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Perfect Product Page for Dropshipping

    Since 1994, when the first online purchase was made, more than 20 years have passed. Since then, online shopping has grown into an industry worth many trillions of dollars. Statistics show that by 2023, e-Commerce sales could reach $6.5 trillion, and by 2025, they could reach $8 trillion. If you pay attention to the news, you may have heard that more and more brick-and-mortar stores are closing. When these stores close, they often try to make a presence online.

    Statistics show that 26.25 percent of the people in the world do online shopping. As the number of people who shop online keeps going up, eCommerce brands have the chance to reach more people who could become customers. To stay competitive in a world that is becoming more and more digital, businesses need to put money into making their online drop shipping stores better.

    There are many ways to do this, but one of the most important is to make sure your drop shipping store has a great product page. This is where you need to convince people to buy your products. So, let’s look at seven things that can help you make your eCommerce page.

    How to Build a Perfect Dropshipping Product Page

    Focus on Amazing Product Images

    A survey done by Stanford University with 2500 people showed that 46.1% of viewers thought that a website’s design helped them decide how trustworthy a company was. This is almost half of the people who were asked and said they judge how trustworthy a company is by how their website looks.

    Buyers care about how things look. A lot. The Baymard Institute says that the layout, design, and features of a page are key to how a buyer feels about a brand. A user study done by the Baymard Institute showed that when users tested websites, they often left those that had problems with these key features.

    Because of this, when you make your drop shipping product page, make sure to include pictures of the products that are clear, colorful, and your own. Make sure to highlight what makes your product unique and different from those of your competitors.

    It’s important to post nice pictures of your products, but they have to be in the right format. If the pictures are too big, it could be hard to connect and load the page. Features that take a long time to load can make people less likely to buy from a website.

    But when dropshipping, how do you make a picture that is unique and stands out? You should buy a sample of your product and have it sent to you.

    Tip: Place a Spotlight on Positive Product Reviews

    Feedback is a big way to get new customers. When people want to learn more about a new product, they often start by reading reviews. It has been shown that people look at reviews of products 12 times more than they look at the descriptions of those products. Reviews that are positive help people decide which products they can trust.

    But if you just started selling that product, how can you get reviews quickly? Well, there are a couple of Shopify apps that can help you do that.

    Tip: Create Interesting and Unique Product Descriptions

    Even though reviews of a product are important in deciding whether or not to buy it, that doesn’t mean that a product description is less important for making sales.

    This is where most new dropshippers go wrong. They just copy and paste the same generic descriptions as their competitors and think that their content will magically rank higher on SEO than their competitors’.

    How will things go? You broke one of the most basic rules of SEO, so Google will just punish you for having duplicate content. You need unique content, the right keywords, and backlinks to rank high.

    Product descriptions help show what a product is made of and what it is used for. A unique, well-written description can help buyers pay attention and make them want to buy right away.

    When written, the description should be written in a way that is not trying to sell something. It’s better to teach people about your product than to force them to buy it. You can try to write your own content or use a Professional eCommerce Product Description Service to have unique, interesting descriptions of your products written for you.

    Tip: Include Product Demo & Testimonial Videos

    People like to see things. Writing descriptions and reviews has a big effect on sales. Video reviews and demos help people trust products even more. With video content, you can make a 3D, moving picture of a product. Videos also help search engine results on Google. Professional Digital Marketing Agencies say every day that putting a video on your product page makes it 53 times more likely that Google will put you on the first page.

     Tip: Related Product Suggestions

    Product pages that show related products are a good way to get people interested. The growth of a business depends on sales, and putting up-selling or cross-selling offers on your page gives you the chance to increase sales and help keep customers coming back. Customers are usually very happy if they can get more of the products they need in one place and get a discount on many of them.

    Create Urgency

    Customers may hurry to finish their purchases because they don’t want to miss the chance to buy something they like. Because of this, you can put a countdown on your page for a special offer, show how many products are left, or show how many people are currently looking at your product page. It’s one of the things that made famous, so there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work for you too.

    Tip: Buy a Sample of your product

    When you do dropshipping, you sell things you don’t actually have. This is why it’s so important to buy a sample, especially when you find a best seller.

    Getting a sample will be helpful in many ways. First of all, you can use it to make original videos or pictures that you can put on your product page or in your ads.

    Second, you can test your product and see how well it works and what features it has. This will help you write a better product description that will be more interesting to your customers.

    Third, if the product doesn’t meet your expectations, it’s time to look for a new supplier who can give you a better quality version of the same thing.

    A Perfect Dropshipping Product Page sells only if you have a reliable supplier

    For your niche to sell and grow, you need to make a beautiful, well-optimized product page. However, if you’re dropshipping, this isn’t enough because you don’t own the products you’re selling and can’t touch them.

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