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How To Make A Seller Account On EBay In 2023?

    About The Background

    Everyone had a hard time in the past year. Millions of families around the world have been destroyed by the pandemic, and more than 4 million people have died so far.

    Stats show that even in 2023, after vaccines were made, someone died of Covid-19 every 8 seconds. You are lucky to be alive and reading this.

    I’m only joking. Under these circumstances, social distance will continue to be a long-term trend. Since getting the coronavirus is dangerous, people don’t go out to buy what they need. Because of this, there is still a strong market for online cross-border e-commerce.

    You may have heard of Amazon or Shopify, two well-known shopping sites. Why do I strongly recommend eBay over these other sites? Here are some of the main ones.

    Easy to list

    It’s easier than ever to put what you’re selling online and have people who want it find it. To upload products on eBay, all you have to do is type in the UPC, ISBN, ePID, part number, or product name.

    Free to list

    You can list up to 200 items each month for free and only pay if they sell. It can cut your risk of losing a lot.

    Help for the seller

    You can sell with confidence on eBay because it has cutting-edge technology, a dedicated team, and proactive policies. It also has protections from beginning to end, like “Report a buyer” and “Automatic defect removal,” to make sure the seller gets what’s due to them.

    187 million people buy

    It has one of the biggest markets in the world, so you can sell to people from all over. The huge market is ready for you to join it.

    I think you’re ready to get started on eBay. Continue reading!

    Instructions with steps

    If you want to make more money in your spare time or run an online store that sells goods from other countries as your full-time job, it’s time to go to the eBay website and set up an account.

    The whole thing is very easy to do.

    Check out

    How to Sign Up for a Seller Account on eBay in 2023?

    Find the button that says “Register” in the top left corner and click it.

    Sign up for an account

    When you click “Register,” the page will go straight to “Create an account.”

    Enter your cell phone number, and you’ll get a security code to prove who you are. If you don’t enter the code in 5 minutes, it won’t work. Please click “resend” if you don’t get the code.

    The last step is to sign up for an account. Finish the register part by putting in your name and a password.

    Add to what you already know.

    You’ve now made your account. The next step is to give your account more information that it needs.

    First, click on your picture to go to your account’s home page. On the next page, you can change your portrait icon, cover, or the things you’re selling. But “Start selling on eBay today” is the most important thing.

    On the next page, you must first look at the list of countries. Make sure your address is on the list. If it’s not, you’ll have to leave the great business, which is a shame.

    Note: Don’t click the “Sign up for an eBay account” button. Remember that you have already signed up for the account.

    Now that you’ve looked at your country, you can make a seller listing.

    When you click “Create a listing,” you’ll go to the next page and be able to add your address. You can now decide what products you want to sell. Copy the UPC, ISBN, ePID, part number, or name of the product. Then, find the product you want and change the details.

    Add information about products

    The information includes a description of the item, its condition, and specifics about the item. Look around! They are what will make or break your business.

    How it works:

    A perfect item description is clear enough to tell the buyer what they need to know and detailed enough that they don’t get confused about what they’re buying.

    Be sure to point out the best things about your item and say exactly what is included in the sale. For example, if you are selling used electronics, you should say what cables are included.

    The case:

    You can sell just about anything on eBay, from brand-new items to ones that have been used. You must be honest and accurate about the condition of what you’re selling so that the buyer knows exactly what they’re getting.

    The details:

    Details about the item can include the brand, size, type, color, style, or any other relevant information.

    Depending on the category you’re selling in, you’ll find that some fields about your item are required while others are not.

    After you’ve done all of the above, people will be able to see the products in your store. When someone buys your item, you need to know how to get paid.

    How to make money

    It’s easy to get paid for things you’ve sold on eBay. Your buyers can pay you in a number of ways, and the money will go straight into your checking account. You can keep track of all of your payments by going to the Payments tab in Seller Hub or My eBay and clicking on Payments.

    As an eBay seller, you’ll get your money in the bank account that’s linked to your eBay account. Once the buyer’s order has been confirmed, the item can be sent. The selling fees and other costs are taken out automatically, and the money from your sales will show up as Processing funds.

    Once you confirm the buyer’s payment, it usually takes 1-2 business days for the sales proceeds to show up as “Available for payout.” If the transaction was put on hold, it may take longer.

    How much does selling on eBay cost?

    Everyone worries about the fees and costs of a platform they don’t know well. There are 3 different types of fees on eBay.

    Fees for inserting

    Each member can make up to 250 free listings each month. After that, the “insertion fee” (or “listing fee”) is $0.35 per listing for most categories.

    Costs in the End

    Also called “selling fees” When your item sells, you’ll be charged a certain amount of the total price it sold for. Most categories have a final value fee of 12.55% or less and a transaction fee of $0.30.

    Changes to a listing

    Optional upgrades like larger photos, more than 12 photos, tagging a single listing in more than one category, listing on other international eBay sites, and more can help you get more buyers.

    In the end,

    Now that you know how easy it is to sign up as an eBay seller and start a business there, don’t wait any longer.

    Get started selling right away!

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