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There Are Shopify Apps That Your Online Business Can’t Do Without

    Shopify has a large ecosystem of apps that can help you with many different needs as you grow your online store. A merchant could use these solutions to make their business run more smoothly, automate processes, make marketing easier, improve the look of their store, and boost sales. There are thousands of Shopify apps that can be used to meet different needs and goals, making it easy for retailers to solve their problems.

    You’ll find it hard to choose a solution if you’re just starting out or trying to grow your business because there are so many apps to choose from. With this article, we want to make it easy for you to find the top must-have Shopify apps for automating your online business.

    How Does the Shopify App Work?

    Shopify is an easy-to-use tool for online merchants that also comes with a point-of-sale (POS) system for taking payments in real stores. It lets businesses create a multi-channel experience that puts their brand front and center. Using their subscription-based platform, you can build a website and use their shopping cart to sell, ship, and manage your items.

    There will be some “must-have” Shopify apps that will help you look at every part of your online business. With these applications, users can give customers more personalized online experiences and get a better return on their marketing budget. By automating customer management, transactions, order tracking, inventory management, and other tasks, technology also helps save money across the board.

    What Should You Look for in a Must-Have Shopify App?

    Using the list below, you can quickly compare all of the Shopify apps you’re thinking about and choose the ones that are a must-have. When you’re done, you’ll have a good idea of which apps give you the most for your money.

    • How easy is it to use? When choosing a page builder, look for tools that let you drag and drop elements. This will save you a lot of time and hassle.
    • Custom coding: If you don’t know HTML or CSS, look for apps that let you change fonts or colors without having to write code on the back end.
    • What issue does the app fix? You should choose apps that help you solve marketing, sales, fulfillment, store design, customer service, merchandising, and operations problems in the real world.
    • Cost: It’s great to be able to download as many high-quality apps as possible, but the price of your monthly membership can add up quickly. Make a plan for how much your app will cost.
    • Help from the app maker: The best applications will have frequent updates and an easy-to-reach support team in case something goes wrong.
    • Integration: The app you choose should be able to work with your existing marketing technology stack, such as Google Analytics.
    • Feedback from past users: Think about the average score. Sometimes it’s best to believe what other people say. If you see other customers complaining about the same problems, like a lack of customer service or regular problems, this could be a sign that you should stay away.

    There are Shopify apps that your online business can’t do without.

    If you find the right apps, you can quickly turn your shops into multi-functional ones that do a great job of attracting shoppers, getting them to buy, and making them want to come back for more. Behind the scenes, the best applications can help you improve your operations, merchandising, and customer service, so you don’t have to worry about double-checking product availability and address labels.

    If you want to be even less hands-on, you can use a dropshipping app to do almost everything for you, from finding products to shipping them. Let’s look at five essential Shopify apps that will help you automate your online business.


    Dropship-empire, if you want a better dropshipping solution for your online business, AliExpress Dropshipping is a good Shopify app to try. The fact that Dropship-empire can handle a lot of orders at once makes it easy to use. The fact that Dropship-empire is one of the most popular AliExpress dropshipping apps in the Shopify app store makes its perfect rating score even better.

    Dropship-empireAliExpress Dropshipping’s most important features are:

    • With Supplier Finder, you can find the best suppliers for your items that are on sale with just one click.
    • Bulk Order: On AliExpress, you can place hundreds of orders in a matter of seconds.
    • Variants Mapping: Map your products to any AliExpress supplier without changing anything in your business.
    • Bundle Products: To make unique offers, map different suppliers to the same version of one of your products.
    • Auto-Sync Tracking Numbers: Your business and PayPal automatically share tracking numbers.
    • Auto-update order status: Dropship-empire and your shop are automatically told what the status of an order from AliExpress is.
    • Stock Management: Dropship-empire and your business are automatically notified when AliExpress adds or changes the stock of a product.
    • Shipping Settings: Choose your preferred shipping method ahead of time based on where the order is going.
    • Automatic Pricing: Use a Pre-set Pricing Rule to raise the price of your products automatically when you publish them.
    • Multiple Stores: You can link and manage multiple stores from one Dropship-empire account.
    • Buy One Get One Free: Create unique AliExpress product listings to increase your sales.
    • Affiliate: Connect with Admitad so you can make money when you order from AliExpress.
    • Find out more about what Dropship-empire can do here.

