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How to Dropship to France: The Best Suppliers and Tools?

    Online businesses have grown a lot in the last two years. People are switching from shopping in stores to shopping online in a big way. We order groceries online, buy clothes and schoolwork online, and even take classes online. We live in the digital age.

    The dropshipping business model has also become more popular in this digital world. In dropshipping, you don’t have to make the products yourself or keep a stock of them. You can get products from a marketplace like AliExpress and send them straight to your customer.

    But is dropshipping possible in France? Yes, it is! Let’s talk more about this.

    Can Dropshipping Happen in France?

    Based on the data, the average person who shops online spends €1,780. Most of these purchases are made with credit cards or PayPal, which is fine for dropshipping businesses.

    The point of this is to say that you can dropship in France. There are no limits or problems. You can get products from a marketplace, manage your e-commerce store with a tool like dropship-empire, and market to your customers well. People already spend a lot of money online, so if you can reach them in the right way at the right time, they will buy from you.

    Is it legal to dropship to France?

    The next thing that comes to mind is whether or not this is even legal.

    Dropshipping is a job or business model that is legal in almost every country in the world. You can also dropship in France, but to avoid breaking the law, make sure you follow the state’s rules for online business and dropshipping.

    There are rules and laws for the dropshipping model, just like there are for any other type of business. Learn the rules of different laws, like those about copyright infringement, and make sure your business stays in line with them.

    Why it’s better to drop-ship from France

    We always run into business owners in France who want to know why dropshipping is a better way for them to do business. There’s always a chance to sell things or buy them in bulk. So why not?

    Whether you’re a retailer or a wholesaler, you have to make an inventory, keep track of it, and find customers for it. If you are a wholesaler, you don’t even sell directly to the customer, so you might not know how much of a product people want, which could cause you to lose money.

    There are also a lot of other things that make it dangerous to be a retailer or wholesaler. Just making an inventory presents a lot of problems.

    In place of this, you have more freedom if you dropship to France. You might wonder why? Well, you won’t need an inventory if you dropship in France. So, that solves a lot of problems.

    • You don’t have to put up a lot of money at first.
    • You don’t have to keep your cash flow from moving with dead stock.
    • There’s no need to spend money on warehouses.
    • You don’t have to keep track of production.

    Aside from this, it’s easy to make a living by selling things from a marketplace. There’s no need to worry about packing, keeping track of stock, managing, or anything else. Just get leads, turn them into customers, and do that.

    List of France dropshipping suppliers and tools

    This list of suppliers may help you when you start dropshipping in France. We did some research and found some of the industry’s most well-known names.


    Cdiscount is a great supplier in France for dropshipping companies. But before you sign a contract with the supplier, you should know:

    • The company has about 30 categories, so it’s clear that they want to show off their wide range of products.
    • You can find things like home appliances, electronics, toys, books, sports goods, and so on.
    • Your orders will be sent to you as soon as possible. Only 2–6 days are needed for the order.
    • Dropshipping is also possible in about 30 European countries besides France.
    • You definitely have an advantage with Cdiscount. You can ship quickly, pick from a wide range of products, and ship to a lot of customers in Europe.


    Climsom is another French dropshipping company that sells unique and innovative items. They have a variety of acupressure mats, mattresses that heat or cool, silk pillowcases, and other products in the same category.

    If you want to dropship products in this category, you can find good ones on Climsom. But if you need a few more niche categories or a wider range of products, this supplier might not give you enough choices for your dropshipping store.

    But if you choose this supplier anyway, you can expect high-quality products and well-packed packages. Climsom helps you make sure that your customers are happy without keeping you up at night.

    Cool Mini Prix

    Cool Mini Prix is another great dropshipping company in France. It has thousands of products to choose from, like party supplies, toys, etc. You can get these items at wholesale prices, which is amazing.

    But with this dropshipping France supplier, you have to pay a flat rate of €4.99 for shipping. This is true no matter how heavy your package is. But if a customer spends €69 or more, shipping is on the house. Remember that this is only for France, and if you want to order from outside of France, you may have to pay more for shipping.

    If you decide to work with Cool Mini Prix for your dropshipping France business, you can expect high-quality products. Your customers won’t be disappointed by the company, and you can easily make more money by using it.


    Dropship-Empire is one of the best tools you can use for dropshipping in France. It is more of an AliExpress dropshipping tool than a supplier of goods in France. Here are some ways the provider can help you.

    • You need to make an AliExpress account and link it to the dropship-empire tool.
    • You can use dropship-empire’ built-in search portal, which is powered by AI, to help you find products for your store. You can look at the details of different products and compare them. You can also add them to your website.
    • When a seller wants to place an order, dropship-empire uses its AI engine to suggest the best AliExpress supplier for the seller.
    • The tool lets you choose products, place large orders, and find the best supplier. That’s great, right?

    Here are some more interesting things about dropship-empire:

    • When you have too many orders to place on AliExpress by hand and don’t want to, dropship-empire can help. You can place multiple orders at once.
    • The details of your orders are added automatically to your dashboard, which makes tracking them easy.
    • This means that if a customer calls with a question or to find out where their order is, you can solve the problem in a flash.
    • dropship-empire helps you connect your tools so that you can manage them all from one place. For example, you can use the dashboard to connect your email marketing tool.


    It is not impossible to drop ship in France. In fact, it would be very easy to use this model of online business in the country. You can make good money, avoid having to keep and manage an inventory, and find good suppliers for your products.

    Focus on getting the right setup, such as a Shopify website, a dropshipping tool like dropship-empire, and the right supplier. Once you have made these processes more efficient, you can focus on marketing your store. Just make sure you know the rules and regulations for dropshipping in France before you start your journey.

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