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How To Find Local AliExpress Suppliers And How Important Local Warehouses Are?

    Have you ever gotten complaints from customers about slow shipping speed and long delivery times? Or, because of problems with customs and VAT, the delivery time of your goods became unpredictable, which could make customers unhappy and lower the rate of repurchase?

    You can solve the problem by mapping AliExpress suppliers with local warehouses for your products.

    Pros of having local warehouses

    Cut the delivery time down by a lot

    If customers can get their packages faster, they will be happier with their purchase. This will make them more likely to buy from you again, which will boost sales and profits.

    Don’t worry about the duties and VAT.

    Buyers don’t have to think about duties and VAT if they buy your products from local suppliers. This cuts customers’ extra costs and makes it easier for them to place orders, which speeds up the order-processing process.

    No mail was lost.

    The package will not be sent over a long distance. Even if something goes wrong with the package while it’s in transit, your partner in the supply chain might be able to help you fix the problem quickly.

    Convenient returns and exchanges

    You don’t have to worry that the process will be hard if your customers need to return or exchange goods for any reason. They can easily send them back and get their money back.

    Dropshippers are paying more and more attention to AliExpress suppliers with local warehouses because there are a lot of benefits to having them. dropship-empire made an Advanced Mapping feature to help users do this because they wanted to.

    How to Set Up Local Warehouses for AliExpress Suppliers

    Look for AliExpress sellers with warehouses in your area.

    Go to the dropship-empire- Find Suppliers menu to get started. If you choose the United States from the Ship from drop-down menu below, the page will show you AliExpress suppliers with warehouses in the United States. And France is the same way.

    Turn on Advanced Mapping to link your AliExpress suppliers to the different versions of your products.

    • If you want to ship the same bathroom curtain to the United States, as shown below, you can set up supplier A with a local warehouse in the USA.
    • If you decide to ship to Spain, you can connect supplier B with the Spanish warehouse;
    • if you choose to ship to France, you can connect supplier C with the French warehouse.

    When you get orders from the United States, your Advanced Mapping settings will automatically match them to supplier A. Then you can send those orders straight to AliExpress.

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