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The Best Shopify Apps To Help Speed Up Your Store

    Would you like to make your online store run better by using Shopify apps that improve speed? Check out the list below for a few apps that we like and think you will too. Using these kinds of services can help you get more people to buy things from your store, which can help you make more money.

    If you don’t want people to leave your site after a few seconds or minutes, it’s important that your online store is fast and works well overall. The average cart value goes up a lot when you use one or more speed optimization Shopify apps in your online store. Also, everyone will keep coming back to your site for more if your store works well and isn’t slow.

    In a survey, almost 70% of customers said that how fast an online store works affects their decision to buy from that store.

    Shopify is without a doubt one of the easiest ecommerce platforms for new users. They have built-in solutions to help you run your store well, and they made the Shopify AppStore so that other companies can list their services to help merchants get the most out of their businesses.

    You might be wondering what affects the speed of your Shopify store and how you can take it to the next level. Well, to name just a few, if you work with your own images, don’t forget to use a tool to compress them and make them smaller if they’re too big. Choose a Shopify theme that isn’t too heavy. Also, if you have sliders on your site with lots of high-quality images, they will take time to load when the user lands on your page.

    There are a few Shopify apps that might affect the speed of your store. However, since 2023, you can check the app’s listing in the Shopify AppStore to see if it does or does not affect your store. If you have services you no longer use, you need to delete them by hand. You can also find tips for making your store run faster in an article in Shopify’s Help Center.

    Some of the best Shopify apps for making sites faster

    There are almost 7,500 apps available in the Shopify AppStore at the moment (February 2023). Speed optimization Shopify apps and Search Engine Optimization both belong to the category of Marketing.

    We thought it would be helpful to make this list of apps because we got a lot of messages from clients about this subject. On Shopify, we have an app called “dropship-empire– Global Dropshipping.” On our platform, you can find millions of dropshipping products that are ready to sell and trusted suppliers from all over the world.

    Our tool gives store owners different automated ways to manage their product data. As you can see, our application is a core service for online store owners to run their stores.

    Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best Shopify apps that improve speed.

    Booster: Page Speed Optimizer

    The first Shopify app we’d like to talk about is the Booster: Page Speed Optimizer app, which is a team service from Booster Apps that helps you improve the speed of your store. The service will make your store’s pages load faster and faster with just one click. It is a great choice for any size Shopify store. What they promise is that you can improve page speed with just one click, you don’t need to know how to code, you can turn apps on and off instantly, and it helps SEO.

    • Speed up a page right away
    • Prevent lost sales
    • Instant pagespeed improvements

    Bulk Image Edit ‑ Image SEO

    Hexton’s Bulk Image Edit Image SEO is the second app on our list of ways to speed up your Shopify site. They say that their tool can reduce the size of image files by a lot with just one click, without making the images look bad. They also add titles, vendors, and options to your images so that more people who could buy your products will see them on Google. Bulk Image Edit can also help you make sure that all of your images have the same ratio of width to height.

    • SEO and performance can be improved.
    • Follow the rules for social media
    • Watermark images and keep them safe

    Page Speed Booster

    Page Speed Booster is a service from RoarTheme that can help you speed up your Shopify site. The application tells your browser to use idle time to get page content or get ready to get page content in case the user does something next. They help you make the pages of your online store load quickly and have everything you need to improve your conversion rate. No need to know how to code.

    • No coding required
    • Increasing number of conversions
    • Fits with any theme

    AMP is an app

    The next service on our list of Shopify apps that improve speed is The AMP app, which makes accelerated mobile pages (AMP) that Google caches for mobile search. On their list of features are a rich AMP editor that looks and feels like the Shopify editor, AMP validations, a custom domain with CDN, support for the home page, support for metafields, analytics, and integrations with popular apps.

    • Improve SEO and get to the top
    • AMP gets natural traffic
    • AMP gives you top speed right away.

