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How to Dropship with More Than One Supplier?

    In 2022, it will be more common for business owners to dropship from more than one supplier. People used to be afraid to use more than one supplier because they didn’t want their orders to arrive late or not at all.

    But this fear is getting less as technology gets better and merchants learn how their inventory works. You can use multiple suppliers without slowing down your dropship business if you have the right software and a plan for managing your inventory across different channels.

    It can be hard to run a business well when you have more than one supplier. This article will show you how to choose the right channel partners, connect them, and become a successful drop shipper.

    Dropshipping With Multiple Suppliers: How it Works? 

    When you dropship, you are the online store that sells the products you dropship. You are not the merchant. This means that when a customer buys something from you, they deal directly with you instead of a third-party company that handles the payment.

    As the owner of an online store, you don’t have to buy your stock. Instead, you’ll order it from your suppliers. So, when a customer Places an order on your dropshipping website, the store looks through its suppliers to find a product that matches the one the customer ordered and sends it to the customer. The customer then gets their package from this company that acts as a middleman.

    Dropshipping: How it Works

    For your eCommerce business, you can work with one supplier or many. The process is almost the same either way. But you won’t be able to send your orders to just one supplier. Instead, you’ll have to send them to more than one. Also, if your customer orders Different things, two or more suppliers may have to send them from different places.

    Before you can find a good supplier, you need to do market research to find the best drop shipping products in your niche that are popular and appealing to potential buyers. Most of your dropshipping success will depend on what products you choose to sell in your own online store. You can then use this information to find the right supplier by looking through the different large databases.

    With the Internet making it easy to find what you need from anywhere at any time, there is more competition than ever in the global Economy of today. This means that companies have also been trying harder to stand out by directly appealing to their target Audience or market segment. They work hard enough to get customers to buy and keep coming back, so they don’t need a marketing plan.

    Dropshipping with multiple suppliers: worth it or not? 

    People have been talking a lot about dropshipping as a way to cut costs and make more money. Some people think it’s worth the time, while others think that running your own Shopify store with multiple dropshipping suppliers will take more work than just selling on Amazon.

    But in our opinion, you can start dropshipping with a single supplier. If you can find trusted suppliers who offer great dropshipping products at competitive prices, then go ahead and use multiple suppliers, as long as they are reliable. If you have an online store, you should do research on the market and look at Google Trends data before making any big decisions.

    One big trend in eCommerce is dropshipping with more than one supplier. Some online stores use a lot of suppliers not only because they want to have a wide range of products, but also because they can get better deals from different vendors. Shopify store owners who want to grow their business in the online marketplace will have to work with more than one supplier. Having back-up suppliers for your eCommerce store is always a good idea.

    But that doesn’t mean you should sign up with as many suppliers as you can. Multiple suppliers create a lot of problems, and it’s not easy to keep track of all orders coming in through different channels and make sure they’re all filled on time.

    Discover the reasons for using multiple suppliers 

    Multiple suppliers provide greater product selection for your customers.

    When there are many suppliers, retailers have more options, especially when it comes to products that are in high demand. Also, customers love to see your products on different channels and compare prices. Because you have more than one supplier, you can compete with other, more well-known brands.

    Multiple suppliers make it easier to manage your store.

    It is much easier to do business with multiple vendors than to order in bulk from a single supplier.

    Multiple suppliers provide you with better business opportunities.

    If you dropship from more than one supplier, your customers will think that your store has everything they need. This will bring more people to your store. Also, having a lot of suppliers can help you grow your business and help each supplier get more customers and make more money. This is called cross-selling and up-selling.

    Pros and cons of dropshipping from a single source

    Pros of using the single supplier to dropship 

    Dropshipping from a single supplier lets you create a more efficient and sustainable product line and target your customers more specifically.
    When you use a single supplier for your dropshipping store, you have full control over that supplier, which is another benefit.
    Single supplier means less responsibility. You can send all of your customers’ orders in one box.

