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Page of Suppliers for Dropshipping : How Does It Need to Be?

    If you sell your products online, you should give resellers as much information as you can. Because of this, their website needs to have a wholesale or dropshipping page and menu. We chose the most useful parts of such a page and put them together. Think about using the tips below to run a good partner program with your resellers.

    There are many suppliers who sell their goods to customers as well as retailers. By selling more of their goods to more people, they can make more money from their business. Most of the time, they show consumer prices in their online store, and their website was made for customers, not for businesses. In the meantime, they might have their products on B2B platforms like Dropship Empire Marketplace and sell them to resellers there.

    Companies usually don’t mind letting retailers know on their website that they are willing to work with them. If you haven’t talked about wholesale or dropshipping on your website yet, or if you have but want to shake up your business, all you have to do is make a persuasive and informative wholesale or dropshipping page on your website.

    Why make a page for dropshipping?

    Start your program with retailers as a partner right away! Online business is booming right now, so now is the best time to get in on it and sell your goods to more people. Having a page on your website about dropshipping lets retailers know that you offer this service and that they can resell your products. They can find you on Google by using keywords that are related to your business, on social media, or on marketplaces. It is important to give them as much useful information as you can in a way that is easy to understand. Let merchants know you are a reliable supplier with great products to increase your income.

    What Should Be on Your Dropshipping Page?

    Most companies that sell their products to retailers online don’t just do wholesale; they also use a model called “dropshipping.” Why is dropshipping a better option if you want to build a reseller partner program? It’s because it’s easier for retailers to start up and run an online store if they don’t have to buy stock. They need less money to start up. Let’s look at what you need to put on your dropshipping page to make it look professional.

    • Tell retailers what dropshipping is to make sure they get the idea.
    • Share visual content that shows how dropshipping works as well.
    • Talk briefly about your business and the things you sell.
    • Tell people how much it will cost them to resell your products or if it’s free.
    • Include the average time, cost, and way of shipping.
    • Tell merchants how they can start reselling your products, what the process looks like, and how to sign up with you.
    • Tell them they can find your products on dropship-empire Marketplace, where they can use a reliable technology solution to upload, update, and sync product and order data.
    • Tell people how they can buy your products.
    • Tell people about the discount you give resellers compared to the prices in your store.
    • Share information about it if you also sell your products in bulk, which is what the wholesale model is.
    • You can add more information here if you have product datafeed files in CSV, XML, XLS(X), JSON, or any other format.
    • Tell them how to get in touch with you if they have any questions.

    Tell them how to get in touch with you if they have any questions.

    As for how the page looks, it should be professional. If it doesn’t, merchants will think you’re old-fashioned and maybe even stop doing business with you. You don’t have to make a fancy, glitzy page. Don’t think too much about it. It is best if it is designed in a minimalist way, is clear, simple, easy to read, and looks professional as a whole.

    Make sure you don’t give potential partners so much information that it’s hard for them to understand and see through. Use great, informative images and write the content in order of importance (for this, read our guide above on what should a dropshipping page contain).

    You can share a badge on your dropshipping page if you are a supplier on dropship-empire Marketplace. You can also write about why they should use dropship-empire to manage product data. The badge says “Find us on dropship-empire Marketplace,” which helps merchants know that you are a reliable supplier.

    Suppliers like Vie Belles, Sernes, Nova Engel, The Bone Art Place, ek Wholesale, InQue.Style, and ZuZu Jewellery already have wholesale or dropshipping pages. You can see what these pages look like on a real website. You might get ideas from them or learn what to avoid when making your own dropshipping page menu.

    Join a Real B2B Platform for Dropshipping!

    You can sell your products to more than 65,000 retailers around the world. dropship-empire is a wholesale and dropshipping platform for businesses to do business with each other. In dropship-empire Marketplace’s most popular solution, retailers can look through the products of real suppliers from the US/CA/EU/UK/AU/AS+ more. The system automatically uploads and updates data about products and offers a way to keep order data in sync.

    Being a supplier on dropship-empire Marketplace is free, and there are no hidden fees or transaction fees. It’s a great chance for you to easily add new retailers to your network and boost sales.

    If you’re a supplier on dropship-empire Marketplace, you can join our Partner program and put a dropship-empire Marketplace badge on your website. The badge will also have a referral URL you can link to, so if you bring new dropship-empire retailer subscribers, you can even make money. How can the badge be used? You can put it in the footer of your website, or you can put the badge on your dropshipping page to show retailers why it’s a good idea to use dropship-empire to manage products.

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