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How does WooCommerce work & How Do I Dropship on WooCommerce?

    If you want to use WooCommerce to start an online store, you’ve come to the right place.

    WooCommerce is a popular e-commerce platform that lets you sell things on your WordPress site. For dropshipping, it’s easy to set up a WooCommerce store and start making money on the side.

    In this post, we’ve talked about what WooCommerce is, how to start dropshipping with WooCommerce, and tools that can help you succeed. Let’s jump right in and start to look around.

    What’s WooCommerce?

    WooCommerce is a well-known platform for selling things online. It was made by WordPress. It is built only on WordPress, and you can add the WooCommerce plugin to your website whenever you want. WordPress is now used by almost half of all sites on the web. From this number, it’s clear that there are a lot of e-commerce sites.

    If you went to Google right now and searched for WooCommerce reviews, you would find everywhere on the web 4.5/5 or higher ratings.

    Dropshipping with WordPress and WooCommerce is becoming so popular because it is flexible, quick, easy, and doesn’t cause a lot of trouble. Even people who aren’t tech-savvy can make a website, manage it, and change it when they need to. The backend, also called the admin panel, is so easy to use that any user can easily make changes.

    How to Make a WooCommerce Dropshipping Store:

    Before we talk about how to set up a store, let’s talk about what dropshipping is:

    Dropshipping is a way for online store owners to get products from marketplaces like AliExpress. From there, they put these items on their website under their brand name. Business owners make money through aggressive marketing and smart advertising tricks.

    In the traditional model, we have to get products from a manufacturer or store and also keep an inventory. This model is hard to use if you don’t have any money to invest. With WooCommerce dropshipping, you can get rid of this problem. You can open an online store with little money and ship products directly to customers without much trouble.

    Let’s look at how to set up a dropshipping store with WooCommerce:

    Domain and Website

    The address of your website, which is shown on the internet, is its domain name. For example,,, etc.

    For your WooCommerce dropshipping store, you need to choose a domain name that:

    • Delivers brand value
    • Is a good story
    • Is relevant

    You also need to buy website hosting, which is different from the domain name. This hosting makes it easy for your WooCommerce dropshipping store to work well. So, when you host, you should:

    • Be affordable
    • Perform at your best.
    • Give away free SSL (HTTPS)

    Plug-in WooCommerce is where you can get the WooCommerce dropshipping plugin. This plug-in can be downloaded for free.

    Since it is an open-source plugin, you will own everything on your WooCommerce dropshipping website, including the products and content.

    A theme for WordPress

    There are many free and paid themes for WordPress. With these WordPress dropshipping themes, you can choose how your site will look. You can look at the details of different themes, watch how they work, and figure out what makes a WooCommerce theme stand out.

    But make sure that the theme you choose for your WooCommerce dropshipping store is simple and has better features. You need to keep things looking good and still make sure they work well.

    The Dropshipping Tool for dropship-empire

    What is the WooCommerce dropshipping tool?

    The WooCommerce dropshipping tool is a piece of software that makes it easy for you to choose suppliers, organize your product orders, place bundle orders, and run your dropshipping business.

    When you want to find niche products on AliExpress for your dropshipping store, you have to do a lot of research. If you go to AliExpress right now and look for a specific niche product, you will find multiple listings for the same product. How do you choose between these options? What is the success mark for WooCommerce dropshipping?

    You can do this without much trouble if you use a WooCommerce dropshipping tool. Here’s how:

    • The first benefit of having dropship-empire WooCommerce dropshipping tool is that you can use its AI engine to find the right supplier for the products on your website. When you place an order, dropship-empire AI engine helps you choose the best AliExpress seller.
    • Don’t worry if you have a lot of orders lying around. Use the WooCommerce dropshipping tool from dropship-empire to quickly place all of these orders. With this tool, you won’t have to spend as much time ordering products.
    • If you use both WooCommerce dropshipping and dropshipping on Shopify, Wix, etc., you can connect all of them on dropship-empire and manage everything from one place. It’s a lot less trouble, right?
    • All of your orders are automatically sent to the WooCommerce dropshipping tool as soon as you add them to your list. Then, you can keep track of, change, and get information about any order from dropship-empire. If you need to answer a customer’s question or find out when a product will be shipped, all you have to do is open dropship-empire dashboard. There, you’ll find everything you need.

    Why should you dropship with WooCommerce?

    We’ve already talked about what WooCommerce is and how to use it to start an online store. Let’s look at why you should think about using WooCommerce for your dropshipping business model. It’s because of three main things.


    Dropshipping with WooCommerce is a flexible way to run a business. You can make changes to your website and use plugins, add-ons, and other features. Even plugins can be free, paid for, or have a freemium model.

    So, if you want to know what the benefits of WooCommerce dropshipping are, this is the first thing you should think about. On a lot of other platforms, you can’t add features whenever you want. There are a lot of rules. You can use as many plugins, like the dropship-empire dropshipping tool, as you want with WooCommerce.


    Another big reason why businesses use WooCommerce is because of the price. WordPress is a platform that is free to use, and the WooCommerce plugin is also free. You only need hosting, a domain, and a tool for dropshipping. This makes it cheaper for you to run and manage a WooCommerce dropshipping store.

    If you add up all the costs, you can open a store with just USD 100. At first, that is the best chance for dropshippers who are just starting out. You can add paid plugins or features to your WordPress store later, when you are making money.

    There are no limits

    WordPress doesn’t limit you in any way, other than giving you freedom and a free WooCommerce plugin. There are no lists of things you can’t sell on your WooCommerce dropshipping store or things you can.

    The WooCommerce dropshipping plugin is an open-source plugin that lets you own your website and its content. There are no rules about how you can sell products, what kinds of products you can sell, or how much of the money you have to give to WordPress. There are no limits, which makes it easier to do business on WooCommerce than on other platforms.


    In 2023, everyone will be able to use technology well. Now, everyone orders things online instead of going to the market, which saves them time and trouble. You can start a dropshipping business for these people. When WooCommerce runs your online store, you can get the most out of WooCommerce dropshipping.

    Use dropship-empire dropshipping tool to make the most money possible. Let the tool help you find the best seller for your orders, speed up your transactions, and make it easier for you to place orders.

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