we’ve talked about so far, Dropship-Empire makes sure that all the information about products on AliExpress is correct and that all the information about orders is correct.

    With this and the technology from Dropship-Empire, you can place up to 100 orders in just a few seconds. This is the best feature of Dropship-Empire and will help you to save a tremendous amount of time and greatly simplify the order placement from your online store to AliExpress.

    Also, once you’ve placed an order, Dropship-Empire can keep track of it and automatically synchronize its status and information. When you pay for an order on AliExpress, you don’t have to do anything else. Everything will be taken care of for you.

    The Dropship-Empire will get information from AliExpress and first mark the order as paid. Then, when your suppliers ship the orders, AliExpress will automatically let Dropship-Empireknow that the status has changed and send the tracking numbers for each product and order. This reduces your work even more and makes it easier for you to keep track of orders.

    Dropship-Empire, you can finally edit and optimize orders with just a few easy steps. You can get around some of AliExpress’s systems that could cause your orders to fail by using the order optimization.

    In the same way, Dropship-Empire knows all of AliExpress’s requirements for all types of orders going to certain countries and has built features to make sure that your orders don’t fail. You can also change your orders right up until you place them if you want to change a supplier or a shipping method. This gives you as much freedom as possible.

    AliExpress has been working closely with Dropship-Empire to make sure we can offer you the best dropshipping solution for your online store. Because of this unique partnership, Dropship-Empire was able to make features and ways for you to run your dropshipping store that were custom-made and very efficient.

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