    How to get Dropship-empire?

    Method 1: Go to the official Dropship-empire website and click “Try It Free” to start making an account.

    Method 2: Follow these steps to install Dropship-empire on Shopify:

    • Go to Shopify App Store.
    • When “Dropship-empireAliExpress Dropshipping” is typed into the “Search” bar.
    • Select “Add App.”
    • Relax and have fun with the app.
    • Search for “Dropship-empire” on the Shpoify app store.

    The good news is that Dropship-empire has a free plan that users can always use. You can choose the Monthly/Annually Payment Plan, which starts at $15.9, to use more advanced features from Dropship-empire.

    On the Pricing on Dropship-empire website, you can find out about more ways to pay for Dropship-empire.

    Product Labels & Badges

    Product Labels & Badges is an app made by BSS Commerce for Shopify. This app has great features that make shopping on your online stores more fun and interesting. This app lets you upload as many products as you want and change the way they look without worrying about running out of memory.

    Product Labels and Badges works well with all common themes that don’t need code changes. With the labeling editor, you can easily change your labels. Also, you can make your own labels and badges using the “Create your label” section, and the “Configuration” and “Conditions” features make it easy to make changes and see what they will look like.

    What’s important:

    • Labels should be shown in different places on images of products.
    • Use different labels for products that don’t need to follow any rules.
    • Using the advanced labels editor, you can add your own labels.
    • You can change the look of an unlimited number of labels and show their positions in real time.
    • Labels should be shown for GEO IPs and clients’ tags.


    Product Labels & Badges has a plan that is free. On the free version, you can change any of the 50 or more free samples to meet your needs. If you want to design badges at different levels, you will have to pay $5 per month for the paid plan. With the Pro Plan ($5/month), the Advanced Plan ($10/month), and the Platinum Plan ($20/month), you can improve your SEO with premium features and manage an unlimited number of badges.

    Plugin SEO

    With the SEO Plugin, it’s easy to keep track of your webshop. There are a lot of mines in the internet marketing business. And if you want to stay connected to it, you have to use all ad flow options. The SEO Plugin was made for this specific reason.

    When you add Plugin SEO, it will automatically find all of your online store’s SEO features and use them. This SEO element takes care of speed, keywords, blog content, SEO problems, and broken links, so you don’t have to keep an eye on each site separately.

    So, our Shopify SEO software is thought to be the best way to keep your online store well-organized.

    What’s important:

    • Offers free advice and code snippets on how to fix SEO problems.
    • By improving SEO, you can get more people to visit your webshop.
    • Sends an email to the user to let them know about the SEO problems.
    • Price:

    There is free basic SEO scanning. If you want more features, you can pay $20 per month to upgrade to the premium edition on their website.


    When it comes to online marketing, it’s all about making sure your customers keep coming back to your shopping site. In terms of marketing for Shopify, carts that are left empty are very successful. You can get help with this from PushOwl. It uses push notifications to let customers know when their shopping carts are empty and they need to add the items they’ve been eyeing. This makes customers more likely to come back to your website to find what they need.

    What’s important:

    PushOwl is a useful tool for reminding customers of items they’ve left behind, sending alerts when items are back in stock, and increasing sales overall. Some of the most important things about PushOwl are:

    • It sends personalized messages and reminders to people whose shopping carts were left behind.
    • It lets you know when things are back in stock, which helps you sell more.
    • After the product is sent, it sends out a review notice.


    PushOwl gives you a free trial period of 500 impressions. Plans that cost money after that start at $19 per month.

