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How to Fix Why My AliExpress Order Was Canceled?

    The majority of dropshipping business owners source their products for their online shops from They can benefit from higher margins and greater profits without having to deal with production or inventory management.

    AliExpress, however, has the right to cancel your order if it receives too many orders from your account. You can bounce back from this because it’s just for security reasons.

    We will go into more detail about recovering a closed AliExpress order in this article. Continue reading.

    Why does AliExpress display the order as closed?

    Orders on AliExpress are closed for a variety of reasons. Among them are:

    • Despite the fact that the customer has not yet received the order, you unintentionally confirmed delivery.
    • The AliExpress order has closed because your buyer’s protection window has passed.
    • Either the seller canceled the order or you unintentionally did so.
    • The seller canceled the order because it was out of stock before it could be shipped.
    • The fact that your AliExpress order was closed is primarily due to fraudulent activity. For instance, you have already begun to earn a sizable sum from dropshipping. AliExpress might think this is fraud and want to keep an eye on things.

    The fact that you are based in one place and are making numerous orders from it raises the possibility of another fraud. However, as is typical in dropshipping, you are shipping orders internationally. However, AliExpress may view this as credit card fraud.
    Orders placed on AliExpress frequently get cancelled because your credit card is frozen. Your card has failed, which means payments have failed, and the bank is having some issues.
    Additionally, if you have a dispute with a supplier or seller on AliExpress, it’s possible that you left a few unfavorable reviews and your order was canceled as a result.

    How can closed orders be resolved?

    By speaking with the seller, service provider, or customer support team at AliExpress, the majority of the issues raised above can be resolved. We have some advice for managing closed AliExpress orders.

    Finding and Sorting

    You most likely won’t receive a notification when your AliExpress order closes. As a result, you must first determine this on the orders page. View Details to learn more about the action. You should simply reorder the product to meet the needs of your dropshipping customers on time if you believe that you need more time to resolve the problem.

    We are aware that this AliExpress order is closed and that you are unable to open it. You can, however, reorder and select any quick shipping option.

    Talk to AliExpress

    You should know that we can resolve the situation without difficulty now that you have placed the order. You require the following information for this:

    • Business proof, credit card, and passport
    • driving permit
    • You might also be required to provide your contact information.

    To facilitate information transfer, we advise scanning documents, obscuring credit card information to prevent fraud, and compressing all the documents. Once you’ve done that, remove your credit card number and other personal information from your computer and phone. This is crucial because you don’t want to fall victim to fraud.

    You should get in touch with AliExpress once you have all the information necessary to fix the order closed problem. You can call them, use the contact us page, or chat with them. Discuss the situation briefly, mention that you run a dropshipping company and are attempting to deliver orders to your clients on time, and come up with a solution.

    The aforementioned documents, which we have already prepared, would be requested from you. Customer service may need some time to assess the legitimacy of documents after receiving information. Once they have accomplished this, they will ask you if you want to remove the account block or AliExpress order closure. You must concur. That’s it. They will then inquire as to whether you need any further assistance. You are free to ask any questions you like.

    What Could You Do to Stop It?

    You must obtain Alipay verification in order to keep future AliExpress orders from being cancelled. You can quickly verify your account with live chat. We recommend this because your orders are not closed when you pay with Alipay. There is absolutely no hassle, quick payment, and quick refunds.

    Put cash into the account if you have it, then use your credits to place future orders. However, keep in mind that AliPay has a three-year expiration period and cannot be used to withdraw money, so you should exercise caution when making these purchases.

    PayPal is a dependable alternative to AliPay for payments on AliExpress. Additionally, this approach offers some protection against orders on AliExpress being canceled. The only drawback is that both methods require a healthy cash flow.

    What Should a Dropshipper Do?

    If you run a dropshipping company and buy products from AliExpress, you should put your clients first.

    The AliExpress order was closed five days after you placed the order. What do you say to the client? Although the order is obviously late, how should you respond?

    First and foremost, we advise being truthful with your client. Tell them why the product was out of stock or that there was a problem with the order’s dispatch. You can sincerely apologize and assure you that you are doing everything possible to ship the order right away. Your customers will be able to anticipate some delays as a result, and they might be willing to wait a little longer for their order.

    Your customer might occasionally become irate and request a refund. You can apologise formally and provide the user with a refund in this case. By doing this, you can keep the customer for orders in the future. If you don’t help them, they might post negative reviews online, which is never a good thing.

    Here’s how you can make up to the customer if the order has been seriously delayed and you are feeling especially sorry for yourself:

    • Give the customer a sizable discount coupon for their subsequent purchase.
    • Send them a complimentary gift with the initial purchase.
    • Allow them to select any item from a category, on the house.
    • Send them a detailed email in which you express your gratitude for their understanding and endurance throughout the situation.
    • There are many options for making things right with your customer.Try to be truthful, extend a sincere apology, and pay attention to the user. Once the order has been delivered, get in touch with them to find out if the package is of high quality and if the customer is satisfied with the product or not.


    A dropshipping store faces a difficult situation when an AliExpress order is closed. You might initially be unsure of what to do. Use the advice listed above, but try to maintain your composure. You can resolve the issue as soon as possible by getting in touch with customer support and promptly providing the appropriate authentic documents.

    Don’t forget to contact your customers in the interim to let them know about the unfortunate delay. Every open order can have a bulk email set up for the circumstance. Find a solution by managing the situation calmly!

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