    SEO Image Optimizer & Resizer

    The SEO Image Optimizer & Resizer from SpurIT UAB is the next Shopify app to improve speed. The bright, colorful design they use is the first thing that stands out. What’s back there? They help you speed up your store and make it easier for search engines to find by compressing images and optimizing alt tags. You can optimize many images at once, compare the results with the Preview option, use their automatic photo editor for newly added images, and add individual image alt tags for any product variants.

    • Square & Resize images
    • Compress images to improve SEO for images

    Page Speed Optimizer by Swift

    Let us show you the Swift Page Speed Optimizer app, which is the next speed-optimizing Shopify app we recommend. They are most proud of four things about themselves: 100% speed guarantee, 100% safety for business, speed experts with 5+ years of development experience in Shopify platform, big brands trust their service, there are no hidden fees, and they have great customer service.

    • Boost website speed and SEO
    • Increase speed score to 90 World-class service for life

    Search Me: Booster for Speed and SEO

    Search Me: Speed & SEO Booster is a Shopify app for speed optimization that checks your pagespeed score on both desktop and mobile devices and makes it better. Their application is easy to use, and they offer SEO features that are constantly updated to cover all web elements and make sure your text, links, images, and speed are all friendly to Google.

    • Optimize Google presence
    • Watch out for all SEO problems.
    • Sites should load faster.

    SEO, Image Optimizer, and Page Speed

    Giraffly’s optimization of speed A Shopify app called SEO&Image Optimizer&Page speed gives you a way to check your online store’s SEO in a very simple way. They have many different features, such as a detailed SEO report, an on-page SEO scan, a Google Search Console – Site report, the ability to edit alt text and meta elements in bulk, the ability to manage broken links, and more.

    • Every SEO tool in one
    • Report on an in-depth SEO scan
    • Get more traffic from Google SEO

    Hyperspeed: Extreme Page Speed

    The Hyperspeed: Extreme Page Speed app is the next Shopify app we recommend to improve speed. You can boost conversion, lower bounce rates, and boost SEO with their help. We’d like to point out their lazyloading images, advanced image compression, link preloading, Inline critical CSS, JS & CSS minification, app caching, and cutting-edge JavaScript deferral. They help you make a great first impression with your online store by making pages load very quickly.

    • Boost the speed of your website
    • Unlimited image compression
    • Don’t let apps slow you down.


    It’s time to show you another speed-optimizing Shopify app from the Booster Apps team, since they have more apps that help you run your store smoothly. With the Booster SEO & Image Optimizer app, your SEO, alt text, and other things are taken care of automatically. Their solution was made for Shopify only. Make sure your meta tags are correct, get weekly SEO health reports in your inbox, keep an eye on broken links and have them automatically redirected, and cut the file size of your images by a lot.

    • Automatic SEO optimizer
    • One-click SEO manager installation, 24/7 SEO support in the US

    Loadify: Speed Ups and Preloader

    With the Loadify: Preloader & Speed Ups speed optimization Shopify app, you can choose from five different animations for your own logo or image. They give you four different ways to move through pages. Also, when it comes to how quickly the site loads, they offer a solution that is less focused on visual effects and animations and more on speed. On their Appstore listing, you can find out more about their features, such as linkpredict, lazyload, and more.

    • Beautiful loading screen
    • Link predict & Lazy load
    • Reduced script loads that were not needed

    Magic Page Load

    Page Load Magic is a Shopify app that helps you improve the speed of your website and give your customers a better experience. If a customer moves their mouse over a link on your site, the page that link leads to starts to load in the background. When they click on the link, the page opens much faster. So, the customer will think that the page loaded right away, and it won’t be because of optimized scripts or images.

    • Available for Kaleido members
    • Link already loaded, installation with one click

    Heatmaps and Replay from Lucky Orange

    Lucky Orange Heatmaps & Replay might be on our list of Shopify apps for speed optimization, but there are good reasons for that. You can see where people clicked, scrolled, and tapped on your website. You can also look at their overall activity to see where they might get stuck and which parts of your site you should improve.

    • Increase your sales
    • Find out more about your guests.
    • Don’t let carts go to waste.

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