    Form Builder

    Form Builder is an app for Shopify that lets you make forms for your business that are unique to it. Your visitors will be able to get in touch with you, place special orders, give money, and give you feedback using simple forms.

    What’s important:

    With Form Builder, you can get more leads and make the buying process more personal for your customers. Your products will get more attention if your form is well-made. Here are the most important things about Form Builder:

    • It only takes a few clicks to set up, and you can start working on your form right away.
    • You can still make a great form even if you don’t know how to code.


    Form Builder has a free plan that works and a $10-per-month Pro plan that has more features.


    PickyStory is a great way for store owners to sell bundles or upsell/cross-sell deals in all of their stores. You can use PickyStory to manually group products together and sell them as bundles, or you can use its advanced AI-based algorithm to automate upselling and cross-selling in your store by showing related, recommended products to each customer.

    Also, PickyStory automates the way you keep track of your inventory. PickyStory makes sure that your Shopify inventory is always up to date based on the individual SKUs sold when you sell a bundle of products. No more spending hours making changes by hand!

    What’s important:

    • To raise AOV, make bundles and sell them as single products.
    • You can offer upsell and cross-sell deals on your product pages or as popups.
    • Based on what’s in the cart, an AI-powered slide cart will suggest more items.
    • Use “Shop the Look” to get people interested, or let them build their own bundles.
    • Works with any theme and can be changed in any way

    Plan for prices:

    PickyStory gives you a free trial for 7 days. Only get paid if you make money through PickyStory.

    Adoric Email List Popup Builder

    Adoric Email List The Popup Builder app for Shopify is an easy-to-use pop-up builder that makes it easy to turn your visitors into subscribers and customers.

    With Email List Pop up, Exit Popup, you can easily create opt-in popups to collect your visitors’ emails and add them to your mailing list. No coding is needed. You can choose a template from Adoric’s collection of more than 1,000 popup templates and change it however you want.

    You can also use Adoric to make promotional pop-ups and flyout banners to tell people about your sales and bring in more money for your store.

    Also, Adoric makes it easy to make popups that appear when a visitor is about to leave your website. With exit-intent popups, you can also bring back customers who left their shopping carts without checking out.

    Important parts

    • You can show your pop-up campaign to the right people at the right time by choosing who to show it to and when.
    • Dashboard for A/B Testing Analytics
    • Display that slides in and a bar that floats
    • Pop-ups for “Spin to Win” or “Wheel of Fortune”
    • 1000+ templates you can change

    Plan for prices:

    Adoric has a plan that is free. But with the free plan, you can only have up to 1,000 pageviews. Upgrade to Basic ($9/month), Essentials ($29/month), or Standard ($79/month) to get more pageviews and get the most out of the app.

    Reward and Loyalty Programs Bring Joy

    With the Joy: Rewards, Loyalty app, sellers can set up a loyalty program that will keep their current customers coming back and bring in thousands of new ones. This app is a powerful tool that makes it easy to do everything at once. Tens of thousands of sellers around the world trust it. And most importantly, it’s free!

    This app has many features that can help your business grow, such as an automatic and powerful rewards point system, customer management, brand customization, and so on. If you want to sell more and make more money from your customers, these tools will help you the most.

    You can also sync your data with other rewards and social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get the most out of your customers and make the most money.

    Important parts

    • A powerful and automatic system for giving out points
    • Conditions for cashing in points and when they expire
    • Customer management
    • Changing how a brand looks
    • Getting a reward for writing a review

    Plan for prices:

    Free plan available. Also, AVADA’s prices for e-businesses are flexible and start at $9.


    These are the criteria for choosing Shopify apps and the top must-have Shopify apps that will help you automate your online business. When stakeholders and management work with Shopify Apps, they can work together on their processes and make a high-quality product that meets all the standards.

    If you need an optimized way to run your business and do dropshipping, Dropship-empire is the right choice for you.

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