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The Shopify Payment Guides (2023)

    Shopify is a big name in online shopping. Most online sellers look for payments on Shopify, which is an important feature. The platform gives its users a number of ways to pay, which makes online selling easier and more convenient.

    Setting up Shopify Payment is not easy. So, we’ve put together a quick guide for you here.

    So, let’s start:

    How do Shopify Payments work? How does it work, though?

    Shopify Payments is the way that Shopify handles payments on its own. It speeds up the payment process and lets merchants accept credit card payments directly through their stores. It’s the easiest way to accept payments on Shopify, and it’s already set up on all Shopify stores. So, merchants can start getting paid without having to install a third-party payment gateway.

    Setting up Shopify Payments isn’t hard, but it is a little tricky because you have to fill out a form with tax information.

    How are Shopify Payments set up?

    Do you want Shopify Payments to be set up on your store? Here are a few of the most important things you should think about.

    So, let’s start:

    • First, sign up for a Shopify account by giving them all the information they need.
    • After logging into your Shopify account, your admin panel will have a “Payments” option.
    • Click “Settings” and go to the section where you can pay.

    Here, you have to tell us about your taxes. What you need to know about taxes depends on the country you are from. To fill out the form correctly, you might need to talk to an accountant.

    Shopify Payments gives you a list of debit and credit cards to choose from. So, turn on or off the options that are available based on what your business needs.

    The rest of the options will be set by default, so you don’t need to change them. But don’t forget to choose whether you want to be paid daily or once a week.

    After you’ve done all of the steps above, click “Save.” The steps needed to set up Shopify Payments are done.

    The pros and cons of Shopify Payments

    There are some pros and cons of Shopify Payments that you should think about here:


    • This is the easiest way to process payments and get your Shopify store up and running quickly.
    • Shopify Payments is a built-in way to pay that is part of Shopify. So, you can easily run your whole business from one spot.
    • It has low transaction fees and doesn’t charge any monthly or set-up fees.
    • The solution can be used in more than 15 different countries.


    • Not everyone can use the payment solution.
    • It is not yet the best way for high-volume businesses to process payments.

    There are options besides Shopify Payments

    Shopify merchants can use a number of other payment methods that work just as well as Shopify Payments. Here are some of the best things you can use instead of Shopify Payments:

    • Stripe
    • Google Wallet
    • is an online payment service.

    PayPal and Stripe are the two payment methods that are used most often on Shopify. Shopify also has built-in integrations with many payment methods to make things easy and convenient. Also, these payment processors have built-in integrations that make it easier and faster to set up, start, and run your online business.

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