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Reviews From Customers Important Find Out How You Can Use Them To Make More Money?

    Good reviews on the Internet are important for every business.

    Users want to trust your brand when they go to your website or social media account. For example, the user found your business when it came to dropshipping. Now, the user is looking for reviews of your business to figure out whether or not they can trust you.

    If you don’t even have a reviews section, customers will think that you don’t care about what they think. You can fix it, though. It’s not impossible to fix. But if you have a lot of bad reviews, the value of your brand might go down. It’s hard to stop this kind of negative advertising.

    This article will talk about how important customer reviews are. We will also tell you how to cut down on negative marketing and get more positive reviews.

    Why Reviews from Customers Are Important

    Customer reviews are a big part of building the value of a brand online. How will be talked about below.

    Understand Users

    When people leave reviews of your business on your website or social media, you can learn more about them. For example, if you get good feedback for one category, you can know that this is a good category to focus on or a good product to market in the future.

    Aside from this, you can use analytics and customer reviews to find out what people think about your brand. You can know everything, from the deepest problems with your products to the ways they make people happy.

    Bring in new leads

    You can get a lot more new leads if you use customer reviews. For instance, let’s say you’re a customer trying to buy organic shampoo from a brand. What should be the first thing you do? The first thing on your list is to look at the website, social media, and Google reviews to see what other customers like you are saying about the brand. You might also go to Instagram sometimes to see if any influencers are promoting the brand or not. If you do a lot of research, you could also look for detailed reviews of the product on YouTube to see how it works.

    If you’ve read good things about the product everywhere, are you going to buy it? There’s no question that this could help you buy something right away because you’ll know what the benefits are. This is how reviews from customers affect your dropshipping store. People are more likely to buy from people who are like them emotionally.

    Also, if people like your products, they will tell their family and friends about them. By posting a review, they also tell everyone they know on social media about your products.

    Make people loyal

    On your website, not every customer will write a review. People who think your products and services are common may not even think to write a review. When you can get customers to review your products online, you show that they are good enough to buy from your dropshipping store.

    So, your customer reviews indirectly make people more likely to stick with your brand. With this step, users start to think that they can trust you for many more purchases. This brings in a lot of money and a good return on investment (ROI).

    Improve Ranking

    Search engines are always getting better. Even just 6 months ago, the same plan that used to work for your dropshipping business might not be good for it now. But your customer reviews seem to work almost every time. With this feedback, the search engines know that your dropshipping business can be trusted.

    What does this mean for your brand? Your SERP (search engine results page) ranking will improve on its own. This makes it easier for more people who might want to buy from you to find you.

    How to Request Feedback

    You might be wondering how to ask customers for feedback. How should it be done? Here are some tips on how to ask customers for reviews that will help your brand get more attention.

    Ask in Response

    When a customer has reached out to you to write a review of your dropshipping products, it will be the right time to ask them to leave a review on social media. You can, of course, take a screenshot and post it, but it’s easy to make a fake screenshot. To get all of the above benefits, you may need real reviews from customers on the Internet.

    Create Email Blast

    Sending an email blast is the best and most traditional way to ask customers for reviews or feedback. If you have a dropshipping tool like dropship-empire, you can connect it to your email marketing tool and send a feedback email when the product is delivered. After a few hours, you can easily set up an automated process to send feedback emails to the customer in order to get an online review.

    Request Review

    Soon after a customer makes a purchase from your dropshipping store, you can ask for a review of your website or their experience with your store. This will help you get honest ratings and reviews from your dropshipping customers about the way they buy from you.


    Everyone likes getting gifts. So, offering a reward in exchange for a review is one of the best ways to ask for one. Make sure customers who review your brand on social media or Google Reviews get something in return from your dropshipping store. This will be a good thing for you and for your customers.

    How to Handle Bad Reviews

    Now, this is where you need to pay attention!

    Even though we’ve talked about everything you can do to get good reviews for your dropshipping store, there’s nothing you can do to avoid getting some bad reviews. Every brand gets some bad reviews, but they won’t hurt the brand much unless you don’t know how to handle negative marketing.

    Here are some ways to respond to bad reviews in a good way:

    • Try to understand why your customer is upset. You can’t say that they have no reason to be upset. Instead, you should apologize that they had to go through this and then offer a solution right away.
    • Learn to listen to what people say. If a customer is trying to tell you a story, you should listen to them carefully and then answer. This will help you figure out what’s going on, give the customer time to calm down, and give you a chance to offer a solution.
    • Learn to say you’re sorry no matter what. An honest apology can get you very far. So, say you’re sorry if you want to get out of a bad situation.
    • Figure out the best way to help the user. This means fixing the problem and making sure they get the goods or service they wanted.
    • Lastly, try to figure out what went wrong. Change your processes and get rid of mistakes to stop getting more bad feedback.


    Customer reviews are important if you want people to keep coming back to your brand. How will a new customer know they can trust you when they visit your dropshipping business? Your reviews from customers will help turn these new leads into customers.

    When other regular people like us trust a brand, we tend to feel automatically loyal to that business. This helps you bring in more money. Read the above methods to learn how to get customer reviews and get more people to buy from you.

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