    Cons of using a single supplier to dropship 

    If you aren’t careful, dropshipping can be expensive because you don’t have a lot of freedom with inventory rounds and replenishment costs.
    When you only buy from one supplier, their decisions can affect your business. For example, if your current supplier goes out of business and you don’t have other suppliers, it might be hard to find another one.
    Risks also include disagreements if budgets or prices change quickly or if something gets lost in shipping and throws off the inventory count.

    Pros of using multiple suppliers to dropship 

    Customers can buy from different channels to get more value-added services because many suppliers offer unique products and services.
    They can help you get a lot of customers fast. You can grow your business around the world by working with people from other countries.
    Multiple dropshipping suppliers make it less likely that you will run out of stock. When you already have stock from another vendor, you don’t have to wait for an order from one supplier. Multiple suppliers may share information, which makes shipping easier for you.
    Multiple dropshipping suppliers make a business model that is stable and can grow. Even if one of them drops out, they can help you grow your market. You don’t have to worry about losing a big chunk of your income if you only work with one supplier and they stop working with you.
    They can open up more ways for your business to grow. They can help you find new ways to increase your profit margins and give vendors an incentive to sell through different channels.
    Multiple dropshipping suppliers make it easier for merchants and their partners to work together, which is good for everyone. They also give you more control over how you manage your inventory because mistakes are less likely to happen.

    Cons of multiple suppliers for dropshipping

    More dropshipping vendors make it harder to keep track of stock. You have to keep an eye on the stock of each product in each channel.
    When you work with more than one supplier, you have to talk to more people to place, track, and fulfill orders. If you have software or apps from somewhere else that could help you manage your inventory across different channels, use them.
    They can raise the cost of shipping. You have to pay shipping costs for each channel separately.

    How to get multiple suppliers for your dropshipping business?

    All of the big eCommerce platforms have several dropshipping tools that help you find suppliers and products. You can also use Google Trends to find winning items and their suppliers for your dropshipping store that are popular in your niche, making it easier than ever!

    If you have done dropshipping before, you can easily find suppliers you can trust on your own. You can also talk to other suppliers in the Alibaba community or post your request on Facebook group pages or other sales channels.

    If you have never run an online business before, you might want to hire a business consultant to help you figure out how to use different channels and tools for dropshipping. They can also help you get in touch with potential suppliers and negotiate better deals for your business.

    The benefits of using more than one supplier 

    As a dropshipper, all of the money goes to you. And you are also responsible for any problems that may come up because of the product. Basically, there’s no reason to keep relying on only one supplier, since that will always be limiting in some way.

    If something goes wrong with an order, they’ll be your only point of contact and source of service, which means you’ll have to spend more time and effort dealing with problems like delays or poor customer service. Because of this, the smartest thing to do when dropshipping is to get products from more than one source.

    The future looks good for having more than one supplier. As technology gets better and eCommerce platforms add more services, it will be easier than ever to use many suppliers. Having more than one supplier also helps you reach more customers and get your business out there.

    How to Choose the Right Channel Partners? 

    It’s best to choose several suppliers whose strengths and weaknesses are different. So, if one supplier doesn’t have an item in stock but another does, you can give your dropshipping customers the choice of different shipping speeds or dates.

    If you use more than one dropshipper for your online store, you need to think about what will happen if one of them can’t fill your order.

    For drop shipping, you can use apps that let you connect with drop shippers and keep track of all your orders and inventory in one place.

    Best apps allow dropshipping with multiple suppliers. 

    Dropshipping is based on the idea that you buy goods from suppliers and then sell them online for a profit. If you have more than one supplier, you can grow or shrink your business by changing the number of products you sell on different platforms.

    However, there are applications available which support multi-channel inventory: 


    Using dropshipping software to manage multiple suppliers

    Dropshipping orders can be sent to each other in many different ways. For example, you could use software for communication or a tool for managing orders. With order management tools, you can easily keep track of your dropship orders from different suppliers and work with them as needed.

    Dropshipping software will put all of your suppliers in one place, talk to your customers automatically, keep track of your inventory to make sure nothing runs out, and put everything in one place. On some platforms, you can also send orders to wholesalers or factories so that they can make goods on demand.

    Find a drop-shipping tool like Oberlo, which lets shops that sell physical products connect with wholesalers, to handle more suppliers for your online business. With Oberlo’s channel partnerships, it can be easy to sign up with hundreds of wholesalers quickly and without spending too much time on your own management! Best of all, when new products are added to your online store, Oberlo will do all the work for you.

    The importance of a good supplier relationship  

    Find a drop-shipping tool like Oberlo, which offers wholesale integration for shops that sell physical products, to manage more suppliers for your online business. With Oberlo’s channel partnerships, it can be easy to quickly sign up with hundreds of wholesalers without having to spend too much time managing anything yourself! And best of all, Oberlo will do all the work for you when new products are added to your online store.

    Is your supplier trustworthy?  

    Many people will tell you, “Just ask for their contact information, look it up on Google, and call them.” These are all important steps to take when you have never met someone before to make sure they are who they say they are. But this kind of verification isn’t even close to what’s needed.

    The problem with this method is that thieves can find your contact information online and give you a fake name of a big international company, like Nike or Sony, to get your money. If you only check by phone and don’t look into the other things on the list below, they could be stealing from you and someone else at the same time!

    Look for the following useful information to find dropshipping suppliers:
    Use a supplier that you know and trust.
    Check to see if they have a website and social media accounts with photos, logos, and what you can expect from them in terms of privacy.
    Ask people you know and trust who have worked with them before for references.
    Check the Better Business Bureau or other trustworthy rating sites to see if there are any complaints or open cases against them.
    Ask for details about shipping options, too. If they can’t give you any shipping options right away, it could mean something fishy is going on behind the scenes.

    Is it possible to ship products using multiple suppliers simultaneously? 

    When customers order from different places, it is impossible for the items to arrive at the same time. Instead, you can convince your customer that warehouses or carriers are sending their items in separate shipments with tracking numbers, so they know exactly where each package was sent once it arrives.

    For example, a customer may buy from two sellers in your store. Two sellers: one from the customer’s own country and one from another. Since they use different suppliers from different parts of the world, there could be a delay of up to a few days before these orders arrive at their door. Then you should tell your customer how long it will take to deliver.

    How can you deal with multiple country suppliers? 

    First, you should know how different countries run their governments.
    Second, you should make sure that your shipping and processing are always the same. For example, when a customer from one country or region buys something from your store. For every order, you handle all product information, including payment and shipping to the recipient’s address, in the same way. So, everything will always be the same, no matter where an order came from.
    You’ll get the best results if you make an online store that sells to people all over the world. Keep in mind that you will have to do more work for this to happen. But the benefits are well worth the time and work it takes to build a truly international website that can grow in many countries without language barriers. Find suppliers that ship all over the world.
    This is a selling point and something that sets your store apart from others that don’t ship internationally. And it’s great advertising that can help fuel sales in the future! You can also change things on your store’s landing page, like the language, the currency shown, and more.
    Make sure you have a plan for how to take orders from each of your suppliers. When you use a lot of drop ship sources at once and the shipping times between them are long, you might miss something. You can also set up a system that sends customers automatic messages when their order is taking longer than expected. Again, it shouldn’t be seen as a bother, but as something you do to keep them informed and make them feel better.

    All done! In 2022, you should be sure that you can use more suppliers for dropshipping. Just make sure that no matter how many suppliers you work with, you always know their reputation and deal with them in a smart way. Again, make sure to set aside time for meetings and let each other know you’re willing to work together.


    Drop shippers can sell to a larger market when they work with more than one dropship supplier. But if you want to make more money with dropshipping, you sometimes have to take risks and find other ways to make money. In this case, adding international dropship suppliers can be a great way to expand that into multiple countries at once.

    It’s good to know that you can use different tools and resources to make this process easier!

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